Life since Graduating: One Year On


Has it really been one whole year already!?

Yes. It really has.

On Monday 24th October 2016, I officially became a BA Hons Musical Theatre graduate at the University of Chichester where I graduated with a 2:1 at Chichester Festival Theatre (where I didn’t trip over my gown or shoes!)

I wrote a post last year reflecting on the day and I explained how I initially wasn’t looking forward to the day, as I didn’t think it was such a big deal and I didn’t feel proud over what I achieved, because I was no longer going down that career path.

Looking back, I am definitely super proud of myself over what I achieved. Despite the fact my career hasn’t gone down the Musical Theatre route, I managed to survive three of the toughest years of my life and I came out the other side on a high.

And honestly? As much as I complained about University, they were the best three years of my life and I miss them so damn much. 

Adulthood has well and truly kicked in. For the good and for the not so good.

Looking back a year ago, I feel like I am completely different person to the person I was a year ago.

I was working in a receptionist job, with no real idea on what direction I was going, I was quite content in plodding along, going with the flow and not having a clue on what the future looked like.

I was getting used to living back home again.

I was determined that I was going to stay in contact with my University friends.

I lost contact with school friends and I had to re-build my friendship group once again.

I was in a relationship with my long-term boyfriend who I met at University.

And I was writing this blog because I was bored sat behind a receptionist desk because I had nothing else to do!

So what’s changed?

2 months after graduating, I got founded by a Digital Marketing company who I am proud to say I work for as a Content Creator and have been doing so for almost a year now.

I am very much used to being back home again, but I have plans to move out as I’m currently saving for my own place.

I have kept on touch with a few University friends, which I’ve learnt is best to have quality, over quantity.

I am no longer in a relationship, but I am happily single.

And I’m still writing this blog, sometimes when I’m bored, but mostly because my blog is my baby now.

But overall, I feel like I have grown up so much within a year.  I have re-built my life back home, where I’m happy being surrounded my friends, work colleagues, family and I can say I’m feeling secure and happy for the future.

So where can I see myself going in the next year?

I hope I’m still working for the same company, as I know I’ve still got a lot to learn and I want to get more knowledge in Digital Marketing and to work on training to become an editor and work on my writing skills for publishing.

I’d like to still keep in touch with the friends I made at University, as well as still being incredibly tight with the friends and social circles I currently have.

Maybe, just maybe, in a years time I might be in a relationship. But hey, I’m not holding out any hope and I’m certainly not making it my goal. I’m happy just being by myself, but I’d like to see whether something comes along in the meantime…

And I hope I’m still writing this blog post. And I hope it grows and I hope I am just as passionate about writing and becoming an all-round, better writer.

I have plans to write a book too. Which is something I’m starting to piece together now. So I hope in a year’s time, I can report back that I’ve finally finished writing said book.

Graduating was a bitter-sweet experience; one which I will never forget and will forever reflect on.

And I have the University of Chichester to thank for being the best University. I don’t regret my decision attending and choosing to study Musical Theatre, despite not following it as a career. I met some amazing people, had the best times, the worst of times and experienced a whole roller coaster of emotions.

And I miss the days of going to Sheiks on a Thursday night, eating cheesy chips afterwards and strolling up and down Bognor Regis seaside in all weather conditions.

And I hope I keep writing these posts in years to come.

Because as the years pass by, I will always reflect on what has happened year after year, because I am always looking to improve myself. And I think that’s exciting!

None of us know what the future holds. We could be hit by a bus tomorrow! So we might as well live each day as if it’s our last.

In the words of Rent the Musical (very apt, considering I graduated with a Musical Theatre degree):

No day but today. 

Here’s to the future and living for now.

I can’t wait to see where the next year takes me and what I will be writing in a years time.

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