All Day Dining at Highgate House Hotel

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Is it just me, or when someone mentions ‘All Day Dining’ you instantly become excited? 

I mean, it’s food all day long essentially!

And Highgate House Hotel didn’t disappoint when we went to visit them to check out their All Day Dining offering!

First of all, I can’t tell you how LOVELY it is to finally be sitting down and write a food review after months of having none, but secondly, we couldn’t have picked a more perfect time and day to go and visit as it was one of the hottest days – meaning we could enjoy the beautiful weather.

Highgate House Hotel is a Northamptonshire based 17th-century hotel, conference centre and all-round leisurely attraction situated in the village of Creaton, with 26 acres of beautiful grounds to soak in. 

My previous visit was last year when my mum and I enjoyed a sensational Afternoon Tea for my birthday (it was top notch and I’ll never forget our lovely waitress, Sophie, who I am unsure on whether she still works there or not!)

But I was excited to return, this time with Josh, who had never visited before, for a lovely afternoon out.

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We were invited to check out their brand new All Day Dining service where from 10am, you can enjoy a range of food options whether you’re coming for a late breakfast, brunch, lunch or an early dinner! 

Whatever you fancy, they have it: sandwiches and toasts, salads, soup, delicious mains and daily Plat De Jours. Just by looking at the menu, it’s easy to see that Highgate House have it covered.

We arrived to our destination and it was comforting to see the hand sanitiser and the Sign In app where we had to sign in for track and trace purposes, all the staff were wearing appropriate PPE and we had full choice on whether we wanted to sit inside their lavish, bright conservatory style dining area or outside the house itself. 

Since it was such a gorgeous day, sitting outside felt like such a treat and we managed to have a table right outside the house with the view of the front entrance and gardens – stunning!

As we arrived, we were given the All Day Dining menu and drinks menu, where we had plenty of time to take it all in and soak up the sunshine. 

I really had a craving for smashed avocado on toast and Highgate didn’t disappoint as they had just that on the menu, with poached egg and a choice of bacon, smoked salmon and crumbled feta and tomato for extra.

Plus, as I’m trying to eating more healthily, this was a perfect choice!

However, I was quite jealous of Josh’s choice: the Highgate Classic Club Sandwich, on toasted wholegrain bread, roast chicken, crispy pancetta, free range egg and vine tomatoes.

You only have to look at the photos to drool over it!

Our drinks and our food arrived at a good time and we were always asked if we wanted top up’s or anything else during our visit.

Considering the weird times and the amount of staff, everyone was so accommodating and there were plenty of staff around for all the guests dining in. 

When our food arrived, it was as full, vibrant and colourful as I hoped it would be. 

All very generous and good portion sizes considering the price of the food, which we felt was very reasonable upon looking at the menu and we were ready to tuck in.

Sounds weird, but the one thing that really sticks to mind when I first took a bite of my smashed avocado on whole grain toast was how flavoursome the bread was! 

Usually, bread is just, bread, the base, the thing not many people talk about as the toppings are usually the main attraction, but the bread was so crusty, full of flavour and seasoned extremely well which really completed the dish for me.

Top scores for the bread!

The smashed avocado was nice and smooth, not too lumpy, just how I like it, the eggs perfectly cooked and they passed my egg yolk test (anyone else cut their knife into the egg to see how runny the yolk is?)

Plus, I added some smoked salmon on top, with some crispy halloumi on the side which was a game changer. 

Overall, definitely one of the best smashed avocado on toasts I’ve had as you’d be surprised how easily you can get it wrong – but not Highgate! 

Josh really enjoyed his sandwich and I didn’t blame him, as it was stacked full to the brim with plenty of side dishes to garnish and enjoy alongside such as the crunchy crisps with the fresh salsa dip and salad. 

I really wish I had a bite!

Although I was trying REALLY hard not to have any sweet treats, when the waitress asked us if we wanted to look at the menu, we both couldn’t help ourselves and after some thinking, we ended up sharing their Creme Brulee (this is not a sharing dessert, FYI) but we just fancied a taste of something sweet.

The Crème Brûlée was exactly what I expected: caramalised, sugary and crispy on top, but once you break through the top with one elegant tap of a spoon, you enjoy the sweet, indulgent smooth baked custard that was full of vanilla essence. 

Overall, Josh and I really enjoyed ourselves, the whole experience was great from the food, service, how comfortable we felt in terms of social distancing and safety measures in and how they decorated the outside to accommodate outdoor dining was stunning.

Whether you fancy sitting in the sun, or sitting underneath a shady gazebo, they have it all. 

We’ll certainly be back and Josh and I even spoke about booking and spending the night in the hotel for a little mini break – so keep your eyes peeled! 

You can check out their All Day Dining menu here

Highgate House Hotel are also part of the government’s ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme from Monday – Wednesday. You can check out all the details on my blog post here.

Will you be visiting Highgate House Hotel soon? 


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