Giovanni Gelato’s festive Christmas flavours

Giovanni Gelato

Ice cream for breakfast? YES PLEASE!

Especially if it’s festive ice cream flavour ahead of Christmas.

I love coming shopping at Milton Keynes centre, as everything you could possibly want (apart from a Primark) is on your doorstep. It’s a great place to go Christmas shopping and I can see myself taking a few trips to the centre in the next couple of weeks.

But what I love about Milton Keynes centre is the array of pop-up stands that are on offer – especially convenient when you’re looking for a quick pit stop for some refreshment.

One of those pop-up stands that are available in the centre and is conveniently situated near customer services, is Giovanni Gelato – a family-run business that’s dedicated to supplying the people of Milton Keynes with the tastiest ice cream flavours, as well as other yummy treats.

I was kindly invited by GemMedia Marketing to sample Giovanni Gelato’s new Christmas flavours and since we are getting closer and closer to Christmas, it was the perfect occasion to get into the Christmas spirit!

Giovanni Gelato

Giovanni Gelato is a family-run business, which I love as I am always interested in learning about family-run businesses, their stories and how they came from A to B. They have been trading in centre:mk since 2013 and has since become well known for their authentic Artisan Gelato amongst Milton Keynes.

Not only do they serve over 100 flavours of gelato and ice cream, which they change up and create new flavours depending on the time of year or seasonal occasion, but they also serve sweet items like freshly baked Belgian Waffles, Gelato Shakes and Sundaes.

Getting to Giovanni Gelato was fairly easy and thanks to my eagle eyes whilst I was scrolling through their Instagram feed, I noticed that they were located right near Poundland.

So we headed straight to there where we were treated to a big, bright and very pink sight of the Gelato truck stand – amongst the crowds of Milton Keynes shoppers, this certainly stood out!


The first items we got to try were their warm pancake bites drizzled with chocolate sauce and maple syrup. These are not only tasty, warm and fluffy to nibble on, but these adorable mini pancakes are so convenient if you’re looking for something to snack on whilst shopping for Christmas presents.

Like, look how adorable they are!!

Next, it was onto the ice cream – the main reason for visiting, obviously!

There was no denying that there were so many flavours to choose from, so many that I had no idea what to try first!

I wanted to pick the flavours that best associate Christmas to me and one of the key flavours that remind me of the festive season is Salted Caramel, so that was my first choice.

At Giovanni Gelato, you have a choice on whether you would like to have your ice cream in a cup, or in a cone. I decided to go for a cup, as I find it’s less messy to eat (because ice cream around your chops is never a good look!)

The Salted Caramel was so intense and rich, but exactly what I expect when it comes to flavour. Ice cream is usually covered in flakes of ice that it can sometimes be hard to eat, but Giovanni Gelato’s ice cream is creamy and you can tell their ice cream is made with love, care and attention.

I love how each ice cream was decorated with their own custom-made wafer with their logo on too!


Josh’s first flavour he tried was the Raffaello flavour, which is inspired by the coconut-almond confection. When I had a taste, I was pleasantly surprised as I’m not a huge fan of coconut. But it was actually really creamy and had a subtle hint of coconut.

The next flavour I knew straight away I was going to pick was the Gingerbread flavour, because what’s Christmas without gingerbread!? I added some chocolate sprinkles on top to give it an extra edge.

It was like experiencing the moment you take your first sip of a Gingerbread latte from a coffee shop at Christmas for the first time, only sweeter, colder and better! The chocolate really brought the gingerbread flavour to life.

Josh went for the Butter Beer flavour, which was all kinds of Harry Potter goals! Although it was rather sickly sweet for my taste, Josh mentioned it was his favourite flavour of the morning as he couldn’t eat it up quicker!

I also had a small spoonful of their Terry’s Chocolate Orange flavoured ice cream, which again, is a flavour that strongly reminds me of Christmas. It was exactly how I imagined it, except the orange came out much stronger than the chocolate – which was fine with me!

I only had a small spoonful, as after two big tubs of ice cream, I was actually full up – something I never thought I would be with ice cream – but more the reason to come back and eat some more.


Giovanni Gelato is a convenient pit-stop whilst you go for your Christmas shopping, but it’s a convenience that you need to make sure you visit to try their festive flavours.

Who says ice cream is just for summer!? Ice cream is for all year round. I would definitely come back for a sweet pick-me-up of their gourmet Christmas flavours or their Belgian Waffles next time I’m in the centre.

Have you visited Giovanni Gelato before? Are you tempted to have a frosty treat this Christmas?

*I was invited to Giovanni Gelato to try their Christmas flavours in exchange for blog posts and social content. All opinions and ice cream loving are my own*

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  1. 26th November 2018 / 7:52 am

    These are so interesting, I hope to try them someday, in Mumbai, only a few local cafes do christmas drinks, most chains refrain from doing them.

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