Your Guide to Independent Pizza Takeaways in Northamptonshire

Happy National Pizza Day! Oh what a time to be alive!

February 9th is officially National Pizza Day and I obviously couldn’t pass the occasion without marking it with another Northants Food Guide!

I have a confession to tell you, dear readers…

I have an addiction to pizza.

It’s probably my biggest weakness and true love. I might even love it more than Josh (sorry babe!)

But you can’t go wrong with a freshly baked pizza base, fresh sauce and aaaaallllll the cheese! My preferred choice of pizza has to be the cheesiest pizza ever with a hint of garlic. Yum!

So to celebrate this marvellous occasion, I have put together a guide on the best pizza takeaways in Northamptonshire – with hope that some of these places’ headquarters will be open once again after the lockdown.

Here we go…

Pizza Takeaway in Northamptonshire

The Pizza Hole Northampton

Currently only operating on Friday nights, it’s your go-to for pizza takeaway in the Abington area!

All you need to do is pre-order on Wednesday evenings ahead of Friday, so they can manage numbers and orders and what you will expect is gorgeous homemade neapolitan-style pizzas with a range of classic toppings for you to enjoy!

If you are also looking for something sweeter, they also create homemade puddings and treats if you want something for afters! 

They also opened their orders especially for National Pizza Day to celebrate, but I hope to see them have the capacity to do more takeaways in other locations! 

Find them on Instagram here.

Santina’s Wood Fired Pizza Northampton

For authentic wood fired neapolitan pizza from a family run business, you should consider Santina’s!

Run by Oli and Santina, this family run business navigates across various locations in Northamptonshire serving their specials, classics and sweet pizzas. 

From fresh margherita, pepperoni, to specials like tuscan fennel sausage and sumptuous sides like garlic bread with mozzarella and sweet 7” sweet pizzas with toppings that include Biscoff Spread – delish!

You can find Santina’s throughout the week at various stops including The Workhouse in Brixworth, Moreton Pinkey Village Hall and at their regular spot in Weedon Bec.

Check them out, their menu’s and where they’re stopping next on their Instagram. 

Pizza Takeaway in Northamptonshire

The Wood Oven 

With a vibrant menu to choose from, The Wood Oven needs to be on your hit list!

A mobile wood fire pizza business based in Towcester, they specialise in making great tasting pizza which is perfect for the whole family and they stop at several locations around South Northamptonshire throughout the week within a couple of miles from each other – so it’s very easy to get your fix.

They cook their pizzas in their ‘Dragon Oven’ which is fired by wood and they cook up a storm creating pizzas such as roasted ham and mushroom, spinach and feta (my fave!) plus you can combine any pizza to create a half and half combo!

You can check their website out to see their menu plus their Instagram and Facebook. 

Pizza Takeaway in Northamptonshire
Pizza Takeaway in Northamptonshire

The Bull, Towcester 

Grab a slice of pizza heaven from The Bull in Towcester’s Sicilian Real Wood Fired Pizza Oven! 

The Bull Towcester, after a period of closure, came back with a bang in recent years and now specialise in wood fired pizza and it’s does not disappoint! 

We managed to visit The Bull last summer during when the world was sem-normal and open and got to experience their pizza for the first time – it was SO fresh (that was the most vivid thing I really remember)

Plus, all their pizzas are made with a signature tomato sauce which I have no clue how they make it, but it is certainly distinct!

Their menu have plenty of choices from your classics to slightly different toppings like the Texan, The Greek, The USA, The African… basically you can get the jist that their pizzas have a worldwide theme!

Check out their Facebook page for regular updates, menus and special deals (including two pizzas for £14!)

Pizza Takeaway in Northamptonshire

Bread & Circus Daventry

For freshly baked sourdough pizza, head to Bread & Circus in Daventry.

Things have changed since the last time we grabbed a takeaway pizza from them just before the first lockdown; for a start, they are now under new ownership and secondly, they have gone from serving just vegetarian and vegan pizzas all week to serving a full menu on Friday night’s for their pizza night. 

