Back to basics. Hello, I’m Nicole

Hello! It’s been a while…

I’m slowly but surely coming back with new content since having a bit of a disappearance from the blogging community.

I’ve mentioned about getting fed up of social media, being constantly connected and having no time to disconnect from the online world.

But I feel like I’ve had a break and I’ve come back with heaps of inspiration.


But I’ve realised my content, my audience and even I have changed over the course of time since I first started blogging.

I’ve grown up (well, kinda), I’m a different person to what I was this time last year, shit has happened, but lots of good stuff has happened along the way for me to become the person I am today.

And if you’ve been with me from the beginning, you will know just how much my content has changed since starting.

So I suppose, I want to start from the beginning. Go back to basics, as it were.

Because some people might not know much about me and what I’m planning on posting over the next few months leading into the new year (crikey, let’s not think about the fact that 2017 is almost over just yet!)

Plus, you get to enjoy some ‘blogger’ photos which were taken at Delapre Abbey in Northampton. And honestly, I feel like I’ve made it as a blogger as I have actual blogging photos of myself, as opposed to travel or flatlay photos.

Here’s a little bit about me for those who are new here…

  1. Since starting my blog in August 2016, I have graduated from University with a BA (Hons) in Musical Theatre, been head-hunted for a job in Digital Marketing as a Content Creator, travelled solo and I’m currently in the process of writing a book and rehearsing for a pantomime where I’m playing Snow White.
  2. I’m a singer. I still sing regularly, whether that’s performing in pantomimes and local shows for fun, rehearsing for open mic nights which I’m currently doing, or whether it’s just singing to my phone camera or in the shower. I may not be going down the singing route as a career, but singing is something I will never let go of.
  3. My favourite colours are emerald green, dark or ruby red and mustard yellow. I’m not a pink or purple girlie girl at all and you will hardly see me wear those colours. I’m very neutral when it comes to how I dress.
  4. I drink too much coffee when I’m at work. At least 2-4 cups of coffee a day.
  5. I like to go into my own little bubble. Sometimes too much, that it distracts me with what’s going on around me.
  6. I love Disney, patterned socks, Autumn boots, instant photography, Spotify playlists, cosy jumpers, Italian food, reading books, singing loudly to the radio in the car, writing song lyrics, big coffee mugs, tap dancing, colourful fruit, ring on adventures, coffee dates, wine and gin and socialising with my friends.
  7. I’m an extremely messy person at home, but my work life is organised and tidy. Even after 23 years, I’m not so sure I know how to be organised and tidy at home. It’s pretty embarrassing.
  8. I’m 60% deaf in one year. Luckily, it doesn’t affect my music or my ability to pitch a tune (sometimes, depends how much I’ve had to drink!) I was diagnosed when I was 19, I wear a hearing aid and it’s never really affected me and I think it’s just the same as if someone was to wear glasses.
  9. I’m a 23 year old who is not engaged, having babies or getting a mortgage. It seems like lots of people who are of the same age as me are doing this, whereas right now, I’m focused on staying at home to save money to either go travelling, or to eventually save for my own place.
  10. I lead a very busy life. I’m always doing something, whether that’s being at work, rehearsing for shows and performances, going to blogging events, or simply socialising. It doesn’t leave me much time for anything else!

Very basic facts, but facts at least.

The other thing I want to include in this post is what my content plan is looking like currently.

This has changed dramatically from when I first started blogging, to what I enjoy writing now.

I first established myself as a ‘Lifestyle, Theatre and Deaf Awareness blogger’.

Now, that’s seriously changed.

So what can you expect from Nicole Navigates in the next few months?

My updated Content plan…


These are posts that I enjoy reading the most from other bloggers, yet these are the posts I find the hardest to write for myself.

I find it hard to write every thought that goes on in my head, or something that I’ve enjoyed like a book, a movie or just updating you what’s been going on in the world of Nicole.

I enjoy writing posts that reflect on my University experience, on working full-time and I want to write about my pantomime rehearsals which I’m currently really enjoying.

