I’m feeling the “new year, new goals” pressure


I’m usually so hyped up for a new year.

It’s a fresh start, it’s exciting, it’s full of new possibilities and it’s a chance to get new plans and goals into place.

I love it and encourage anyone to have that new year feeling of “let’s smash this” and “this year will be my year”.

However, there are some people who don’t feel this way. To them, it’s another year, it’s just another day in the diary and it can be overwhelming to some people.

Me? Right now, I am somewhere in between the two. One minute, I feel like I’m about to smash out a load of content and I feel like a major girl boss.

The next minute, I am still suffering with the post-Christmas blues, feeling unmotivated and wanting to spend my weekends relaxing and staying in bed till 11am.

If I’m honest, I find the blogging community intimidating around this time of year.


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When a blogger is releasing a new podcast or project, is unveiling a new website look, or they’re announcing big plans for new content – it makes me wonder “should I be doing that!?”.

Should I be making a big announcement or creating the next big thing?

Well. No.

I’m me. And a big lesson I want to take into 2019 that I didn’t follow in 2018 is: stop comparing yourself to others and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing. Focus on you.

I even tweeted the other day how I was feeling unmotivated about creating content because I had seen someone else mention on their social media that they’re doing the same thing; because I was worried about looking like I’d be copying them.

I’ve been so afraid to do my own thing and been so intimidated about everyone else around me that it’s stopping me from being my best.

There certainly is pressure in the blogging community to stand out, to be different and to have a unique niche – everyone is so determined this time of year that it puts me off blogging completely sometimes.


But one piece of advice that I read from Vix Meldrew’s Exciting Emails on “Take the Pressure Off” really summed up how I am feeling.

Basically, it’s okay if your motivation and inspiration haven’t come straight off the first day of 2019. You don’t always have to be on schedule with being a blog boss. Take the pressure off yourself – when it comes, it will come naturally.

So instead of forcing myself to write 10’s of blog posts in one week, create 100’s of Pinterest boards, create the next new idea or worry about unintentionally copying an idea – I’m just going to do me and focus on what I want, how I’m feeling and go with the flow.

I’ll do things the way I want to do them and ultimately, stop putting pressure on myself to level with everyone else.

Has the “new year, new me” motives from everyone felt intimidating to you? Or is it something that is motivating you?




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