I’m yet to try their new toppings out, but if it’s anything like our previous experiences, you won’t be disappointed in the freshness and unique. 

Their Friday Night Pizza Night toppings sound to die for!

If pizza isn’t your thing (which I’d be surprised at if you’re reading this blog) Bread & Circus also function as an Artisan Bakery which I share all the details of in my Independent Northamptonshire Bakery Guide.

Check them out on Facebook & Instagram. 

Pizza Takeaway in Northamptonshire

The Dough Dept

The Dough Dept are bringing Naples to Northamptonshire!

The Dough Dept navigate around Northamptonshire in various locations such as Grange Park and their usual spot in Buckton Fields inside their vintage horsebox conversion where they make traditional wood-fired neapolitan style pizza. 

Toppings range from prosciutto and mushroom, chargrilled veg, nduja and lush sides like cheesy garlic bread. Mmmmm! 

But if you don’t fancy going out and grabbing the pizza and want to have a go at making it yourself, The Dough Dept have created their own DIY Kits for you to play with in the comfort of your own home.

We’ve done one before and it’s such fun – especially a good activity to do for date night for Valentine’s Day!

Check their website out here and their Instagram here. 

High 5 Pizza Co

High 5 Pizza Co has some of the gooiest, cheesiest pizza I’ve tasted and I love it!

They have a pop-up bar that they set up in multiple locations around Northamptonshire and they make hand stretched wood-fired pizza. Founder Nick set High 5 Pizza Co up in 2018 and has been sharing his love for pizza ever since!

All their dough is made using the best italian flour and toppings include classic Margherita, Pepperoni, Ham & Mushrooms and their “High 5 Vegend” which consists of a tomato base, mozzarella, peppers, red onion, portobello mushroom, kalamata olives and fresh parsley – delicious!

They also have various specials which come and go too. 

Check out their website to find out more! 

Pizza Takeaway in Northamptonshire

Bronx Kitchen

Have you ever craved the taste of New York Pizza? Step up, Bronx Kitchen bringing the taste of New York to Northamptonshire!

You may remember Bronx Kitchen by their previous name, Brooklyn Pizza, which made home in Northampton and Wellingborough, but since have reinvented themselves! 

Delivering fresh authentic pizza right to your door (alongside other foodie items too like hot dogs and vegan food) to places including Northampton, Moulton, Brixworth, Overstone, Spratton, Sywell and other surrounding areas. 

Did you know, Bronx Pizza also has a food challenge which food blogger, Kate Ovens (such a ledge) and Northampton Saints players have taken part in. Check the video out here! I reckon I could give it a good go! 

They also have their own DIY Kits too which you can check out here

Find Bronx Kitchen’s website here where you can order online.

Pizza Takeaway in Northamptonshire

Dunn’s Dough Pizza

One for the list! Dunn’s Dough Pizza are an example that dreams have to start somewhere!

And that was the case for husband and wife team of Dunn’s Dough, who provide countryside pizza to Eydon, Northamptonshire and they go all out to provide exceptional toppings for their pizza!

All their pizza is hand stretched and cooked using an ooni oven! They make their own tomato base sauce and like to experiment with toppings on their Instagram account!

You can also indulge in some of their puffy sourdough garlic bread!

Check them out on Instagram to find out more!

The Backyard Pizza Parlour

Serving up some of the finest pizza coming from Daventry!

They specialise in fresh neapolitan style pizzas, using the best authentic italian ingredients and they are available to order and takeaway on Saturdays and Sundays only. They do a damn good Mozza-hella Good pizza!

Big exciting news, they have recently collaborated with Hogs & Hops (another solid local business) to bring the taste of Hogs & Hops on a pizza! I missed the last collab, so I am hoping they will schedule another date so I can have a taste of this experience!

Check their website out for more info on the menu etc.

I hope this guide has made you hungry! 

Whether you celebrate National Pizza Day today or any other day, I hope you enjoy that slice (or 12) of local independent pizza!

Pizza Takeaway in Northamptonshire

Where will your next pizza fix come from? 


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