Caribbean Fusion Takeaway from Potterspury House

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Have you heard of Potterspury House? If not, you need to check out this hidden gem as we navigate out of lockdown…

I have definitely been trying to diversify my choice of cuisines recently from the bog-standard takeaway options. 

And Caribbean cuisine is one that I have come across more in my adult life as opposed to something I was introduced to when I was younger, but I love it. The flavours, the textures, the variety of foods, the colours… I could go on!

So I am thrilled to introduce you to a wonderful small business who are more than just a restaurant and takeaway, but have a whole host of services and amenities that everyone and anyone can enjoy.

But I want to specifically talk about their Caribbean Fusion Takeaway offering which is the reason for this paid partnership…

And that business is Potterspury House.

Potterspury House Restaurant

About Potterspury House

Potterspury House is located on Poundfield Road in Potterspury, near Towcester on the A5 road in Northamptonshire. It’s tucked away on the corner, so you could miss it – but this hidden gem is one you have to visit!

They have so much on offer inside, you won’t believe it!

Inside they have a fully functioning spa under the name Cloud 9 which includes a full outdoor pool, massage suites and chill out zones. A B&B with cosy bedrooms which is perfect for those looking to stay and explore Northamptonshire, plus a restaurant which has been opened for a couple of years by the owners, Marlin & Richard.

Since the recent lockdown, the restaurant is now run by Marlin’s son, Curtis, who has taken over as chef along with his partner, Hannah who also works at the house – making this very much a family run business. 

They have a lot to offer in this gorgeous house, but not many people are aware it’s here – including myself. Although I knew of the house and it being so close to me 

So I was thrilled when Potterspury House reached out about giving me the opportunity to try their Caribbean Fusion takeaway so I could give you my honest opinion…

Potterspury House food
Cocktails by Potterspury House cheering

The Caribbean Fusion Takeaway

Back in the first lockdown in March 2020, the original owner Marlin started the Caribbean fusion takeaway to offer something a bit different – she was born in Jamaica and trained as a professional chef, so Caribbean cooking has always been in the family.

It’s certainly not a cuisine that’s on offer in the Towcester area, so they truly found a gap in the market.

Since then, her son Curtis restarted the Caribbean fusion takeaway in February of 2021 and has an obvious flair and love for Caribbean cooking from his mother and he loves to experiment with different flavours and cuisines which is why we say Caribbean fusion as sometimes he may use slightly different ingredients which may not be traditional to the Caribbean dish. 

Caribbean Fusion Takeaway
Nicole with Potterspury House takeaway

I often find with Caribbean cuisine, it’s something that has either been passed down through generations or it’s something that has been taught by family members – either way, it’s made with such love, so I was expecting big things from Potterspury House’s version after hearing their background story.  

I went to collect our takeaway and found the packaging really reliable and the staff even helped me bring some of the items to our car as there was quite a bit! 

Because of the deep aluminium containers with lids, everything kept really hot as we brought it back home and Potterspury House cooked everything fresh so it’s ready to go by the time you arrive for collection. 

We opened everything up and our first impression was WOW!

Caribbean Fusion Takeaway by Potterspury House

The colours were the most attractive and most satisfying part upon first glance and there was SO MUCH FOOD! You could easily share this amongst 4 or more people, so it was a big feast for 2!

We were given an Auntie Marlins box meal which included curry goat, rice, plantain, veggie patties, avocado, roti, mac and cheese, coleslaw, salad, and brown stew chicken.

Plus, we were given a wing box that contained a variety of flavours and mixture of mild and hot. This included seasoned potato fries, coleslaw, plantain and 16 chicken wings with mixed flavours like jerk, buffalo, pineapple pepper, sticky bbq, and coconut, mango and lime. 

We were also given two takeaway drinks of their rum punch too.

Caribbean Fusion Takeaway by Potterspury House
Caribbean Fusion Takeaway by Potterspury House

Now let’s get to the tasting… 

Starting with the Auntie Marlins box; I have to begin with the main reason why I love Caribbean cuisine: the curry goat.

Mostly, it was on the bone, but with every bite, it fell off instantly and the meat was incredibly tender. The colour was rich and golden, the flavour was jam-packed and the sauce was great for dipping with the roti afterwards! Definitely some of the best cooked curry goat I’ve had. 

One of the other highlights of the Auntie Marlins box was the Mac and Cheese (am a huge fan) and it didn’t disappoint as it was still cheesy, but they managed to put their own twist on it with the different herbs and spices. 

I like that the box was filled with a mixture of hot and mild items, as it wasn’t too overwhelming and too much for my taste buds, so the little things like the avocado, salad, bread and rice made everything well balanced.

Caribbean Fusion Takeaway by Potterspury House
Caribbean Fusion Takeaway by Potterspury House

The brown stew chicken also looked very appetizing, with a rich orange colour and a mixture of chicken and veggies to mix it up a little – the taste tingled my tongue and had a punch and the meat and veggies together were soft, tender and made such a good combo. 

Onto the chicken wing box, which I have to say… Josh was particularly fond of it!

I loved that, again, Potterspury House has done exceptionally well in mixing it up with hot and mild chicken wings plus the cucumber sticks to use as a palette cleanser in-between – it means you get to experience a taste of everything! 

All the chicken meat was meaty and plentiful – I can’t stand a chicken wing with no meat on it, so a big tick there!

I also really enjoyed exploring all the flavour combinations, from the hot and spicy jerk, to the sweet and zesty pineapple pepper… it was like a taste explosion in my mouth.

Caribbean Fusion Takeaway by Potterspury House
Caribbean Fusion Takeaway by Potterspury House

All this was washed down with the rum punch which literally PUNCHED with white and dark rum flavour! I won’t lie, I felt a bit tipsy after drinking it as it was quite strong, but I didn’t mind that seeing as it was Friday night! 

Overall, I was seriously impressed with the Caribbean Fusion takeaway Potterspury House offer – it’s diverse, it experiments with flavours and combinations that aren’t seen in traditional Caribbean cooking, it appeals to those who prefer hot & spicy AND mild and flavoursome and it’s easily one of the biggest takeaways we’ve enjoyed together.

They currently run the Caribbean fusion takeaway on Friday and Saturday evenings and orders have to be made 24 hours prior to collection. 

From 1st May, their plan is to offer takeaways on Fridays only and open for dine-in on Saturdays which will include the Caribbean menu for dine-in where they have an outdoor terrace so can offer outdoor eating until May 17th when they can hopefully offer indoor dining.

I hope everyone gets a taste of this very soon! You can find out more about ordering here.

Caribbean Fusion Takeaway by Potterspury House

Have you visited Potterspury House and tried their Caribbean Fusion Takeaway? Let me know! 


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