My favourite and most memorable Christmas songs

Christmas Songs | Nicole Navigates


I'm currently looking for some new headphones for Christmas (as due to my 60% hearing loss, I can't wear earphones). When looking at the Panasonic Bluetooth Headphones, it made me think of all the music I enjoy listening to.

But then I thought: wait, it’s Christmas – I love Christmas! So naturally, I am writing and telling you all about my favourite Christmas songs which is easily my favourite part of the festive season.

They’re catchy, thought-provoking, they make you want to dance and sing along LOUDLY and each song I have mentioned here reminds me of a certain Christmassy moment, or a particular year – I think songs make us remember moments and memories so much more, as when you hear a song play, you’re taken back to that moment in time.

So these are my ‘memorable’ Christmas songs, but not to mention my favourites that I can’t get enough of.

Christmas Songs | Nicole Navigates

Cold December Night – Michael Buble

Who doesn’t love Michael Buble at Christmas time!?

There’s a running joke that he only comes out of his ‘cave’ at Christmas time, but I could listen to Buble all year long.

But there’s something about Michael Buble’s Christmas album that fills me with love, joy and happiness.

But this particular song gives me the most happiest memories. *Soppy moment* but this song reminds me of the time I first met Josh, as our first date was in December and this song was on during our first date.

Yep. Told you it was soppy!

Fairytale of New York - The Pogues & Kirsty McColl

You scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot!

If you don’t know those lyrics or this song, I am ASHAMED of you!

This has to be the most well-known Christmas song and probably one of the rudest! But it truly brings out the sarcastic and crude side of Christmas.

This song reminds me (weirdly) of my parents! This is their #1 Christmas karaoke song that they always sing a duet of together when we get the karaoke machine out.

They know the harmonies and everything!

Do They Know It's Christmas - Band Aid

A thought-provoking song that makes you think of those less fortunate during this time of year.

But it also gives me a very vivid image of Smithy in Gavin and Stacey singing along to this in the car (if you know, you know)

This generally doesn’t remind me of a specific time, but I guess it does remind me of the 2nd Band Aid version, as it was the first one I remember coming out (I thought it was the original, as I didn’t realise there was an 80’s version when it came out)

Oh, and let’s not forget the U2 line...

Christmas Songs | Nicole Navigates

Underneath the Tree – Kelly Clarkson

Such a feel good, uplifting Christmas song that literally makes me go from normal, to an all singing, all dancing performer (in my bedroom, of course!)

Kelly Clarkson’s Christmas album “Wrapped in Red” is probably in my top 5 festive albums, as it’s the perfect combo of my favourite Christmas songs along with Kelly’s incredible voice.

But this song is one I  particularly enjoy! I first heard this song whilst ice skating in Brugge, Belgium and it made the Christmas market seem even more festive and magical.

Walking in the Air - The Snowman (Aled Jones)

One of the most beautiful Christmas songs. You can just picture the snowman when listening to this song.

I’ve known this song for the majority of my life, as the reason why this is such a special song to me is that I remember watching The Snowman at my Grandad’s house with him when I was little.

As much as this song brings a smile on my face, it also reminds me that this will be the first Christmas without him. Which is very difficult to come to terms with.

However, my love for this song still remains.

Merry Christmas Everybody – Slade

The ultimate Christmas party song that lasts until New Year’s Eve!

It plays all year long and it doesn’t stop you from tapping your feet, singing along whether it’s in the car, or out and about and you have to shout the “ITS CHRISTMAS” part very loudly!

This song just reminds me of all the wonderful Christmas’ I’ve had over the years and I hope this year is no different.

What Christmas songs are your favourite?

(Photo's taken at Chicheley Hall)

*This is a sponsored post, but all photo's and Christmas love are my own. Read more in my disclaimer.*

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