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Has 2020 made you feel stressed out? Could you do with a bit of pampering or are you looking for that extra glow in 2021? 

I don’t know about you, but getting any treatments such as having my nails done, getting a facial or massage is something I used to think was not as important – being so busy, it’s very easy to push self-care and treating ourselves to luxury treatments to one side.

And with the year it’s been, I think it’s time we put ourselves first and look after number 1 as we approach the new year.

That’s why I am thrilled to be working with and introducing a local independent business in Northamptonshire to you which I hope you will be as fond of as I am!

I’d like to introduce Birch Beauty to you – a place where you will feel welcome, rested and well. 

About Birch Beauty 

Birch Beauty is based in Roade, Northamptonshire and is run and founded by Rachel, a dedicated beauty and massage therapist who has over 10 years experience in the spa and beauty industry. 

Rachel is a working mum, who after working as a therapist, manager and trainer in luxury spas across Europe, decided to create her own treatment room and transformed her garage into a peaceful, reviving space that feels like a tranquil escape the moment you step inside. 

As Rachel’s business has grown, so has her services and she’s recently introduced Dr Leone McCarthy, who is an experienced GDC registered dentist with a special interest and advanced training in facial aesthetic treatments which has really helped build another side of the business for Birch Beauty. 

Birch Beauty offers a wide range of beauty treatments (which I will share a bit further down this blog post – so keep reading) and I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing my first proper facial treatment with Rachel and will be sharing more of what Rachel offers over the next 3 months! 

My experience 

My spa and facial experience have been limited – I’ve only ever received minimal facials when I’ve previously visited spas in the county as part of another treatment, so coming to Birch Beauty and having a full facial skin experience was completely new to me. 

That’s why I am excited to work with Birch Beauty as it feels like such an authentic partnership, especially how I have been making my thoughts about my skin very public. 

For the last 3-4 months, my skin has been suffering majorly – it’s almost like my skin is going through a second puberty! 

I’ve been suffering with lots of redness around my T zone, on my cheeks and not to mention all the acne I’ve been experiencing more frequently than normal (I blame mask-acne!) 

It’s left me feeling unconfident over going out with no makeup on and sometimes not having much choice but to do so, because wearing makeup was making my skin feel dirty and dry – not great for my overall confidence! 

After a few consultations with Rachel over my skin-type (turns out I have combination skin after years of thinking I had normal) and speaking to her about my skin concerns and what I wanted to achieve, she suggested I go onto her 6 week Microdermabrasion course. 

Now, if you are a skin newbie like me, you’re probably wondering: “what on earth is Microdermabrasion!?”

Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure, which involves a skin specialist, like Rachel, removing the top layer of skin with a small hand-held device that aims to leave your skin feeling exfoliated, whilst making the skin feel more even. 

It can also improve conditions like pigmentation, acne, scarring, congestion, fine lines and wrinkles – so it’s really suitable for whatever age you may be! 

Rachel uses the SkinBase Facial Microdermabrasion treatment, which uses a stream of non-allergenic crystals that removes your skin’s outermost layer of dead cells. It’s chemical free and being only two weeks into the course by the time I write this, I have noticed amazing results already. 

Stepping inside Rachel’s treatment room, it’s all COVID secure. 

You’re first asked prior to appointment to fill out a COVID questionnaire and prior to arriving, you’re given instructions on where to park and Rachel will send you a text once she’s ready to have you step inside. 

As you arrive inside, you are required to wear a mask, wash your hands and put all your belongings in a box to keep everything safe. Rachel then leaves you alone whilst you get yourself ready – for the Microdermabrasion, you are asked to take your top off and get onto the treatment bed and put a blanket on to cover your top half (which FYI – is a heated blanket and is LUSH) leaving your shoulders exposed – you’ll see why! 

The treatment begins with Rachel cleansing your skin prior to using the tool on your face – it’s a very strange sensation but I find it very relaxing as it’s like a suction sensation that leaves your face feeling smooth like a baby! 

After Rachel finishes with the tool, you are then treated to a wonderful face mask and whilst that settles, she gives you a shoulder massage – which really is the ultimate way to relax and I have definitely almost fallen asleep whilst she’s done so! It’s something that really heightens the experience for me and is well worth the visit.

Warning: you will feel sleepy afterwards! 

After the mask treatment, Rachel then moisturises your face and afterwards, I was left with slightly red skin, but don’t worry, this does go down.

But what you are left with is glowing skin – I can’t wait to update you all on what my skin looks like after the 6 week course is finished as I am so impressed with how my skin looks and feels already!

Overall, it’s something I know I will go back to Rachel for again when my skin is in need of some TLC, especially during the winter months when your skin is more likely to get dirty and dry – this truly transforms your overall confidence and I am excited to go into 2021 with the best skin! 

What can Birch Beauty do for you?

What can’t she do for you!

Birch Beauty offers a whole range of treatments that will ensure your personal needs and preferences are catered to and will leave you feeling right as rain again! 

One of Rachel’s services includes Microblading/Machine Brows as in 2018, she started her journey into the permanent makeup sector and trained with the world renowned Deluxe Brows, leaving her brow obsessed and able to offer a full service. 

Both methods are types of permanent makeup (PMU) and Rachel will work with you to provide regular top up’s between every 9-18 months depending on your individual skin and lifestyle factors. 

Other treatments include the SkinBase Microdermabrasion facial, if you want a taster before committing to the full 3 or 6 week course, plus she can also provide Microdermabrasion for the full back too. 

Keep an eye out on my social media in February, as I’ll be sharing my experience of having eyebrows done for the first time! 

She can also do gift vouchers for you too, so very good for last-minute Christmas presents as well as her Christmas Facial Home Kits too.

Are you in need of a 2021 glow-up? Why not support a local business and treat yourself to a pamper! 


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