5 things I love about my hometown: Towcester

I have decided to start a tag!

Because who doesn’t love a good old fashioned tag to get the clogs turning and to write some laid back, old school blog posts!

As you know, my blog is predominantly about Northamptonshire and I love nothing more than to talk about everything local and what’s happening in the county.

I want to start writing local guides to towns and villages in Northamptonshire, but before I do, I thought I would start slow and create a new blog tag of which I hope will spur me on to get some content written!

Those who may or may not know, Towcester is a small town based in Northamptonshire and I have lived here for 12 years and have recently purchased a new build house in the town too. 

And it’s safe to say, I know ALOT about it and I have seen how much it’s grown since moving here.

So here is the start of my tag (which I hope catches on!) and I will nominate some people who I think will take part too! Here are my 5 things I love about my hometown: Towcester. 

The independent businesses

Towcester is thriving with independent businesses and it’s only going to grow, with the new addition of Whitton’s Lane and many more anticipated to pop up at the 10-year development happening at The Grange. 

You could spend a good portion of your day exploring Towcester, thanks to its many charity shops if you love a good bargain, such as Age UK and Willen Hospice.

You can also check out some of our lovely clothing boutiques such as Rock Those Frocks, J&A Dress Agency and Angels Boutique which will leave you shopping for hours.

You can’t resist a mooch in MOOCH which made my year when it came to Towcester, we have the wonderful independent Bell Plantation Garden Centre which boasts lots of little independents including Towcester Mill Brewery shop, My Little Vintage and Frocks and Shoes. 

There is even a dedicated food hall of which you can browse and buy delicious fresh local produce.

Not to mention lots of hairdressers, nail salons and a whole road of pubs down Watling Street of which you could easily do a pub crawl down – and not forgetting all the independent food restaurants such as Truva Charcoal Bar & Grill, Bar Encore and Olive Tree Turkish Mediterranean.

When you actually look, Towcester has so much to offer when it comes to independents and I can’t wait to welcome hopefully a few more in the near future.

Having a comfortable place to work

If there’s a day where I want to work elsewhere apart from home, but I don’t fancy traveling to Northampton or elsewhere, I know I am guaranteed to have a comfortable workspace which is a walk away: Ten Hands Cafe Bar.

I don’t want to favouritism, as there’s plenty of great cafes in Towcester, but I personally find Ten Hands Cafe Bar a great place to sit down, grab a coffee and crack on with work when I am looking for a change of scenery. 

They always have decent, strong WiFi so I am never left feeling frustrated or that I can’t get on.

The staff are also incredibly lovely and make me feel welcome – I also really enjoy the fact that you can leave business cards on the side, which is very useful for a networking blogger like me!

It’s nice to know I can always find a good table near a plug socket too – very useful to know!

The many festivals and events

Towcester has so many big festivals and events that happen in the town annually, which always brings such a buzz to the town. Because of our central location, the festivals and events bring people far and wide across Northamptonshire and beyond. 

Towcester Food Festival is THE summer foodie festival that everyone looks forward to in the town as it’s hosted at the wonderful Towcester Racecourse, which despite news reports of it no longer being a venue for racing, is still open for big events such as this – which is great news!

We also host the Midsummer Music Festival which fills the town with madness, music and laughter every summer! I have always enjoyed the festivities around June time when every pub is filled with tribute acts, acoustic and bands as well as fireworks, DJ’s and much more!

We also have two great food markets consisting of Towcester Farmers Market and Towcester Country Market – both of which consist of lots of local producers and stallholders coming together to showcase their products!

It’s so good to know that we have monthly markets that I can pop down to and get supplies. 

I’m going to be sharing LOTS of events that are happening in Towcester via my What’s On Guide which you can check out here. 

And now, Towcester Racecourse has the new addition of Winterland MK which is launching on 22nd November and we are attending the launch event which I am SUPER excited for!

Sure, it’s traditionally an MK event, but they couldn’t have picked a more suitable location!

The beautiful countryside walks

We have so many places on our doorstep where we can venture and walk around as Towcester itself has some lovely walks, as well as having several picturesque villages surrounding it. 

The villages we have surrounding Towcester include Greens Norton, Silverstone, Tiffield, Pattishall and many more – all of which I have found myself taking walks around when I need a bit of fresh air, or if I fancy taking my dog for a walk.

Another few villages I love visiting and walking around which are close by to Towcester are Blisworth and Stoke Bruene which have all the beautiful rivers and riverboats that go by. 

We are spoilt with many countryside views and spots to walk around and being dead in the middle of the country, they are hard to avoid – so go out and explore them all!

It’s so central to everywhere

I think there was a reason my parents decided to relocate to Towcester when it came to moving somewhere from Kent… because it is so central!

We are smack-bang in the middle of both Northampton and Milton Keynes, which makes travelling to any train station so easy to get to. It also means that it’s really easy to travel to big cities like Oxford, Birmingham and it only takes an hour to get down to London – which is super convenient for me for work. 

But even if you want to stay local and not travel far, Towcester is very easy to navigate around and there’s lots of new parking spots being added and improved on, to help with more tourism around the town. 

I hope you enjoyed this tag and getting to know my 5 reasons why I love Towcester. I am working on a much thorough guide to Towcester for anyone wishing to know more about what is available – so keep your eyes peeled!

For this tag, I nominate Lisa from The Beauty Type, Kat from Kat Got Your Tongue and Kat from She’s A Gentry to take part and write their blog post on 5 things they love about their hometowns. 

What do you love about your hometown? Whether it’s in Northamptonshire or beyond, let me know in the comments!

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  • Kat says:

    Okay Towcester is flipping amazing! I love how pretty it is and the independent shops!! I feel a visit coming on in the New Year. You are so lucky to live in such a lovely place. I’m feeling very enthusiastic to take on this tag so watch this space!

    Big love,

    Kat xx


  • Debra Carter says:

    This was very useful. Thank you very much. We are moving from Kent so have know idea about the area.

    • Snug Designs says:

      Small world! I moved to Towcester from Kent! I have a whole guide on Towcester coming soon, so hope to share that soon!

  • Sophie says:

    Hi Nicole,

    We are looking at moving to the area – any recommendations on the best streets/areas to look at in terms of houses? Would be a great help in narrowing down our search! Thanks 🙂

    • Snug Designs says:

      Hi Sophie!!

      Thanks for your lovely comment! You’d be worth checking out the new builds opposite the Racecourse or the Shires is also a lovely area too! Hope that helps!