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I'm Nicole (aka Nicole Navigates), I'm a digital marketer, blogger and freelance UGC creator.

This is my space on the internet where you can find all my blog posts, links to social media and information on how to work with me as a creator. This is also my space to ramble about my navigations and life as a late twenty-something year old. Offline, you'll find me mooching around independent shops, eating and drinking and decorating my dream cottage.

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What is Nicole Navigates?

Nicole Navigates started out as a lifestyle and travel blog back in 2015, where I shared post-university travels (including my first solo trip) and then it became a place where I pridomiantly shared everything to do with living in Northamptonshire from the independent shops, places to eat, places to visit and a space for everything what’s on in the county.

Since then, the blog (and the girl – hi, me!) have been through some changes. I moved to Bedfordshire, rent a cottage where I live by myself and whilst I still love exploring my local area, my navigations have expanded and I’ve recently found a love for doing things solo and want to share how you don’t need to be limited in things to do if you have no one else to go with. I hope you enjoy what I have to share!

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