15th December 2018

A Christmas Gift Guide under £5 with only5pounds.com


Christmas can be an expensive time of year when it comes to gift buying.

Did you know; the average expected spend on Christmas presents in the UK is £825 per household.

That’s A LOT of money if you add up all the households in the UK.

As much as I love treating my loved ones, I know you can’t beat finding bargains when it comes to Christmas presents. Especially if they’re not very materialistic like my family are.

However, why can’t you get presents for the ones you love that are practical, as well as convenient and still nice to open on Christmas Day?

I recently visited the only5pounds store in Northampton with Josh and we found so many nice items for Christmas, plus we’ve got stuff on our list which we want to buy when we move into together next year.

So I am really pleased to be collaborating with only5pounds on a Christmas Gift Guide under £5.

Yes, you heard correctly: £5!

And I genuinely wouldn’t work with a brand if it wasn’t worthwhile, so I truly believe what they have in stock is well worth investing in for Christmas.

So here are some of my top picks on things I think make perfect Christmas presents or stocking fillers for the big day.

PLUS if you read the whole blog post, you can find out how you can get FREE DELIVERY on anything you purchase on their website using my own code.


Zodiac Hand-Decorated Wine Glass

If you're a wine lover like me, but you like to add a bit of customisation and personality to the glassware you drink out of, I thought this Zodiac Hand-Decorated Wine Glass would be perfect.

As it's handmade and been hand decorated, this would make a lovely present for someone to display in their house or enjoy their favourite tipple with.

Find the product here.

Red Decorated Glass Scented Gift Pack

If you love candles at Christmas time, or just, in general, to use all year long, only5pounds have some adorable little gift sets, including this Berry Scented* one they sent me.

You can't go wrong with a candle set as there is something inside for everyone and to use all over the house.

This Berry Scented gift back contains a cute lamp light, 3 tea lights and 2 festive tea light holders, all in dazzling red that will be sure to make your house sparkle and shine!

Find the product here.


World Traveller Fund Money Pot

One for the travel lovers and something I want to order for myself! But this is a perfect gift for anyone who is looking to go off on their adventures next year.

It's really pretty and aesthetic with the world map on, plus for normal money fund boxes, you are looking at £8 to as high as £15! So you're definitely saving money.

Find the product here.

Arti Casa Wooden Tea Box

Literally THE perfect gift for a tea lover!

I am due to order this myself, as I have so many boxes of tea, but nowhere to store them.

And when I have my own place (hopefully next year) this will make a great addition to our kitchen for all the different types of tea we're going to have (sorry, Josh!)

It's well handcrafted and looks easy to wrap.

Find the product here.

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A4 Cinematic Lightbox

This is exactly the one that I have and it's such a convenient and pretty gift, especially for us bloggers!

I recently used it at the Northamptonshire Bloggers Network event for signage and everyone loved it because it's instagrammable.

It's a great gift for displaying around the house, to use for parties and events, or to perhaps use for big announcements!

Find the product here.

Jennifer Rose Laminated Canvas Large Wash Bag

Pretty, convenient and useful.

As I get older, I find I far more appreciate useful gifts that I'm going to get plenty of use out of - and this wash bag is certainly one I would really appreciate receiving.

It almost looks like a Cath Kidston dupe, which is great for anyone looking for a cheaper alternative. Plus, it's material means its waterproof, so you won't need to worry about anything getting soaked.

Find the product here.


This is just some of the gifts that I have either been gifted or that I am genuinely going to purchase, as I love a good bargain!

Now you're probably wondering about that free delivery code I've been going on about.

Now that you've seen what kind of gifts you can get for just £5, you can ensure you get all your last minute Christmas gifts and stocking fillers by getting FREE DELIVERY!

Use my code 'NNFREEDEL' to get free delivery on everything you purchase on only5pounds.

*I was gifted the Red Decorated Scented Gift Pack and Cinematic Lightboard. There is an affiliate link included in this post*

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