Your Guide to Independent Beer Breweries in Northamptonshire

Happy National Beer Day!

You may have seen my guide to independent gin in Northamptonshire and you may have seen me enjoy a glass of wine (or 3!)

But come spring and summer when the weather is feeling nicer, I do like to enjoy a nice pint of beer.

My particular favourites are pale ales, IPA’s and sometimes if the mood takes me, I’ll even swig down a larger and brown ale! 

Whether it’s an IPA, a pale ale and sometimes even a dark ale, there’s something refreshing and also very satisfying about drinking a pint of beer out of a pint glass or bottle

To celebrate National Beer Day, I wanted to put together this guide to independent beer breweries in Northamptonshire, especially now we can enjoy drinks in gardens with friends and family! 

Plus, we actually have quite a lot of independent breweries here in Northants! 

In no particular order…

Independent beer guide Nicole Navigates

Maule Brewing Co

An exciting micro-brewery creating no nonsense, truth telling batch-made craft beers and ales in Northampton.

Maule Brewing Co have some of the best brews in Northampton, from brewing their first Lucky IPA in 2014, they have come on leaps and bounds since. 

If you’ve been inside the Maule Collective Bar on Derngate, then you wil have experienced the full chilled vibe this place gives off, plus how much they champion local independents. 

You can expect beers like their Loral Love Pilsner, Mandarina Larger, Zest for Life Session Pale, Super Session IPA and many more.

There’s literally a whole library of beer to choose from when you can step inside the Maule Collective Bar but they are also all available online. 

Check out their website here where you can order their craft beer and ale on their online shop! 

Maule Brewery cans

Towcester Mill Brewery 

Originally located in Whittlebury, Towcester Mill Brewery are a small independent brewery and tap room who boast a large scenic beer garden, if you’re ever looking for a great pub garden to sit and enjoy drinks in. 

They are based at the old Towcester Mill which is a Grade II listed building and it’s home to their five brewers barrel brew plant where they produce a number of Towcester Mill regular beers, plus a variety of seasonal and one-off special ales .

You can expect beers like Mill Race (my favourite), Bell Ringer, Black Fire, Roman Road and the seasonal specials like Santa’s Tipple (fab with a mince pie!), Saxon Sheild and many more.

If you’re stuck on what to try, when open, the brewery are usually happy to give you samples before you buy, but right now during their closure due to the pandemic, they are currently offering click and collect on all their shop items.

You can buy items like the 12 x 500ML mixed case if you want a taste of everything.

Find out more about Towcester Mill Brewery on their website.

Phipps NBC

Albion Brewery Bar is home to Phipps NBC and has an extensively rich history behind it – which is what makes this independent brewery so great. 

Albion Brewery Bar is located on Kingswell Street in Northampton but due to the pandemic are currently closed. 

However, they are doing free home deliveries in the Northamptonshire area on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays where you can order their bottles of ales and gins!

Their beer selection al has a very distinct taste and some of the names pay tribute to Northamptonshire attractions and well-known things such as Kinky Boots special which come in branded Kinky Boots bottles which as a musical theatre fan, I LOVE!

You can also expect Golden Ales like Diamond Ale and Phipps IPA, Dark Ales like Red Star and Cobblers Ale, Stouts & Brown Ales like Bison and much more. I feel when you drink a pint or bottle from Phipps, you are drinking a part of their history.

I’ve been lucky enough to experience the Albion Brewery tour, which in normal times, is a great thing to do in Northamptonshire and a great way to learn more about their history.

Check out their website for more information 

Albion Brewery Bar | Nicole Navigates
Albion Brewery Bar | Nicole Navigates

Roman Way Brewery 

Roman Way Brewery make beer for centurions and emperors! They are also another fantastic independent brewery in Northamptonshire who’s beer you need to try.

The brewery itself is situated within the historic setting of the Old Ordnance Depot in Weedon Bec and will be opening to the public with a small tap room and shop area very soon.

But for now, you can shop for a variety of beers, ales and some Wharf Distillery products too! I’d recommend the IPA Claudius which is a nice, rich golden ale! 

We’ve picked up a few Roman Way products at previous fod & drink festivals before and they never disappoint. 

Check Roman Way Brewery’s website here. 

Roman Way beer bottles

Nobby’s Brewery 

Nobby’s Brewery are based in Thrapston and have been trading for over a decade and tickle taste buds with their award winning real ale which comes in cask, bottle and craft keg. 

They have been brewing excellent beers since 2004 and you can expect freshly brewed ales which contain no sugars, colours or e-numbers – only the best quality ingredients!

Beers include the American Pale Ale, Best Bitter, Gilsborough Gold and others too.

My personal preference is a nice crisp bottle of Nobby’s Pilsner which is a super lovely beverage to enjoy in the sunshine. 

Check out their Facebook page for more information.

Nobby’s Brewery bottle

Silverstone Brewery 

The brewery itself is actually based in the village of Syresham, just off Silverstone but they call themselves the engineer of beer and they are a small independent brewery a short distance away from the big Silverstone Circuit itself. 

They brew their beer in small patches and their range represents both beer and motorsport enthusiasts – it’s why it’s my dad’s favourite beer and something I tend to purchase for him for special occasions like his birthday and Christmas! 

You can expect beers such as their classic IPA (probably my favourite) the chequered flag which is a full bodied amber ale, to Pit Stop which is a gorgeous citrus beer and many more.

You can tell the theme through the names of their beer!

You can order on their online shop but I’ve also purchased Silverstone Brewery beers in St Giles Cheese before too! 

Check out their website for more information.

Silverstone Brewery bottle

Nene Valley Brewery 

Nene Valley Brewery are based just off Northamptonshire in Oundle Wharf and are an independent brewery who produce a wide range of beers that are available in cask, keg, bottle and can. 

In usual times, their thriving sister company restaurant and bar, Tap & Kitchen, is one of the places they serve their beers inside of, but you can easily purchase their beers through their online shop. 

You can expect core range beers like Simple Pleasures, Blond Session Ale, Nene Valley Bitter and even Big Bang Theory West Coast Pale and Bible Black which is a lavish chocolate porter! 

Check out their website to see what else they have on offer! 

Great Oakley Brewery

Great Oakley Brewery are a stone’s throw away from Towcester, located in the village of Tiffiled. They are another fantastic independent beer brewery that you need to try. 

I first came across them when they had a stand at the Blisworth … and couldn’t believe how close they were to me. They produce a wide range of first-class, award winning real ales that taste great with every sip. 

Their beer range is extensive and each beer has a name that represents a place or something in relevance to Northamptonshire such as Abbey Stout, Delapré Park (one I really enjoy!), Tiffield Thunderbolt and many more.

They even have a beer called Wot’s Occurring which gives me full Gavin & Stacey vibes. 

They provide free Northamptonshire delivery and if you want a taste of all their beers, you should try the mixed case which includes 12 x 500ml bottles.

Check out their website here.

Great Oakley Brewery bottles
Great Oakley Delapre Park bottle

Three cheers to independent beer brands!

Please drink responsibly!

What’s your favourite independent Northamptonshire brewery? Let me know! 


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