Hello! I’m Nicole, I’m 29 years old and this is my blog, Nicole Navigates!

I work full-time as a digital marketing executive for an outdoor games company, whilst side-hustling as a freelancer UGC creator and blogger and I’m currently studying for a digital marketing diploma – so it’s safe to say, I love keeping myself busy.

I currently live in a rented cottage in Bedfordshire where you’ll find me documenting that journey living by myself, decorating and finding ways to make it pretty, plus sharing the highs and lows of solo living.

Nicole Navigates is basically what it says on the tin: it’s me, navigating everything and everywhere.

This blog started in 2016 after I graduated from my musical theatre degree at the University of Chichester when I was looking for a hobby and here we are, still writing in 2023.

This started as a place to document my post-university life, which quickly progressed to writing about and becoming a Northamptonshire blog, where I became pretty well known locally for my Northamptonshire food guides, recommendations on places to go and things to do and being a small business advocate.

But like everything, nothing lasts forever and things have changed since I started this blog.

I moved to Bedfordshire at the beginning of 2023 which meant I expanded my horizons. I also found my love of travel again after doing a solo tour around Greece in the summer of 2022, so this space has now become a place where I document pretty much anything and everything that makes me happy.

I’m still a fond fan of supporting local businesses, exploring the local areas and all of it’s foodie gems and places to visit and I’ve become an advocate of doing things solo – because I want to show that you don’t need anyone else to have fun regardless of relationship status.

I hope you enjoy my space on the internet!