Your Guide to Places to Work Remotely in Northamptonshire

Are you bored of working from home during lockdown? If you’re looking for somewhere new to work as a freelancer or remote worker, or you’ve been stuck at home and are looking for a change of scenery, I’m bringing you my local guide on the best places to work remotely in Northamptonshire.

I have been working from home and remotely for over a year now and during this time, I have tried to find the best places to work in Northamptonshire that provide 3 things: good Wifi, decent parking and tasty refreshments. 

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy working from home, but sometimes it’s nice to have a change of scenery and this has been my most requested blog post for a long time as I’m usually asked on social media where the best places are to work for a couple of hours. 

So I’ve finally sat down and written all the places in Northamptonshire that I have found really works for me!

I will also be sharing where best to park to access these places and how good the WiFi is, so you know well in advance before you travel. 

I will say I know there are plenty of other places in Northants where you could work remotely, but I am yet to try them, so as always, I’ve tried and tested these myself and hope I can add a few more to this list.

Where will you be working next? 

Ten Hands Cafe Bar

8/10 times, you will find me at Ten Hands Cafe Bar. It’s the most local to me and the most convenient place for me to work as I pretty much know where the best plugs are situated!

The WiFi is simply a case of connecting and adding their password, which is written on their big chalkboard, so you don’t ever need to ask where it is. 

Best places I have found to sit to work with a laptop is either the big middle table, which is kinda like a co-working space and is accessible to a plug, the breakfast bar which faces the wall and all the local advertisements, OR you can opt to sit right next to the big french doors on the right hand side where there’s a convenient plug down the side. 

If you’re looking for free parking, if you’re lucky, you can grab a spot opposite the cafe next to the Co-Op, or if you don’t have much luck, try the Richmond Road car park next to Waitrose which gives free parking all day. 

Head to their Facebook page to enquire more. 

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Brackley Central

If you visit the cafe, there’s plenty of parking available there and it’s free! 

Whether you’re looking to stay for a couple of hours, or even for a full day or morning/afternoon, you can book 1 hour 15 minute time slots as many times as you like for however long you need via their Facebook page as they have private working spaces if you want to shield away from any regular visitors. 

It’s a lovely quiet space in the middle of nowhere, but it’s a gem that should be visited because it has a really stylish, casual vibe to it, the staff are lovely and I feel confident booking to work in their VIP Work Station where I can work in peace, whilst enjoying their lovely coffee. 

WiFi is really easy to connect to, as they have the password on a small slab for their WiFi, or you can ask one of the members of staff – it’s nice 

Visit their Facebook page where you can see more info about booking a work station. 


If you haven’t already considered it, SooYoga is a good place to work!

From the last time I worked there, the WiFi was a simple case of just connecting to it as they have their own guest WiFi and I had no issues with it working and it ran very smoothly.

There’s plenty of seating where you can find plugs underneath the long benches that surround the SooGreens cafe and you can choose to sit on those, chairs or comfy stalls. 

Plus, you have an epic view of Northampton from the Sol Central building and you can enjoy lovely refreshments from the SooGreens cafe from homemade smoothies, panini’s, soft drinks and much more.

However, unfortunately parking isn’t free and best parking is the Sol Central one below the building.

It’s also worth working there if you’re going to be doing an exercise class during the day, but obviously, you’re more than welcome just to use it as a working space in the middle of the town centre.

Visit their website for more information. 

Olly B’s Kitchen & Bar

A lovely cafe owned by some fab people in Northampton! 

There is usually lots of space to work conveniently and quietly too, being such an intimate space. The decor is light, airy and bright, so it’s a good place to be able to concentrate whilst still getting that local, buzzing cafe vibe! 

My favourite place to work is right at the front by the big window, as it creates lots of lovely natural light (for all those coffee flatlay shots – ha!) but also there are plenty of spaces where you can work too. 

WiFi is available with a password and it’s usually strong and I’ve never had issues with it. Overall, it’s a nice little hub to visit which serves great refreshments to keep you going.

Check out their Facebook page for more info and feel free to give them a message to find out their availability! 

Yellow Bourbon Coffee House 

Enjoy freshly brewed coffee by the guys at Yellow Bourbon in their coffee house just off the Guildhall Road in Northampton.

If you want to work here, you need to get there early as due to the capacity of the coffee shop, there’s not many spaces to work, but if you’re lucky, grab the space at the top floor with the window facing out for some natural light. 

Nearest car park available where you can pay at the end is the St John’s Multi Story. 

I’ve found it a really nice place to work, usually bumping into familiar faces and you’ll sure be buzzing after all the coffee you will drink! 

Check out their website for more information and to get a vibe for it. 

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Old Market Inn Kettering 

Kettering is a good 45 minute drive for me from Towcester, but it’s well worth heading over there if I plan to stay for the whole day. 

There is parking available which is free at the Church, but if you don’t have any luck, I’m afraid there’s other parking that you will have to pay for that’s a 5 minute walk to Old Market Inn Kettering on London Road. 

There’s lots of lovely nooks and corners you can sit and work from with your laptop. The best spot I’ve found is right at the front near the window, where there are two plugs behind you, which is a bit of a stretch, but I’ve found it just fine with my Apple charger. 

The team are really lovely though and can accommodate anyone who wishes to work for the morning, afternoon or whole day and they have lots of lovely refreshment 

Visit their Facebook page or Instagram here for more info. 

House of Dapper 

House of Dapper is one of the places to be in Northampton for all things remote working. 

When it’s not living it large during the evenings, House of Dapper is a really cosy, convenient place on Wellingborough Road which is ideal for working at. 

The nearest car park to access House of Dapper is the one on Wellingborough Road, next to Chilli Village/The Green Loft where you do have to pay to park. 

WiFi has always been good for me and there are plenty of plugs available for chargers. The tables are also nice and spread out too and you find lots of Northampton’s creatives work here. 

Check out their Facebook for more info. 

I’m always looking for more places to visit to remote work for part of the or all day, so if you have any other suggestions, let me know!

As always, I write my guides based on my personal experience as I wouldn’t want to share anywhere I haven’t worked from – otherwise, that’s not very handy! 

Where do you enjoy working from? Let me know in the comments! 


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