1st March 2019

Navigating through February | 10 Happy Things

February | Nicole Navigates
February | Nicole Navigates

February flew by a little bit, didn't it!?

February felt like 10 days long, whereas January felt like 500 days long! But I guess that's what happens when February only has 28 days!

It's been a good month filled with lots of events, but I guess my biggest event of February which has taken a lot of time up has been pantomime (more on that later).

March is already looking to be shaping up to be a nice month! I'm off for a complimentary stay in the Cotswolds, I've got a few food reviews in the pipeline, family visiting, the Northants Bloggers spring social and I think we can finally start to say hello to Spring and daylight saving hours!


Oh, speaking of photos... I also got a new iPhone which means my photography has stepped up and I am getting very inspired to step out my front door to take some more shots for the ol' gram!

But before we get excited for March, February has still been a good month full of things that have made me smile:

February | Nicole Navigates


For those who saw, pantomime took up a huge part of my month (or at least it felt like it!)

I got the chance to perform alongside the cast of Take Your SEAT Syresham Pantomime for the second year in a row in our production of Peter Pan where I got to play the best part - Wendy Darling.

I wanted to give the character Wendy all the characteristics we know and love from the Disney film, but with an added bit of feistiness and comedy and I truly believe it's one of my most favourite parts I have played in my performing career!

It ran during half term week and I managed to juggle working with performing, which in the end, was far too tiring, but I made it through and I wouldn't have changed the experience.

It was honestly the BEST week and I am sad pantomime season is over for another year... until we go back and audition again in September!

Slimming World

I have recently started slimming world this month. I have been struggling with balancing my diet, with my busy schedule and no surprise, I have gained weight - so I felt it was about time I kicked myself up the butt and did something about it.

It's been a really enjoyable process and I haven't felt like I have lost out. I was worried because I thought my career as a food blogger would be over, but slimming world has taught me that I can have the best of both worlds - just in moderation!

It's been nice that a couple of the ladies at work have been getting involved too, so we all support each other whilst the rest of the office dive into the biscuit tin!

BBC Radio Northampton

Guess what. I was on BBC Radio Northampton for the second time within 2 months!

I thought it was a dream come true when I got invited to go on the radio for the first time and thought that would be it. But to be invited for a second time to talk about my blog was truly a surprise and honour.

The radio station and producers were super helpful, as they understood it wouldn't be convenient for me to drive to Northampton for 10 minutes during a working day, so I was able to conduct the interview on Helen Blaby's show over the phone at home.

We spoke about Northamptonshire, small businesses, the local food scene and my blog. I also have a feeling it won't be my last time on the radio... *watch this space!*

February | Nicole Navigates
February | Nicole Navigates

Brunch and shopping

My best friend came back up from London for a spontaneous weekend, so we decided to do what we usually do: go out for brunch!

This was when we decided to check out Bar Encore, who have recently launched their new brunch menu and it certainly didn't disappoint!

Afterwards, we made our way to Rushden Lakes, as Becky had never visited before, whereas I have plenty of times so I knew she would love it! We ended up doing a bit of shopping, going for coffee and it was so nice to spend some time with her.

Now she's down working in London, I don't see her as much as I would like to, so times like this really mean a lot to me.

Pink Clouding All Girls Meet Up

On Monday 18th February, I drove to Kettering to speak at Emma at Pink Clouding's 'All Girls Meet Up' all about blogging, brand and blogger relationships and what bloggers are looking for in brand collaborations.

It was a really insightful evening and surprisingly, I didn't stumble over my words and I actually made some sense! It was so nice to meet the ladies in the group and discuss our ventures whether they were full-time or a side-hustle.

We also got to listen to Lauren talk about juggling our careers and life, listen to Emma speak about engagement and social media and we got to eat some of Kirsty from Oh My Cakery's AMAZING Cupcakes!

I'm hoping to attend Emma's branding workshop, which should really help me iron out the little details to give my blog a boost, plus Emma and I are looking to host some blogging workshops in the future, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

February | Nicole Navigates
February | Nicole Navigates
February | Nicole Navigates


February saw it's first glimpse of spring much earlier than anticipated. This time last year, we had threats of snow and hail winds!

It's been a nice change, considering February is one of the worst months (in my opinion) so it's given me the boost I have needed in order to step into Spring and say hello to March.

I can't get enough of all the spring flowers starting to appear!

Kislingbury Artisan Food Fair

Myself and Josh attended the Artisan Food Fair at the Kislingbury Bowls Club. I never realised just how close Kislingbury is and how pretty the village is!

We went to support some local Northamptonshire producers where I got to see familiar and new food and drink supplies.

I'm going to write a blog post on the event, as I definitely can't talk about food enough and I want to talk about each individual producer and what they had on their stalls. But overall, it was a great little event and I can't wait to attend the next one in November.

February | Nicole Navigates

First re-launched newsletter

I re-launched my newsletter this year and I finally sent out the first edition at the beginning of the month.

It's been so greatly received and the comments have been so appreciative. I'm so glad to have finally found another platform that I can share my passions with you all and it's even better that people are actually subscribing to it and want to hear more from me!

My Navigating Northants Small Business feature also got a HUGE interest after I posted a tweet about it. I now have interviews lined up probably for the rest of the year and it just means I can give some of my favourite small businesses a chance to shine - because they deserve it!

If you haven't subscribed already, my next edition will go out this Sunday 3rd March at 10am - you can expect behind the scenes, latest blog posts, a what's on guide in Northamptonshire, small business interviews and much more! Plus, my highly anticipated Ultimate Food Festival Guide will be available to download.

Sign up here to get the next edition in your inbox:


Girls holiday!

And last, but certainly not least... I have booked to go to Tenerife for a whole week in June!

I AM SO EXCITED! Me and my two girlfriends have booked a holiday to celebrate our 25th birthdays (it will actually be one of my friends' birthdays when out there) but it's going to be a great week with two of my best friends in the most relaxing holiday destination!

I last went to Tenerife when I was 20 with my parents, so I already know this holiday is going to be completely different but I haven't had a week away on a 'relaxing' holiday in such a long time.

I am SO ready for sunbathing, drinking cocktails, good food, lazy sunbed days reading books, swimming in the pool and sea and SIAM WATER PARK!

How has February been for you?

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  1. Jess says:

    What a lovely monthly re-cap! It looks like February was a very busy month for you & I can’t wait to see what you get up to in March.

    The Crown Wings | UK Travel & Lifestyle Blog

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