Eating Caribbean Food at Turtle Bay, Northampton

Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay has easily become my new favourite restaurant.

So I was delighted to be asked back to review Turtle Bay’s menu fully for the first time.

Last time I visited Turtle Bay, I got to experience little bits and testers of their menu, plus I got to try their amazing range of cocktails and mocktails.

So this time, I was excited to go out on a Wednesday night with my parents and best friend for a 3 course dinner.

For a Wednesday evening, the atmosphere was surprisingly buzzing with lots of people. Apparently, Wednesday night is the new Friday night!

However, despite the crowds, our waitress showed us to our seats which were located on the balcony overseeing the crowd, the bar and we were right next to the kitchen so we could see all the action and see where the magic happens.

My parents, admittedly, are quite fussy when it comes to eating out at restaurants, so I was really hoping that they would enjoy Turtle Bay; as this would be their first visit.

As for my best friend, she had been to Turtle Bay in Milton Keynes, so she had an idea what to expect too.

Looking at the menu, there really was such a wide range of choice to choose from. It took deciding a very long time. Luckily, our waitress was available to take our drink orders so we could happily sip our drinks whilst deciding.

I remember I went crazy for their Coconut and Pineapple Punch last time, which was part of their Caribbean soft range. So I ordered that as a starting drink before going for the cocktails, but it was just as zesty, but creamy as I remember it being last time.

A definite recommendation from me for those who can’t or won’t drink alcohol.

Walking into Turtle Bay in Northampton always feels like an escapism.

It’s like you step out of Northampton and everyday life, to suddenly walking into a Caribbean paradise. I always feel like I’m on holiday when I walk inside, which for some of us, is exactly the type of thing we are looking for – an escapism from everyday life to paradise!

I got to try several cocktails this time round; including their Bahama Mama cocktail which was SO GOOD! If you’re a fan of banana, then this is literally like an alcoholic banana milkshake!

After a good amount of time catching up with my best friend, sipping our drinks and checking out the atmosphere and surroundings, we finally decided and our waitress was quick to take our order.

There was so much to choose from their menu, it was hard to decide!

I was thoroughly excited to get the full Turtle Bay experience.


My dad and best friend both went for the Crispy Chilli Squid, which I got to try and it was

My mum went for the Orka Ladies Fingers, which she said sounded spooky like Halloween! This was also one dish I got to try at the launch and they were super soft, but crispy on the outside.

I went for the Chicken Wings, which were full of flavour and with plenty of jerk sauce! Just how the Caribbean have it!

Main Courses

I knew I wasn’t going to choose anything else as my main dish other than their famous Goat Curry. I tried a sample of it last time, so I knew I wanted to have the whole thing.

It did not disappoint as the Goat Curry was so tender; probably the tenderest meat I’ve ever had. And you could taste all the different flavours that had been cooked in the pot together.

My dad went for the Curry Shrimp and Mango. He commented how many different flavours were coming out of the pot and how he loved the shrimp combination with the mango. Something he didn’t think he’d enjoy, but did.

My mum went for the Sirloin Steak. Despite saying she thought her dish was quite small, and expected a bigger dish, she really enjoyed this and loved the sauce topping and the sweet potato fries.

My best friend went for a different One Pot dish; the Trini Curry Chicken. She loved how creamy this dish was and the level of hotness was a perfect balance for her.

All three of the One Pot dishes gave plenty for us to tuck into! So much so, that I couldn’t eat all of mine!


You always need to end a dinner with a dessert.

Again, I found it incredibly difficult to choose what dessert to have. I tried three samples last time; all were so good, which made my decision even tougher.

I eventually went for the cheesecake and so did my best friend. As soon as we both took a spoonful of cheesecake and put it in our mouths, we both melted. It was to die for! So creamy, sweet and the caramel sauce drizzled on top was perfection.

My mum went for the Fresh BBQ Pineapple, which looked very exotic and delicious. I tried a spoonful and it’s amazing just how much BBQing a pineapple and adding a rum caramel sauce and coconut ice cream can make pineapple taste so much nicer.

I was surprised how we all managed to eat a full three course dinner, plus drinks, as usually I opt for just two courses.

And you’re probably wondering… did my parents enjoy their first Turtle Bay experience?

Well, I’m pleased to report that they did! Infact, they loved it.

They would go back again and commented that they would love to bring more people to experience it.

As for me? I loved it too!

They’ve got everything right; from the variety of food and cocktails on offer, the decor, the overall warm welcome and there is something for everyone to enjoy.

I’m definitely returning soon!

Have you been to Turtle Bay in Northampton yet?

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