Brooklands Standard Espresso Roast Coffee Review

I love coffee!

I can’t function as a human being without having at least one cup of coffee in the morning.

A fun fact which I may or may not have mentioned: I used to work as a Coffee Barista!

So I know one or two things when it comes to coffee! And having coffee featured on my blog in the past, this couldn’t be more of a great collaboration!

Therefore, I am pleased to be reviewing my first batch of coffee beans from Liquid Culture.

I’ll be reviewing and tasting some great coffee that Liquid Culture provides me and I get to share my thoughts and honest opinions with you!

The first batch of coffee I was gifted was their Brooklands Standard Espresso Roast. My first impressions of this were that it was going to be a strong tasting and intense coffee which would be suitable for my morning coffee.

After trying it in a few different varieties of coffee drinks, I’ve given it my full, honest review especially for you, my readers.

Brooklands Standard Espresso Roast Coffee

The Brooklands Standard Espresso Roast is a traditional Italian roast and is described as creamy and full-bodied. It’s the perfect blend to wake up in the morning with.

I always love the espresso smell that wafts out of the packaging and this certainly had a very grounded and fresh scent coming from it’s perfectly packaged and sealed coffee bag. I was actually surprised how big the bag was, as it measured 26 inches H and 21 inches W, meaning there were lots of coffee beans to be used.

When I first received the coffee beans, it came perfectly packaged in it’s brown, resealable coffee bag. I wanted to try the coffee in different drink formats so I could compare the different tastes and test how the coffee balances in each drink.

For an espresso, the coffee had a strong body about it. Because I got to taste the coffee without the distraction of any milk, I got the full flavour of the coffee beans doing their work. What started as an intense kick of coffee, slowly became smooth and delectable.

A latte, I found the texture very smooth and the coffee and the milk balanced very well together. Not only was the coffee smooth and subtle in a latte, but I felt it produced a dark chocolate aftertaste – something I hadn’t experienced whilst drinking the coffee in an espresso or cappuccino but did notice this time around.

A flat white is my go-to drink so I was excited to make my own with these coffee beans. I found the kick of the coffee to be quite intense at first sip, but once the coffee rested on my palette for a bit, I got a creamy texture with a slight undertone of toast, making this the perfect wake-me-up-right-now coffee!

The effects after drinking one cup of this coffee left me feeling very buzzed and alert. Almost too buzzed! But I can’t deny that it gives off a strong aroma in every drink I tasted.

Overall, I think this coffee is suitable for everyone’s taste, whether you like your coffee strong, or on the weaker side. It’s been my go-to coffee in the morning at work, making me alert for the day ahead.


You can find out more and read this review on Liquid Culture’s website!

Will you be buying the Brooklands Standard Espresso Roast for your morning coffee?


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