28th January 2019

AD – Gifted | Dining at The Wheatsheaf, Titchmarsh


The Wheatsheaf in Titchmarsh, in a nutshell, was well worth the 40-minute drive.

When you actually look at what is to offer food wise in Northamptonshire, we really are spoilt for choice when it comes to independent restaurants and pubs in the area. Especially when it comes to date night, which the Wheatsheaf Titchmarsh fully qualifies for as being the ideal date night spot.

Living in South Northamptonshire, I hardly get to explore the northern side of Northamptonshire due to the distance, but I'm starting to have more and more reasons to make trips up there.

And as I'm so keen to explore more of Northamptonshire, being invited to review the Wheatsheaf in Titchmarsh, part of the Proper Pub Co, was a good excuse.

We had such high hopes for the restaurant, after very much enjoying the food at The Butchers Arms, which is managed under the same group and has a similar menu. We couldn't wait to try more of their traditional English food.


This Titchmarsh based restaurant is located in the quiet village of the same name, just off of the A14/A45 roundabout along the A605. Although the drive was long, it was well worth the journey once we arrived and found their dedicated parking spaces right behind.

As we entered the building, you instantly get a warm and welcoming vibe from the place. It's decor and branding mimicked the Butchers Arms inside, so it's nice to see both restaurants have the same unique feel.

We were greeted at the bar and asked if we wanted our drinks at the bar first, or if we preferred to be seated and order our drinks once sat down - a very good start and nice to be offered this choice.

Our table couldn't have been more perfect - situated in a cosy corner, by the window, overlooking the whole restaurant and in view of the kitchen - great for spotting when our food was coming! Our waitress was even kind enough to place the big specials board right next to us to browse in our leisure.

The room was filled with little trinkets and features that made you feel at home, from candles in pretty candle holders to vases of flowers on the window seals. It was all very picturesque.

One thing I noticed and loved was the music playlist throughout the night: easy listening 00's with cheesy love songs from Westlife, Boyzone and Take That? I was loving it and couldn't help singing along!

We were then asked what we would like to drink and I didn't want anything else but a Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin and Fever Tree tonic - when dining in a local restaurant, I like to keep it local as possible. And it's great to see that the Proper Pub Co use all local ingredients for their menus.

The menu was small, but offered enough choice - it's always a good sign when a menu has limited options because you know they have worked to perfect these dishes.


For starter, Josh went for the Black Pudding Scotch Egg [£7], which was incredibly well presented on the slab, garnished with baby gem lettuce and apple puree. I had a few bites and the crumbliness of the outside of the scotch egg mixed with the softness of the egg, egg yolk and puree made for a mixture of sweet, savoury and tart taste.

I decided to go for the soup of the day [£5], as I distinctly remember raving about the soup when I had it last time at The Butchers Arms. I was not disappointed with my Roasted Carrot Soup (which was the Soup of the Day at the time of dining).

The texture was so smooth, it had no lumps or bits in which was exactly to my liking and it was warming, flavoursome and beautifully silky. The portions for our starters were really generous, but it certainly didn't fill us up too much but it just gave us a taster for what was coming next...


We had a nice break in between from when our starters were taken away, to when our main courses arrived. Josh was particularly excited when we spotted our mains coming our way.

Josh went for one of the specials on the board, which he went for the Smoked Haddock Linguine with baby leaf spinach and garlic ciabatta [£15]. He commented on how intense the flavour was, especially that the sauce covered every single part of the dish.

However, the flavour was so intense that he hardly had room to eat his garlic ciabatta, which he, unfortunately, left on the side.

My main course which I chose was, again, off of the specials board; Pan-Fried chicken with truffle mash, savoy cabbage and garlic mushroom sauce [£15].

The dish was presented beautifully on the plate and it had so many elements to the point I had no idea where to start and whether everything would come together in one perfect harmony.

Everything mixed wonderfully together, from the creamy truffle mash to the moist and tender chicken that fell apart from the touch of the knife. The garlic sauce was probably one of the nicest I've had, as it was flavoursome but without being too strong (no one likes garlic breath!)

The portion for my main was pretty big - three chicken breasts were pretty generous and I found myself full but satisfied afterwards. However, it's never too full to look at the dessert menu...


Deciding on a dessert is always a hard task for Josh and I, as we both have eyes as big as our bellies!

However, our waitress was kind enough to let us know that there were other desserts available other than on the menu itself. She was kind enough to read them off the specials and gave us plenty of time to decide.

Overall, we thought our waitress was really bubbly and friendly, without feeling like she was being fake, but she had a real humour that made us laugh with her.

Wheatsheaf Titchmarsh | Nicole Navigates

Dessert was SO worth the wait (not that there was much of a wait after the main course!)

All I can say is... wow! My very good choice of a Lemon Tart [£6], which was one of the specials, was on another level. The waitress was very kind to swap what would have been coconut ice cream to a vanilla ice cream, which came with lemon curd for decoration on the slab.

Josh opted for the Rhubarb and Apple crumble with custard [£6], again, from the specials board. He remembered how much he was jealous when I last had the crumble, so he wanted to try it for himself.

When I took a bite, it was zesty, sugary and crumbly with the addition of the lush custard poured over. The Proper Pub Co definitely knows how to create the perfect crumble.

Both desserts ended the meal on a sweet note and didn't leave us feeling too heavy after such a big feed!

Wheatsheaf Titchmarsh | Nicole Navigates
Wheatsheaf Titchmarsh | Nicole Navigates
Wheatsheaf Titchmarsh | Nicole Navigates

Everything about our experience of the Wheatsheaf Titchmarsh was tip top perfect from every detail; the service, the waitresses, the food, the drinks, the atmosphere and even down to the decor. It's no wonder it won the Northampton Life 'Pub of the Year' last year - because it truly deserves to be recognised for being a top place to dine in Northamptonshire.

Josh and I even said, despite the distance, that we would easily come back to eat again, but next time we would come back to spend the day in Kettering to make a day of it - and eat more delicious food at the Wheatsheaf!

And just in time for a new month, The Wheatsheaf has recently announced that they're releasing a new Vegan and Vegetarian menu from February 1st!

Wheatsheaf Titchmarsh | Nicole Navigates

Will you be dining at the Wheatsheaf Titchmarsh?

Rating: ★★★★★

*I was gifted a complimentary meal in exchange for an honest review. As always, my opinions are my own and you can read more in my disclaimer*


Wheatsheaf Titchmarsh | Nicole Navigates

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