4th May 2019

American Idiot at Milton Keynes Theatre with SeatPlan

[AD - Gifted] This was a complimentary experience from SeatPlan in exchange for an honest review


Musical theatre and American rock band music; When two worlds collide and come to life on stage, epic things happen! And that is just what happened when I went to watch Green Day’s American Idiot at Milton Keynes Theatre, as part of their 10th anniversary UK Tour.

Who remembers being at school, with their MP3 player and playing their American Idiot soundtrack? I do! Complete with checked wristbands and eyeliner, I feel at one point in our lives, we all went through that ‘punk rock phase’. Watching American Idiot gave me massive nostalgia that I can treasure for a long time coming.

American Idiot is a sung-through rock musical based on the 2004 concept album, American Idiot, but also features songs from other albums by Green Day like 21st Century Breakdown, with lyrics and book written by front vocalist and guitarist, Billie Joe Armstrong.

It tells the story of three dysfunctional men after the tragic events of 9/11 in America, who don’t really know what to do with their lives. Through drugs, sex and rock and roll, we dived in deeper to their lives and how they handle going their separate ways.


From the moment the lights came up; the stage and the sound of the famous bass guitar line for the title song ‘American Idiot’ came on was electrifying! A good opening number sets the whole mood for the entire show and THAT was an epic one! Even better when there’s a live band performing on stage!

The soundtrack of the show tied in well with the story of the show; if you’re not used to a sung-through show, you may find it tricky to follow the story. But as a big fan of Green Day, I felt a lot of the lyrics really related to what was happening on stage. Nothing felt out of place and all three men’s stories effortlessly intertwined.  

The acting through song was outstanding and though it was a big cast, every single member stood out, whether they were a main character, or part of the ensemble.

My heart poured out for Johnny, played by actor Tom Milner, who’s acting gave us a rollercoaster of emotions, from feeling on top of the world and ready to escape his small town for big city life, to watching him literally suffer through drug addiction.

Another highlight for me was St Jimmy, played by singer-songwriter, Luke Friend, whose energy just burst on stage every time he made an appearance!


Listening to Green Day’s songs be performed and sung in a different light was so refreshing. From the powerful belty vocals, to the crisp harmonies that never sounded out of place. I particularly enjoyed the ‘Girl Power’ version of the song ‘Letterbomb’ - it was awesome to hear a female interpretation!

Our seats were in seats H17 and H18 in the Circle, which sounds incredibly far away; but SeatPlan couldn’t have picked better seats for us! Situated right in the middle, with a clear view of the entire stage. One thing I would say was there was a slight barrier that blocked the sight of the band, but it didn’t matter too much, as we could hear them loud and clear still!

The seats themselves were comfy, felt spacious on either side and we had plenty of legroom to put our bags and drinks in front of us. We were rather complimentary of our seats, overall!

SeatPlan is not only a valuable resource for buying tickets, but it’s also a place where theatre lovers and theatre goers alike can review their experience at the theatres themselves. You can rate the comfort of the seats, how much legroom a certain seat gives you and more importantly, what the view is like so you can accurately decide which seats to book when booking theatre tickets. You can even add photos of the view to give people an accurate representation!


As an ex Musical Theatre University student, SeatPlan was my #1 source for theatre tickets as well as checking what seats were good value and had a good view of the stage - and even now, as a blogger, I am still a huge lover of theatre! I am so glad they have now ventured to more regional locations, including Milton Keynes which is close to Northamptonshire.

American Idiot is currently on it’s 3rd UK tour. See where it’s next heading here.

Rating: ★★★★

Have you heard of SeatPlan before? Will you be checking them out for your next theate trip?

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