5 Things You Might Not Know About Me

5 things | Nicole Navigates
5 things | Nicole Navigates

*Excuse the old photos of me before I got my hair cut lol*

I miss the days of old-fashioned blogging where you could literally write anything and everything without the worry of being judged for having boring or basic content.

But you know what? I’M ALL FOR BASIC 2012 BLOG POSTS.

They’re so much easier to write and as much as I share my life all over social media, I probably don’t take enough time to share enough about the little details and facts about me.

Lisa from The Beauty Type recently tagged me in her post about ‘5 things you didn’t know about me‘ and well, as she tagged me, I couldn’t exactly ignore a tag! But in all seriousness too, it’s made me inspired to share more content like this where you guys get to know me a bit more – especially if you’re new here!

So here goes nothing… 5 things you didn’t know about me:

I was born and grew up in Kent


Yep. You heard right. I wasn’t actually born in Northamptonshire would you believe, despite aiming my whole blog and niche towards the county.

Nope. I was originally born in Ashford, Kent and I spent most of my childhood growing up in a small seaside town called Dymchurch. I have some fond memories of living by the seaside and we regularly visit Kent as I have a lot of family still down there.

I moved to Northamptonshire when I was 13, due to my dad changing his job. Back then, I hated my parents for making us move away from our home, from my school, my friends and basically, my life was over. But looking back, my life obviously didn’t end and I’m definitely happy with the life I have now.

So yes, I’m a born and bred southerner who just happens to now live in the Midlands.

I wanted to be a singer when I was younger

Just think. Instead of blogging, I could have been the next X Factor winner or could have been performing on the West End Stage (HAHAHAHAHA.)


I still love singing and I wish I had more time to dedicate to strengthening my voice, as my voice is definitely not as powerful and loud and controlled as it used to be.

I’ve sung since the age of 6, as I remember always singing along to The Lion King soundtrack on my parents’ karaoke machine.

I couldn’t see myself doing anything else in life, as nothing else mattered as long as I was singing. I did private singing lessons for years until I trained at college and University.

Maybe I’ll do more with my singing again one day, but for now, I’ll stick to the occasional shower performance.

5 things | Nicole Navigates

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I was an extra in Les Miserables movie

Once upon a time, I was an extra in Les Miserables, the film starring Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Helen Bonham Carter and many other famous actors.

There was an advertisement in Northampton wanting people to audition as extra’s for the movie and seeing at the time I was a mad Musical Theatre lover and I was fresh out of college, I saw it as an opportunity to start my acting career.

Turns out, I managed to get through the auditions and we basically spent three whole days filming at Boughton House in Northamptonshire, for the wedding of Marius and Cosette scene, which the Thenardiers interrupted.

I can be seen for 5 seconds in the movie scene. Literally. Tweet me and I’ll happily share the YouTube clip.

The experience was pretty cool, as I got to meet fellow extra’s, got to see what working on a real set was like, plus I had a very short but sweet conversation with Amanda Seyfried about cheese sandwiches (turns out, they’re her favourite!)

I never intentionally wanted to be in Marketing

This makes me laugh, but it’s true. I never thought I would be in a career in marketing.

In school, I was all about the performing arts, singing, acting, music, dancing. Anything relating to business, marketing or writing used to bore me.

That’s why I never imagined my career to take another turn as I was so determined to make it on stage.

Turns out, as I grew older, I found my love for writing again at University, my blog became something I loved writing, I learnt lots of social media tactics through this and thanks to my blog, I accidentally, but very luckily landed my first job in Digital Marketing.

And the rest is history.

Honestly, without a doubt, if I hadn’t been founded by that company, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Plus, my blog has seriously helped me to develop my skills in content creation, SEO, social media, marketing and more.

Not bad for a Musical Theatre grad, eh?

I have a messy home life, but an organised work life

It’s true. I am really messy when it comes to my personal space, that is my bedroom, at home as opposed to my work life.

I can’t put my finger on why, but apparently, it’s more common in creative people that they tend to be messier.

When I say messier, I mean I have a constant stack of clothes on my chair, which I like to refer as my chairdrobe. I also tend to have piles of stuff on my table side which I’m constantly saying “I’ll sort it out” and I never do and I may have the occasional messy bed which I forget to make in the morning before work.

It’s something I try to improve on, but nevertheless, at least my work life is more organised. In fact, I’m super tidy and super organised with notepads for everything, lists and more.

Does anyone else have this problem?

5 things | Nicole Navigates

Now I want YOU to comment below 5 facts about yourself you think people don’t know about you. Who knows… something you think might be well known, could be something someone has no idea about.

Just like Lisa did, I’m going to tag 5 people to share their 5 things. I tag Amanda Alston, The Wife Edit, Style My Magpie, Carpe Diem Emmie and Cake vs Scales

All photos were taken at Delapre Abbey, Northampton.

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