Breakfast at La Terraza Tapas Bar Upton

[AD – Gifted] This meal was gifted in exchange for an honest review. All photos and thoughts are my own.

if you thought that La Terraza Tapas Bar only did tapas (which is excellent and I thoroughly recommend you try it!) you might be surprised to know that they provide an authentic Spanish breakfast too!


La Terraza Tapas Bar originated at Grange Park and has proven to be one of Northampton’s top tapas restaurants (I even did a review for All Things Business back when I worked for them) but 6 months ago, they opened a new branch at Upton which is the one I visited on this occasion.

Both venues have something different to offer, but I have to say the Upton one has proven that it’s a versatile venue that can be used for anything and for every occasion.

I was kindly invited by General Manager, Kellie, to see the bar in a different light… literally!

As I have only visited after the sun goes down! 

I was excited to see what the breakfast menu at La Terraza Tapas Bar in Upton was like and to see if it matched with authentic Spanish traditions.  

La Terraza Tapas Bar | Nicole Navigates
La Terraza Tapas Bar | Nicole Navigates
La Terraza Tapas Bar | Nicole Navigates
La Terraza Tapas Bar | Nicole Navigates

The venue

La Terraza Tapas Bar in Upton is located right opposite the new estates and next door to The Upton Fish Bar, so there is absolutely no problem in finding car parking as there are plenty of spaces. 

As you walk inside, you feel the warmth and the authentic Spanish vibes and decor, from the classic bar, the vibrant coloured sofas and mosaic patterns – it makes you feel like you are literally walking into a Spanish bar and it makes me feel very nostalgic over my holidays to Tenerife. 

It brings a very warm and cosy vibe, whether it’s rain or shine, but luckily for me, it was a crisp Autumn Wednesday morning. 

With plenty of seating downstairs in their bar area, or upstairs in their private function area, whether you’re looking to have a business breakfast, want to work alone with coffee and a laptop or even if you’re just after a nice breakfast – La Terraza Tapas Bar offers a welcoming, warm environment which you can settle right at home with. 

La Terraza Tapas Bar | Nicole Navigates
La Terraza Tapas Bar | Nicole Navigates
La Terraza Tapas Bar | Nicole Navigates
La Terraza Tapas Bar | Nicole Navigates

I especially love the way they have paid attention to detail to their decor to ensure it’s as authentic to Spain as possible. 

Kellie, the Manager of La Terraza Tapas Bar is just a ray of sunshine and will always guide you on what is best to eat. She has a lot of big plans and events coming up to help boost the restaurant more and I think the location is great. 

She took the time to go through the menu with me, even detailing what she recommended, to establish what would tickle my fancy. 

The breakfast

The breakfast menu consists of 9 main items, from traditional brunch options like Eggs Benedict and Eggs Florentine with a Spanish twist adding on Patatas Bravas (which took me back to my days in Barcelona eating plenty of bowls of this in every place we visited!)

It also included options like Avocado & Eggs on Toast, homemade granola and toasted crumpets or ciabatta toast with all the toppings – so the menu has a variety, so you won’t be stuck on what to order. 

There are also vegetarian and vegan options and they also offer Gluten Free options too. 

However, my eyes cast over a very Spanish inspired dish: The La Terraza Breakfast which consisted of Chorizo (note: if you’re not a fan of garlic in the morning, you might not want this but I LOVE garlic!), poached eggs & roasted cherry tomato & sweetcorn salsa served on toasted crumpets. 

La Terraza Tapas Bar | Nicole Navigates

It was definitely different to your normal type of breakfast, so I opted for this and was VERY curious to find out exactly what cherry tomato & sweetcorn salsa was… 

As it was presented to me on the plate, it boasted bright colours which almost replicated the Spanish flag itself with the red and yellow colours coming from the cherry tomato & sweetcorn salsa, topped with two perfectly poached eggs sprinkled with parsley on top of two warm toasted crumpets. 

The egg yolks oozed from the touch of my fork, which is exactly how I like my eggs in the morning!

As I cut into the crumpets, they are slightly tough as expected but as you took a bite of it all combined, the flavour of the Chorizo really stood out and the softness of the salsa and eggs made the crumpets soften and very enjoyable to eat.

Although the crumpets are an English delicacy and not quite something the Spanish eat; it’s a dish that everyone can enjoy as it’s mixing the Spanish authenticity and English breakfast traditional elements together which certainly paid off. 

The combination of the cherry tomatoes, mixed with sweetcorn and chorizo gave off a smokey, zesty flavour, that lifted and excited my taste buds – which would give anyone a wake up call in the morning, without being TOO strong. 

And of course, you won’t forget the scent of garlic whiffing off the plate which made me hungry just from the smell. 

The Head Chef, Luke has been here for as long as the restaurant has been open and his background has been mainly cooking up a storm in traditional pubs – so it makes sense why he’s nailed it when it comes to serving up breakfasts that everyone knows and loves, with that Spanish twist. 

Overall, I was quick to eat my breakfast all up, including wiping the remaining bits of my crumpet on my plate to wipe up the excess egg yolk and washed it all down with a very well-made Yellow Bourbon Latte. 

I found it a very enjoyable work space too – as the wifi is very strong, which is definitely worth noting. 

La Terraza Tapas Bar | Nicole Navigates

I came away feeling very satisfied and full for the rest of the day – so very thoroughly recommended if you’re looking for a big eat to start your day. Now I have even more reason to visit one of my favourite tapas bars in Northampton more often.

Breakfast at La Terraza Tapas Bar Upton is served between 9am – 11:30am.

Have you ever visited La Terraza Tapas Bar Upton before?


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