5th December 2016

Breakfast at the Blackbird Cafe | Bruges, Belgium

This was by far my favourite cafe we visited in the whole of Bruges. Blackbird cafe.

We were so fortunate that we found this little winter wonderland which was literally 2 seconds away from our hotel, and it was the first place we saw when we needed breakfast on our first morning so it was an instant choice.

As soon as you step inside, it’s like you’ve stepped into a Winter Wonderland. The whole cafe is covered in fairy lights, snowflakes on the windows, and they have bird cages with lights in and the birdcages were all decorated with red berries, crystal snowflakes, and other festive decorations. We sat right by the window and right above us was a beautiful copper birdcage with a beautiful vintage chandelier and I just couldn’t stop starring at it.

They had several Christmas tree’s spread out everywhere, using a pink, gold and copper theme it was simply stunning and it’s given me ideas on what I want my future Christmas tree to look like if I was ever to move into my own place. Blackbird had such a vintage feel to it, almost like stepping into a fairytale cottage where the china was floral, white beams, clear tables with gold outlines and the whole cafe smells like fresh pastries and chocolate.

We sat down and looked on the menu. We arrived around 11am so we were looking for a big brunch to start our first day in Bruges. The menu itself didn’t display a huge amount of choice, however we decided to go for the first thing on the menu which was the Blackbird Essential breakfast which came with a selection of pastries and bread, butter, jam and marmalade, ham and cheese, fresh orange juice and a hot beverage of choice. You could add extras to your breakfast, and one of the options was a boiled egg which myself and my boyfriend rather fancied, so we went with that.

Our beverages were served super fast, with our fresh orange juice, Ted’s hot chocolate which was served as hot milk with chocolate chips, and my tea which was served in it’s own cafeteria which I was super geeky and happy about as I love drinking tea leaves, and anything to do with tea just makes me happy.

Breakfast was wonderful! A whole array of yummy pastries for Ted and I to enjoy, complimented with a delicious fruity jam and marmalade, served alongside some ham, cheese and garnish. My boiled egg was cooked perfectly, nice and runny in the middle so I could have dippy eggs with my bread and the orange juice was super fresh and juicy. Considering I hate bits in juice, I didn’t even notice the bits in the juice because it was that damn good!

Overall, I was very satisfied with my breakfast here. It’s continental which meant we could really start our weekend away in Belgium on the right start, there was plenty of food to share and they have an amazing selection of tea which I was drooling over so you won’t be stuck on choice on beverages.

You really can’t miss this beautiful little cafe, just a 5 minute walk from the Historic Centre. I’d happily come back to Bruges for the day just to spend the day in this lovely little cafe that I’m so pleased we stumbled across.

We loved it SO much here that we came back another day and sat in the cosy chairs for a quick hot chocolate, which their hot chocolate has to be one of the best I’ve ever tasted, worldwide!

Let me know if you’ve been to Bruges and have been to this place before. Or if you’re planning on going, tell me what you think! Oh, and I want to see photos as I could look at mine all day.


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