7 New Years Resolutions to keep for 2017


Well, I’m a day late…

I’ve been off the face of the earth this Christmas and heading towards New Years because I’ve been caught by a stinking flu and cold which has resulted in me being bed bound for days.

I’ve honestly never felt so ill in my life and it’s typical it happens to me during the festive period.

I’m slowly but surely getting better. in fact, it’s the first day that I’ve actually had a well-enough brain to function and write up a New Years post for you all.

I wanted to write up a New Years resolution post because this year for the first time, I actually have some New Years resolutions I want to stick to. Usually, I never bother because New Years resolutions always seem so silly and predictable.

However, this year I wanted to give you my 7 New Years resolutions for 2017 that not only I want to achieve this year, but I hope that you guys will find inspiration from too.

Health – One’s health should always be a priority, therefore this year I want to try and focus on my health much more. This is probably the most cliche of all New Years resolutions because everyone says they’ll join the gym, eat healthier and loose 2 stone and sometimes it’s achievable, whereas sometimes most people give it till the end of the month and then go back to their old ways. This is the New Years resolution that can easily become a broken promise. However, little things like going for a walk, enjoying the sports you enjoy on a daily basis can go a long way. I’ve already stepped out of my comfort zone by joining a local running club (yeah, I know. ME. RUNNING!) It means as well as meeting a new social group, I’ll be contributing to some exercise during the week to count out the 5 days I’m sitting at a desk 9-5.30. Little things to improve your health can go a long way, and doesn’t always mean you have to join the gym.

Accomplishment – I honestly feel 2016 was a big year of accomplishment for me: I graduated University with a 2:1, I started a blog and I got a new job in digital marketing. This year, I want to accomplish even more this year. We should all feel we’re aiming for something in our life to accomplish, whether that’s in your personal life or work life. When we accomplish something, it gives us pride and makes us want to work harder. I’m unsure what I want to accomplish this year, as I don’t exactly have any fixed plans this year, however I hope whatever challenges face me this year, I hope I’ll take them in my stride and accomplish lots this year.

Travel – If you haven’t gathered already by some of my travel posts, I want to travel even MORE. I had a gap year, and unfortunately travel was never on the cards for me. Now, obviously I don’t have time to go on a 2 month long trek around the world, however I do still want to see as much of the world as possible in small trips. I’m starting to plan lots this year with friends which is really exciting! I want to see more of the world as often as I can, and sometimes little things like money and time get in the way, but I think if you constantly use those excuses then you’ll never step out from outside your door step.

Positivity – The majority of last year, I would always see the negative side to ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING which meant the majority of the time, I would never enjoy the moment when it was happening. It was only the last part of 2016 that I started to begin feeling positive about things. I can’t quite say what made me feel this way other than myself. Looking back, it sucked. I’m a much more positive person now and I continue to feel this way. if you’re feeling negative about something, re-evaluate why you’re feeling negative. Is it simply your inner self telling you that everything in your life sucks? Are you being influenced by poisonous people around you? Whatever is making you feel negative, ditch it straight away. Life is too short to feel negative.

Creativeness – I want to be much more creative this year. I kept saying I would write more, sing more and do more creative things. So now it’s time for me to actually put these things into action. I really really miss singing. That’s probably the one thing I actually miss from my training at University, and I’m scared that I’ll loose it. I want to obviously write more and expand my horizons. Perhaps I’ll learn a new craft like sewing (yes, I’ve never sewn in my life) or perhaps a new instrument? WHO KNOWS! Why don’t you step out of your comfort zone and start a new creative hobby?

Happiness – An obvious one really? I just want to be happy! I think if there is something missing or if there is something that doesn’t feel quite right in your life, you need to have the courage to fix that. If you’re not happy, ask yourself why. I want to focus on making myself happy this year and not settling for anything less. As said before, life is too short and at 22 I’m still young, yet I’m not getting any younger.

I hope these 7 New Years resolutions will give you some inspiration for the new year. Because you deserve nothing else but to be completely 100% satisfied with life and to grab life by the balls!

Happy 2017! Hopefully normal blogging will commence after the festive period and a period of coughing, sniffling and feeling sorry for myself.


  1. 2nd January 2017 / 2:43 pm

    Great resolutions 🙂 I can be pretty negative at times too but I find writing my blog helps because I automatically put on a happy voice haha. I’ve not really set any concrete resolutions for myself this year but I’ve written a post about using the psychology of eating behaviour to help stick to healthy living resolutions if you’re interested (shameless blog plug, I know!!) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

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