14 Northamptonshire Bloggers You Should Follow

Northamptonshire Bloggers

Did you know there are a bunch of online creators and bloggers from across Northamptonshire? Whether they are from Northampton, Kettering, Wellingborough and other parts, I wanted the chance to highlight a few of them!

I’ve made it pretty obvious that I am a Northamptonshire Blogger who aims to be your guide to navigating Northamptonshire’s best independent eats, things to do, places to go and to give you small business recommendations.

But there are a lot of other Northants Bloggers who array in different niches and write about certain topics too. These include lifestyle, fashion, motherhood, food, fitness and many other niches and topics. It’s what makes a lot of them quite unique and I love that we have such a diverse community!

I need to make something super clear: this blog post is not to share my friends or favourites. I like to think that we rise by lifting others up and I like to try and showcase as many people as possible. 

I also want to be clear that the bloggers I am sharing are actually bloggers with written blog websites – I know so many Northants bloggers, content creators and Instagrammers that I would love to highlight but some don’t have written blogs (yet).

But for now, I am solely focusing on the bloggers with actual written blog websites. There is a difference between bloggers, instagrammers and content creators in my opinion so perhaps I will showcase those in another blog post.

This list is in no particular order but I encourage you to go follow these lovely bloggers and check out their websites! 

The Lisa Type

One of my first blogging pals I ever met way back in 2017 and I’ve seen Lisa grow and adapt as her lifestyle has changed. 

The Lisa Type aka The Beauty Type is run by Lisa who is a lifestyle, beauty and motherhood blogger as well as a magazine editor for both Northants Life and Inside Cambridge. She’s a mama and marketer all in one!

She has recently welcomed her first daughter Romilly so she shares her journey into motherhood as well as her own local adventures around Northamptonshire and the boarder of Cambridgeshire too. 

Other things she shares includes her monthly beauty picks, which you can always rely on Lisa to give you beauty advice, renovation updates of her own Victorian home as well as a lot of food and cooking too!

You can read Lisa’s blog here and check her out on Instagram too.

Lisa at The Beauty Type

Food & Frolics

For food and frolics in Northamptonshire and beyond, check out Chanelle’s blog. I’m so glad her blog and instagram have given her great opportunities, including becoming an assistant editor for Northants Life too!

You can expect to read and see lots of food, drinks and her adventures around the UK and abroad. She previously had a beauty, fitness and fashion blog and is also very active on TikTok too!

On her blog, you can read local reviews, her viewpoint of becoming redundant and how she overcame it, fitness advice, recipes, and much more. Her positivity and radiance online is lovely to watch and she’s always doing something crazy!

You can read Chanelle’s blog here and check out her Instagram here.

Channelle at Food & Frolics

It’s Character Building

You need a bit of Laura’s blog in your life…

Laura is the founder and writer of It’s Character Building and she is a freelance writer, development specialist and positivity blogger. She’s also a local advocate for many important causes and she’s the founder of The Happy Hood, Northampton’s local zine. 

Laura is brilliant for providing no bullshit topics and allowing no bullshit back and I love that about her. It’s nice to have a content creator who is completely upfront and she supports some amazing local businesses and initiatives and deserves far more praise and recognition for what she does locally.

You can read blog post topics on what it was like to be queer in the 90’s, her experience being queer, dating, anxiety, imposter syndrome and much more. She makes you think about topics that aren’t often spoken about.

You can read Laura’s blog here and check her out on Instagram.

Laura at It's Character Building

Salma Shah 

Salma is probably one of the loveliest humans I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and she writes about food and life, whilst also running a food business of her own.

She came along to my blogging workshop and now I am so pleased she has put the practice in by writing her own blog posts that are short and sweet which make people feel good about themselves.

Her topics include her love for cardigans, forest bathing and a bit part of our online presence is about her premium, refined sugar free, vegan granola which she makes in her kitchen.

Not only is it really yummy (I can vouch for that) but she donates 10% of the profits made from each bag towards charities supporting women’s projects.

She’s had a hard year, but she has a heart of gold and her online presence aims to do good. 

You can find Salma’s blog here and check out her instagram for more.

Salma at By Salma Shah

Cake vs Scales 

Katie’s content is so positive, empowering and balanced.

Katie runs the blog Cake Vs Scales which provides articles about body, mind, soul, travel & food – she does a fantastic job in showcasing both sides of fitness and looking after yourself, whilst also sharing that it’s okay to enjoy food and live a balanced life. 

She also documents her own fitness, lifestyle and mental health journey too, has some incredible recipes and she has a brilliant segment called “I Tried” where she basically tries new things; paddle boarding, hot yoga, and even riding a jet ski!

If you just need real life advice that isn’t preachy, but is just really heart-warming and feel-good, you need a bit of Cake vs Scales in your life. 

You can read Katie’s blog here and check out her instagram here.

Katie at Cake vs Scales

Style My Magpie 

For your daily fashion and lifestyle content, check out Style My Magpie. 

Style My Magpie is a fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Northampton. She’s equally as keen on supporting local businesses, especially with all the charity shops, clothing and accessories brands we have to offer.

As a mid-sized girl myself, I love some of Rachel’s fashion OOTD’s especially when they involve anything to do with New Look and/or charity shop hauls! She admits being an outfit repeater but that’s only what makes her content unique as she’s passionate about thrifting!

She also takes some of the most stunning jewellery flatlays which is definitely her strength – you can find blog posts on thrifting, jewellery, seasonal fashion hauls and more.

Check out her blog here and find her on Instagram here.

Rachael at Style My Magpie

April and Enid 

For cosy, lighthearted motherhood content, check out April and Enid. 

