28th March 2017

Brunch at Barker Tea House, Cardiff

This post has taken me SO LONG write, but it’s hopefully worth the wait to talk about the amazing Barker Tea House!

I haven’t had a luxury brunch in a looooong time, mainly because Sunday’s are usually the day’s when I do absolutely nothing and stay in bed all day watching YouTube videos. And mostly, I’m hungover which means going out is the last thing I want to do.

However, when I went to see my friend Becky on my recent trip to Cardiff, we discovered this fascinating little tea house in the city centre of Cardiff that we loved so much, we went back again for a brunch and it did not disappoint.

It’s delightfully hidden away in the centre of Cardiff. It’s everything that I love because it’s a traditional tea house, with vintage decor, china plates and cups and even the outside seating had blankets hooked onto the chairs where you can actually wrap yourself up in the blanket if you’re a bit cold!

It’s a pleasant atmosphere with so much character!

I went for Eggs Royale which is probably my most favourite breakfast ever and I hardly have it, because I consider it as a real “treat” if I ever go out somewhere nice for breakfast. It was served on two breakfast muffins, smoked salmon and rocket and tomato as garnish. My friend went for the Eggs Benedict and then we went for two pots of English tea, which were served in two big black pots and adorable china plates and cups.

Firstly, my eggs were perfectly runny that it was literally like egg porn watching my egg yolk run down on my plate. The sauce was mouth-watering, seasoned with pepper and so creamy! The smoked salmon was fresh, with no bones to ruin the texture experience. Although there isn’t much on the plate, as it was quite a small portion, I felt it was enough in the end to fill my appetite. I honestly think this was the best Eggs Royale I’ve ever had!

I’ve had a lot of tea in my years (and I drink LOTS of tea) but Barker Tea House have got the best tea I have ever tasted! There is something about loose leaf tea being served in a black diffuser pot that makes for the perfect cup of tea. Previous to coming for brunch, I tried their chocolate mint tea which was super refreshing, especially after walking around Cardiff for ages. Therefore, there English Tea was just as great.

The main purpose of the Barker Tea House, is obviously that they are a specialist tea house! So when it came to looking at the menu for what tea’s were available, they had so much option to what tea’s were available, with so many flavour varieties. I literally was in tea heaven looking at all the tea’s that were on offer.

We felt totally relaxed here and because we were sat outside, I think it tempted more people to come inside and see what they had to offer because we had a wonderful array of food and tea in front of us! Overall, I paid just over £20 which for me was a reasonable amount considering what we were served on our plates and I’d definitely come back as a treat!

If you’re ever in Cardiff looking for a place to eat, where it’s cosy, comfortable and has everything you could imagine to enjoy at breakfast, lunch or dinner then I throughly recommend coming to the Barker Tea House.

I’ve said when I return to Cardiff to see my friend that we definitely need to return here and that we’ll have their afternoon tea next time. I didn’t feel it was too overcrowded when we arrived, which means you avoid the tourists, but it’s definitely Cardiff’s best kept secret!

Have you ever been to the Barker Tea House in Cardiff? What was your experience like?

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