9th August 2017

Hotel Review: Pentahotel Ipswich, Suffolk

I’m attempting to add more hotel reviews to my blog, because of my love of travel and the love for writing about interesting and unique places to stay.

For one night only, I stayed at the pentahotel in Ipswich. Some would say Ipswich is not the most glamorous of places to stay, but the pentahotel makes you think you’re entirely somewhere else.

The original reason for coming to Ipswich was to watch Ipswich Town va Birmingham City football match, the first game of the season, so when we arrived, we noticed there was quite a few Ipswich fans staying for the evening.

I was pleasantly surprised that my dad had managed to book such a good hotel for us, and it was in such a good central location – you could see the hotel from the football stadium which was great for walking to and from.

Pentahotels specialise in Lifestyle hotels based all around Europe and their slogan is: This is not a hotel. It’s a state of mind.

A message that intrigued me.

They describe themselves as a ‘new generation neighbourhood hotel’ with a stylish design, relaxed vibe and friendly service.

So I was excited to see if this was all true…

Pentahotel Ipswich

Upon arriving, there was not enough parking at the hotel – as it was quite confusing where else to park and the instructions on where nearest parking spot were quite confusing and notified us that the nearest parking was the other side of town which was not convenient, especially if you’re turning up with suitcases – needs to be more parking especially as a central town location.

Luckily, we noticed someone was leaving and quickly slotted into the empty car park space which we stayed in for the entire stay to avoid having the same problem again!

However, as you step inside the hotel; our worries over car-parking were quickly forgotten about…

You stepped inside and instantly, your eyes are distracted by the huge glitzy ‘Pentahotel’ sign above the bar and reception desk (yes, it’s all in one) as none of their hotels have standard receptionist desks, but they are cocktail bars!

It was like stepping into a casino in Las Vegas, mixed with an urban hostel that travellers near and far could come to. But it was full of sophistication, comfort and so many quirky accessories and features like photo frames, the peak holes in the dinner menus, the disco balls surrounding the bar and lots of comfortable sofas and chairs to chill out in.

Step outside, they have an awesome outdoor seating area, with a view of the Sir Bobby Robson bridge and Ipswich.

The staff were attentive and were quick to give us our room cards and gave us instructions on how to connect to the free Wifi (yes, free Wifi!)

My parents were staying in a double room just across the hall from us, whilst me and my brother stayed in a 2 single bed bedroom.

As you step inside the bedrooms, it’s a completely different decor and vibe compared to the main lobby…

I adored the rooms!

They were nice and light and we had everything we needed for a comfortable one night stay.

The beds were a little bit too firm for my liking, but I was able to sleep comfortably.

Our bedroom didn’t have a wardrobe, however, we did have a hanging rail which was more than enough for us considering we were only staying for a night.

We had a wide screen TV which had all the channels we could want, including FREE MOVIES! All the latest blockbusters were available for watching; that evening, my brother and I enjoyed watching Sisters and Bridesmaids!

There was a room service available, with some items which you could order 24 hours and we had a bottle of water upon arrival.

I absolutely loved that the backdrop behind the beds was of a map of Ipswich – so there was no mistaking where we were staying! I found out that each location has the location map on the back of their beds, which is really cool!

The bathroom was really classy and spacious. Plenty of room for 2 people and they had an awesome walk in shower, which was still able to keep the rest of the bathroom dry thanks to it’s protective wall.

Overall, the rooms were spacious, comfortable and still full of quirky touches that made our stay pleasant.



The original reason for staying in Ipswich was because we were going to watch Ipswich Town Football Club play their first match of the football season against Birmingham City, so after a hectic day, instead of wandering into town for dinner, we decided to eat at the hotel restaurant.

There wasn’t a HUGE amount of choice on the menu, but there is enough choice for you to take your pick and to enjoy a good plate of food.

I opted for the Pentacheeseburger which was a great big plate which included the burger, crisps fries and garnish on the side. There was so much that I was full and decided not to have pudding!

The atmosphere in the evening was lively for a Saturday night, but not overcrowded or too busy for us to enjoy our evening. Even though we were situated on the ground floor, we were a good distance away from the lobby, which meant we didn’t hear any noise and were able to have a good nights sleep.

I wish I took more advantage of the bar and I perhaps would have ordered a cocktail from there, but because of the days activities, I was so tired that I opted to stay in bed and watch the free movies instead.


I had never heard of pentahotels until my Dad booked this one in Ipswich.

And now I’m tempted to see what other locations pentahotels is situated in, because it truly is a hotel experience that I have never experienced before.

Pentahotels is truly more than just a hotel. And I hope I will get the chance to stay in their hotels again in the future.

You can follow pentahotel on Twitter to check them out and pentahotel Ipswich where we stayed for the night.

Or you can book this hotel on booking.com by clicking here.

Has anyone else stayed at a pentahotel before? What was your experience like?

Nicole x

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