Laura runs a blog called April and Enid, which is named after her two adorable little girls who she loves to find adventures with wherever she goes. Her blog focuses on parenting and motherhood from her perspective.

She takes the most lovely pictures of her and her girls’ everyday lives and fully gets into every season with a range of activities, whether it be Christmas, Easter and much more.

You can find blog posts on local adventures, toddler advice and activities much more.

Check out April & Enid here and follow Laura on Instagram here.

Laura, April & Enid at April & Enid

Katies Vision 

A blog with a vision on how the other lives…

Katie was diagnosed with Stargardts Macular Dystrophy in 2017 and the age of 32 but it hasn’t stopped her from living a full life. She shares her life and her experience with Stargardts to help others understand vision loss and to end ignorance that surrounds it.

Katie is a wife and is a mum to two lovely boys, so she’s often showcasing her own journey as a mother too. But she doesn’t just write blog posts on vision, but she also has a range of blog posts in lifestyle, health & beauty, travel and much more.

What I love about Katie is that she practices what she preaches about making online content more accessible to those who may have a vision impairment by having accessibility tools available for her own website.

You can find Katie’s blog here and you can follow her on Instagram here.

Katie at Katie's Vision

The Mother Tripper 

The Mother Tripper is just such a cool name, right!?

Mother Tripper is run by Jodie, who is a mum of two based in Kettering Northamptonshire. She has two children, Evie and Alfie and the blog showcases their love for the great outdoors as a family, whilst keeping costs low.

On the blog, you can expect articles on their regular trips out, playground reviews with thorough details like parking and distance to travel plus unique experiences for adult time like Segway reaching, sky diving and much more.

Jodie runs a delightful blog that’s bright pink, full of fun and just makes me excited for the day I become a mum (not yet, I assure you) as Jodie proves you can still have a whole heap of memorable adventures with or without kids. 

You can view Jodie’s blog here and check out her adventures on Instagram.

Jodie at The Mother Tripper

Fashion Bellee

For disability, fashion and rainbows, Fashion Bellee is the blog for you.

Sophie is a disability blogger who does an incredible job in giving an insight to her everyday life as someone with Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 3, whilst being a first time mum to the lovely Zyra.

Not only does she make you think about the little things we might take for granted, but she does an incredible job at bringing a dose of positivity through fun and imaginative content that’s lighthearted and fun. 

But not only that, I am constantly inspired by what Sophie wears as a size 16 girl who has such a colourful wardrobe! She is often found sharing her outfit pictures in front of bright colourful backgrounds across Northants (which I wanna know about haha!)

You can expect content on fashion, motherhood, being disabled and pregnant and much more.

You can check Sophie’s blog here and check out her Instagram here. 

Sophie at Fashion Bellee

Northamptonshire Mums & Kids

Northamptonshire Mums and Kids is run by … and her blog is dedicated to any parents looking for local events, places to take the kids and much more in Northamptonshire. 

This includes child friendly venues, play centres and hidden gems of playgrounds that even I didn’t know about. If there’s a kid-friendly place to discover in Northants, leave it to Northamptonshire Mums & Kids to find…

You can find blog posts on nature parks and walks, lockdown activities for kids, all the playground content and she even has a free downloadable of Northampton’s hidden gems. 

She recently contributed to a guest blog post which you can find here. 

You can read Northamptonshire Mums and Kids here and check her out on Instagram. 

Rebecca at Northamptonshire Mums and Kids

That Kayla Girl 

Kayla is a lifestyle, beauty, self care and mental health blogger who is based just off the Northamptonshire border in Market Harborough, but frequently visits places in Northants and therefore, very worthy of this list!

She started her blog as a way to document her mental health journey and it’s one of the topics that she frequently writes about. 

But you can also find great articles on skin care regimes, reviews on beauty products, makeup hauls as well as her own wedding journey, with the highs and lows of planning it, postponing it due to the pandemic and planning it again! 

Kayla takes some of the most stunning photos, flatlays and edits them so nicely too. I find Kayla’s whole online presence very honest, raw and very educational too when it comes to giving insight to beauty tips which I’ve found useful.

You can read Kayla’s blog here and check out her instagram here.

Kayla at That Kayla Girl

Mrs E’s Luxuries 

For feel good luxury to the everyday life, Louise brings a glimmer of sparkle to your day.

Louise runs the blog Mrs E’s Luxuries, which if not obvious already, Mrs E is her married name and it’s a blog that focuses on the beauty of life, love, joy, passion and positivity. 

It’s a bit of an everything blog, but ultimately, Louise’s mission is to share all the wonderful luxuries she finds in life.

She is happily married to Mr E, so has previously shared tips on planning a wedding, but she also shares reviews of cocktails, law of attraction posts and doses of positivity. She has also started her own “Mrs E’s Boozy Book Club” where she shares reviews on books that she’s read, most recently, of the first Harry Potter book! 

What’s even lovelier is that Louise and I attended Northampton College together where we studied Musical Theatre and now we are both blogging – full circle moment, or what!? 

You can find Louise’s blog here and you can check her out on Instagram here.

Louise at Mrs E's Luxuries

Oh, and Nicole Navigates!

Haha, couldn’t do a list without including me!

I’m your guide to Navigating Northamptonshire! You can read more right here on this website and follow me on Instagram here!

Nicole at Nicole Navigates

I know there are a ton of Northamptonshire bloggers with written blogs as well as a whole dose of content creators and instagrammers which I would love to cram in this blog post, but it would just be so big!

Keep an eye out for other blog posts like this very soon – I’d love to hear from anyone else who is local to Northamptonshire and has a blog! 

Did you know I founded the Northamptonshire Bloggers Network? It’s been quiet during the period of Covid but you can check us out on Instagram here – watch this space!

Do you follow these bloggers? Let me know! 


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