21st March 2017

Benchmark Coffee Roasters

Don’t you just love that first sip of coffee in the morning?

I’m a hot beverage person; I’ve got to have a cup of coffee or tea in the morning to start my day.

And I’m always keen to try new brands and different flavours of my favourite hot beverages.

Therefore, I was very pleased when Rob from Benchmark Coffee Roasters got in contact with me asking if I could try some of his coffee. Firstly, because I love coffee and secondly, Benchmark Coffee Roasters are a Northamptonshire based business. As someone who lives in Northamptonshire and has done so for the last ten years, I am always happy to support local businesses.

Benchmark Coffee Roasters are based at Ground Craft Coffee, an independent coffee shop on Wellingborough Road, Northampton. They work with other local cafes and restaurants who sells their coffee and you can buy their coffee online in either ground, espresso or in coffee beans. They also do a subscription service which you can choose from a 3 month or 6 month subscription. Something that I’m certainly keen on doing!

Let’s talk about the packaging. I received a 250g bag of Benchmark’s Fazenda Ouro Verde grounded coffee. Rob was very good and asked me whether I wanted the coffee to come as coffee beans or grounded coffee and since I have a cafeteria at home, I decided to go with grounded coffee. It came in an air tight bag so it was able to stay fresh and considering I received this package a while back, once I opened it; it was like it was brand new.

The label said: Brown Sugar Tangerine Chocolate, which I assumed was the flavour of this particular ground and it clearly states when it was roasted and the variety of coffee beans that were used. From my previous experience in being a coffee barista, I had only ever heard of the Acaia bean before, but not the Yellow Catuai bean.

So I did my research and the Yellow Catuai Bean is apparently sourced from Brazil and is mostly used in America.

I usually drink my coffee with milk and no sugar, but on first try I decided I would drink it black as I wanted to get the full flavour and experience. This would make the perfect espresso as it gives you such a kick and the flavours all come out at once.

I absolutely love the smell of this coffee; it’s strong, but it had a slight floral essence. It gives me the perfect buzz I require in the mornings. Once I tried it with semi-skimmed milk, it complimented the coffee superbly as it was indulgent and full of flavour. Firstly, it’s sweet from the brown sugar, then you get this lush chocolate after taste which hits you when you least expect it.

I love the fact that I don’t need to add too much coffee into my cafeteria to make the coffee stronger, as just a spoonful is enough to get a great tasting coffee that’s full of flavour. Oh, and it smells divine! It filled the room with that wonderful freshly grounded coffee smell.

I highly recommend this coffee to any coffee lover who is looking for something slightly different to your standard grounded coffee. I’ll definitely consider purchasing some more of their coffee.

I am also keen to visit the local coffee shops and cafes across Northamptonshire that use Benchmark as their roaster so I can experience it in a latte or cappuccino in a cafe.

Have you tried Benchmark Coffee?

*I was sent this coffee from Rob and Benchmark Coffee Roasters in exchange for an honest review. All words, images and coffee loving are my own!*

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