Yeah, I need to do more of these posts! So stay tuned… 



Is it really a surprise? Ofcourse I’ll be writing more travel posts! 

Despite it being quiet on the travel front since coming back from Barcelona and now that I’m no longer going to Iceland this year, I am desperate to make some travel plans for 2018.

But until then, I’ve still got ALL my Barcelona posts to write up, and yep. You’ve guessed it…

I STILL need to write my Prague posts. It’s been 5 months since I came back from Prague and I’ve written one post on the location.

Naughty, Nicole!

But expect to see more travel posts, as we go into the new year. So far, my only travel plan is a week away in Crete with friends in May and there have been talks of going to Madrid for a long weekend with a friend too. So who knows.

I’m excited to see what travel posts I write in the new year!

Dating and relationships

Never thought I’d be writing this, huh?

I actually really enjoy writing about this topic. I don’t do it enough, so I’m going to start.

When I was approached by a friend to write a blog post about heartbreak, I never knew the impact it would have on me after writing it. I felt like I had something to offer the blogging community with my own experiences.

And it helped my friend out a lot when she was going through a dark period.

So if I can help one person out, maybe I could help others too?

I’m going to be writing things like my own experiences in dating, online and in real-life, relationships, heartbreak, being single and who knows what else we’ll discover together…

So get ready for things to get deep, personal, sometimes soppy, sometimes not so soppy but a hella lot honest.

Theatre and Culture

Guys, if I’m honest. I’m not too sure what’s going to be happening here.

I’ve not written a theatre review since the 27th February!

Honestly? I’ve grown tired of writing them. I hate being a theatre critic!

I much prefer to attend the theatre, go into my own little theatre bubble where everything is make believe and I can

I now write regular theatre reviews as part of work, which I do enjoy, but the whole part of having a blog is to write about things that are separate to what I write about at work.

So yeah, I don’t think there will be many theatre reviews on here anymore. Sorry! 

But I’m still keen to write about days out, whether that’s going to museums, parks, restaurants etc.

Deaf Awareness

I still want to write about my experiences with my hearing loss.

But it’s not going to be a main focus on this blog.

I find it easier to write about my experiences with hearing loss when it’s linked with something. E.g. Travel and hearing loss, which I wrote about previously.

I still want to make a difference and give young people who may be experiencing the same as me the opportunity to feel like they’re not facing something that is not often spoken about alone. It’s not embarrassing.

So we’ll keep this one, guys.

Monthly newsletters

I did one of these and then I stopped.

Good one, Nicole.

Think this was due to my absence on the internet and the blogging world.

I enjoy creating newsletters, as it’s part of my weekly tasks at work and I enjoy designing them for other clients.

So I’m going to come back with a November newsletter which you can make sure you’re subscribed to here, which I have given myself the date to release this newsletter on Sunday 26th November. 

If I don’t, then please feel free to pester me on Twitter.

P.S. You can sign up here.

Instagram stories

I’m going to be using Instagram stories a lot more.

But not just for the odd picture of a coffee on a Monday morning, or a

Two bloggers Instagram stories I’m currently all over are Hannah Gale’s with her colourful captions updating what’s made her happy during the day and Emmie’s vlog type stories where she simply speaks to the camera about what she’s been up to.

I like how I feel engaged with the bloggers that I look up to and enjoy content from, so to watch their Instagram stories makes me feel like I’m getting an exclusive access to their lives.

So you’ll be seeing my face a lot more over on my Instagram.


Now I just want to end this blog post by saying: thank you ❤️

To all of you for reading my blog posts and supporting me.

I may be useless in replying to your comments, in buffering and scheduling my tweets, in writing weekly blog posts, but I appreciate all the support, engagement and comments I receive on a weekly basis.

I’m not the perfect blogger, but when I do write, I love what I write. And I hope to carry on writing content I enjoy.

Here’s to another year of fun, travel, random thoughts and blogging love!

Nicole x

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