Evening Pizzeria at Bread & Circus, Daventry

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You will WANT a pizza this!

Bread & Circus Daventry, based on the thriving independent road of Sheaf Street, opened its doors back in 2018 and ever since, I have been wanting to visit for AGES. Finally, I had a good reason to come down and check the place out when we were kindly invited down. 

As far as I know, I don’t know anything else like this in Northamptonshire

The concept is simple, clever and they have truly found a gap in the market: an artisan bakery by day, a Pizzeria by night, with everything 100% vegetarian and most of what they offer coming with vegan alternatives. 

Bread & Circus | Nicole Navigates

They are part of the award-winning Discover Daventry group, who aim to showcase the local businesses of Daventry which are part of the Daventry Retail Forum who love the town and want to encourage more people to shop locally.

Sited in a 400-year-old building in the heart of the community, Bread & Circus’ aim is to breathe new life into the prominent, formerly derelict, store on historic Sheaf Street – co-owned by Cheryl Thallon and her niece, Caryn Harris, who was present during the evening and was incredibly welcoming, told us all about the business and her passion and drive for what she does truly shows. 

All their pizza is made out of sourdough, which is much easier to digest and plays an essential role in the appearance, colour, fragrance, texture and taste of the bread.

The staff were incredibly informative and educated us a lot about their background production. 

Stepping inside, you feel like Belle venturing inside somewhere in Paris, with its duck egg blue decor, artisan bakery counter and even a grand piano painted the same to match the french-inspired vibe. 

It was, to put it lightly, stunning and well decorated. Whoever was responsible for the decorating, needs to come and do my house up!

We were greeted at the door and given menus, then given the choice on where to sit; a cosy little nook between the bar and insight of the kitchen where we could see the action was perfect for us!

As you look at the menu, there is a lot of variety, but as mentioned before, you will notice it has 0 meat options. Which I think is a very clever initiative that Bread & Circus have gone down to ensure they are a stand-out pizzeria. 

The starters varied from nibbles to small plates and big dishes like the garlic bread which is the same size as their pizzas – so be warned if you want to ensure you have room!

We both went for a classic Italian dish; Beef Tomato with Mozzarella and Pesto. It was light and refreshing, a very nice tingly taste for the taste buds to get going.

You can’t go wrong with the mix of sweet slices of tomato, thick slices of mozzarella cheese and hints of pesto to give it a basil and garlic taste. Just lovely!

Then the main event was presented to us… the artisan pizza! The wait was perfectly acceptable considering everything was cooked fresh. 

I had to go for the Four Cheese pizza because… well, I’m addicted to cheese and one type wasn’t enough! You can also add additional toppings on top, or create your own pizza with them – on this occasion, I decided to add some black olives.

And I’m not just saying this; but it was probably the best pizza I’ve ever tasted.

Bread & Circus | Nicole Navigates

Or at least in a very long time. The dough didn’t feel too thin, but was perfectly dense, the cheese was layered on and was spread out well so you could taste the different types and the additional black olives on top gave it a salty taste. 

The texture was light, crispy and gooey thanks to the cheese. Just pure indulgence that I don’t think I will ever forget. The feeling of melting in my seat comes to mind. And the fact it was made out of sourdough, meant I didn’t feel too bloated afterwards.

Josh opted for a ‘Peppernomi’ which was essentially a pepperoni pizza but with absolutely NO MEAT.

As mentioned, he was hesitant, but he felt the same feeling as me: pure melt in your seat, cheese melting in your mouth sensation – and he even said he really liked the meat alternative so much that he would have never known!

Bread & Circus | Nicole Navigates
Bread & Circus | Nicole Navigates
Bread & Circus | Nicole Navigates

You can also choose to have a selection of 3 dips with your pizza; we went for the classic Garlic & Herb which was chunkier than your standard dip, plus a zingy Warm Tomato and Herb dip which just added to the tomato thick base. 

We were also given a selection of oils to drizzle on top, or dip our crusts into, so you’re truly experiencing the Italian way of eating pizza.

We loved our pizzas so much that we wanted another – a true sign that somewhere is seriously good when you crave for more!

Bread & Circus | Nicole Navigates
Bread & Circus | Nicole Navigates

Afterwards, we were asked if we would like any pudding (an easy decision) but what we didn’t know was that we could choose what they had in their bakery deli counter – everything is freshly baked and prepared from 8:30 am in the morning, so anything they have leftover, you are free to enjoy as a dessert.

However, if the baked goods don’t take your fancy, you could opt for melted chocolate cookies with a choice of ice cream – which was what tickled our fancy on this particular occasion.

They were piping hot on the plate, decorated delicately with a strawberry sauce and berries, with a side of ice cream.

I went for vanilla, whilst Josh went for chocolate chip.

It was the perfect finish to what had been an incredible evening, but my goodness, we felt a food coma coming on – the chocolate cookies were soft, with a gooey chocolate centre in the middle that oozed whenever the fork touched it. 

I am yet to go and visit during the day to have the full bakery experience as it looks like a great place to visit on a weekend for a coffee and cake date, or even to come to during the week with my laptop to hot desk. 

We spoke plenty to the staff, including the manager, Caryn, who you could tell was overjoyed by our comments and thankful for us coming. We know we will be back.

But honestly, guys, if you’re looking for a decent pizzeria which makes everything from scratch, has the nicest, most passionate staff and you’re looking for something that fills that any time of week takeaway that’s also health-conscious – visiting Bread & Circus is well worth it. 

Bread & Circus | Nicole Navigates

Have you ever visited Bread & Circus in Daventry? 

Rating: ★★★★★


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