29th September 2018

Finding Nessie: Loch Ness Photo Diary

Loch Ness | Nicole Navigates
Loch Ness | Nicole Navigates

Have you heard of the Loch Ness Monster?

The myth, the legend, ol' Nessie... you can try and find it in the beautiful Loch Ness, based in Inverness.

Loch Ness is a large freshwater loch within the Scottish Highlands, extending for approximately 37 metres. From the bottom to the top, it took us roughly half an hour to drive it all.

This was one of our stops during our Scottish road trip. We had left Edinburgh around 9.30ish and ventured on the long 6-hour drive to Inverness, to visit Loch Ness.

I have previously visited YEARS AGO but I was only 10/11 years old, so I hardly remember it. However, I did remember visiting the Visitor Centre, so I was very smug when Josh and I arrived and it was exactly how I remembered it.

If you're around Inverness or visiting Inverness, you need to check out Loch Ness, and hey, maybe if you're lucky, you'll spot Nessie swimming around...

Loch Ness | Nicole Navigates
Loch Ness | Nicole Navigates
Loch Ness | Nicole Navigates

We arrived at the Loch Ness Visitor Centre and Museum and the first thing on our minds was food.

After the long drive, we needed something to eat and drink to refresh ourselves.

Luckily, the visitor centre has a little cafe called Cobbs Cafe, which serves hot and cold food like sandwiches, panini's, soup, cakes and pastries. We just picked up a sandwich and a can of fizzy drink; nothing too exotic and exciting, but enough to satisfy us.

That's when we walked around to browse the Loch Ness shops, which included the Nessie Shop, which was full of memorabilia and souvenirs of Loch Ness and Nessie.

There was also the Whisky shop which we did have a quick look around, despite both of us not being a huge fan of Whisky, plus the Kilts, Cashmere and Woollens shop which consisted of lots of Scottish tartan and traditional clothing.

We did have a look and enquired about the museum, but because we were on a time limit to get to our next destination, we gave this a miss. However, for £7.95, it was a reasonable price for an adult and we would have definitely gone inside the museum if we had time.

However, we were still able to enjoy the magnificent views of Loch Ness.

Loch Ness | Nicole Navigates
Loch Ness | Nicole Navigates

As you drive up towards the visitor centre, you notice that there are lots of viewpoints where you could park up, get out of your car and admire the view whilst take photos.

So we found the nearest one and luckily, it was empty, so there was plenty of opportunities to take photos.

These photos can't do justice for how beautiful the views of Loch Ness are in person. You literally couldn't see where Loch Ness started and where it ended because it was so big.

Loch Ness | Nicole Navigates
Loch Ness | Nicole Navigates
Loch Ness | Nicole Navigates

Word of warning: it is VERY windy, so you'll be lucky if you can manage to get a nice photo of yourself without the wind flying all around your face.

It was a struggle for me!

As well as an excellent viewpoint, it was also a great rest stop for us. So whilst I too all the photo's possible on all devices (iPhone, Josh's phone, Polaroid and vlog camera), Josh played his Sudoku to charge his brain up ahead of another 3 hours of driving.


How to find Loch Ness

Don't do the same mistake as we did.

We Google Mapped a place called 'Loch Ness View' which we assumed, was a viewpoint for the Loch Ness.

Turns out, it's literally a road called 'Loch Ness View' and it's on the complete another side to the tourist centre.

Instead, Google Map the Loch Ness Visitor Centre and Museum and you'll drive straight up the hill where you can stop along the way on the different viewpoints, then you'll find plenty of parking to park up and either walk down or enjoy what's to offer at the visitor centre.

Question is: did we see the Loch Ness monster?


Sadly, no. We did not see Nessie.

But she's there, I'm telling you! I believe in Nessie...

Have you ever been to visit Loch Ness in Inverness?

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