So… you may see a few similarities pop up when it comes to my blog posts. As my blog is my side hustle, this means I am earning money through my blog in various ways. Here is a breakdown of what it all means…

Sponsored Blog Posts

These will be marked as ‘AD’ at the beginning of the blog post as well as in the description of the blog post to declare the partnership. Please note: I no longer accept gifted campaigns, so if you’re looking to work with me, it will be on a paid partnership basis.

Sponsored Social Media Posts

If I have been paid to promote something on my social media i.e. Instagram or Facebook, I will always mark it as [AD] at the beginning of the post/tweet.


I am sometimes gifted with free products or experiences, such as invites to press nights. I am not being paid to promote these nor will I accept gifted campaigns in exchange for content. I have full control whether I want to showcase these items or experiences.

Affiliate Links

You will rarely see me promote affiliate links, but in the case that I do, I will declare whether a link I am sharing is an affiliate link, either at the beginning of the blog post and in the description or at the beginning of a social media post. I will mark these as ‘AD’.

It doesn’t cost you any money to click on any affiliate links; it just means I get a bit of commission for promoting something which helps me do what I do on here and can really help support small creators like me.

If you have any questions about how I work or about this disclaimer, please feel free to contact me.


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