10th February 2019

Grab a burger at Franks Hamburger House


Back when I first started blogging (and back when it wasn’t all so serious) Franks Hamburger House was the first ever food review I had ever written.

When I was looking for content to start writing for my blog and after a spontaneous visit, I decided to write a food post about one of my favourite Northamptonshire based restaurants.

Since then, I actually deleted the old post because it was very out-dated, it had mentions of my ex-boyfriend (cringe) and it was back when Franks Hamburger House served their food on wooden slabs, rather than China plates like they do now.

But Franks Hamburger House still remains as one of Northamptonshire’s most recognisable independent restaurant chains, which stays true to sourcing top quality, reliably sourced ingredients within the county.

I am very lucky to have a restaurant right in the town centre in Towcester, however, there are 2 other restaurants across the county, one on Wellingborough Road and one in Billing.

As I’ve dined here many times, this post isn’t necessarily a ‘review’ but it’s more about my thoughts on why I love it so much, in order to showcase the many local independents we have in the county, but also to give reasons why you need to visit ASAP – spoiler: big burgers.

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Franks Hamburger House prides themselves on offering freshly prepared fast food. Think a luxurious McDonalds but obviously A WHOLE LOT BETTER AND FRESHER.

Their menu has a vast variety of options, even for those who are vegetarian and vegan. Whether you like beef, chicken or tofu, there is something for everyone.

My favourite burger has to be the Swashbuckler (£10.50), though it’s probably their most simple burger, it’s a classic that I can’t get enough of – but the drizzle of ketchup and mustard inside makes all the difference!

Another favourite burger is the La Vache (£10.50) which is covered in melted Brie and has a crunch from the crispy bacon inside.


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Why should you visit Franks Hamburger House?

UNLIMITED FRIES! YUP! You get unlimited fries with your meal. Good luck though, as I don’t think I have EVER ordered more fries once I’m done with the first batch, usually because I am so full up.

It prides itself on using local ingredients and providers for their menu. For example, they provide Saxby’s Cider, Warner Edwards and Phipps NBC – all Northamptonshire based drink producers.

They source all their meat from Tom Hewer Catering Butchers, who have their own basement kitchens based at the Royal & Derngate, milk from Newlands Farm Dairy in Hannington and spices provided by Bite Me Spices in Northampton.

They also have their own Frank’s Ale which is made by Nobby’s Brewery based in Guilsborough – which as an Ale girl, it’s highly recommended by me!

The Halloumi – easily the highlight of any Franks Hamburger House trip we go on. I usually find myself so full up after a trip, but I can’t have a meal without a side of Halloumi (£5). Whether you like it fried or grilled, it’s cheesy heaven!

Oh, and don’t forget puddings! Franks Hamburger House has some extraordinary puddings to feast on – I am usually too full after my main meal to go for a dessert, especially if you opt for some side dishes or even go as far as ordering starters like the breaded chicken goujons or the herb chicken skewers.

But if you do have room, go for it! Each dessert is £5.95 which is a decent price considering you get the full works whatever you order. You can choose a Sundae, a Brownie Cookie or Waffles with cream or ice cream, toppings and sauce of your choice.

Or if there’s more of you, you can go for the Franktopia which is all three desserts in one! If you want to have that just to yourself, then go nuts – no judgement here!

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Whether you love burgers or not, Franks Hamburger House has something for everyone, no matter whether you’re a fan of meat or not.

It’s one of my favourite burger places in Northamptonshire, hence why I am writing a dedicated post to it – and anyone coming from outside of Northamptonshire looking for places to eat, get yourself to Franks for a slap up meal with quality, taste and that will leave you satisfyingly full after every visit.

Have you visited Franks Hamburger House? Will you be making a trip?

*I have not been paid, or been gifted to write this post nor have I ever worked with Franks Hamburger House. I just love this restaurant to the point I wanted to write about it. Read more in my disclaimer*


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  1. jerry says:

    Those burgers are big and tasty!
    We’ve eaten at Franks a number of times and always enjoyed ourselves. Though we have learned not to have a starter – the burgers are enough!

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