Hot Chocolate for every season: Le Royal Hot Chocolate review

There’s no such thing as Hot Chocolate season.

Every season, every month and every day is an excuse to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.

As much as I love my coffee, there’s nothing like a sweet cup of hot chocolate to either warm up with or drink when you require something on the sweeter side.

Liquid Culture has provided me with their popular hot chocolate mix, the Le Royal Chocolate Mix, which they supply to restaurants and cafes, as well as for their vending services. But you can also buy the mix on their website too if you really love your hot chocolate.

The last two reviews have been all about coffee, so I was excited to try their hot chocolate mixture, which I thoroughly enjoyed drinking as a 3pm kick in the office.

Here are my thoughts in more detail and why you should definitely get some:

Le Royal Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate

Hot chocolate powders can either go one or two ways: weak and full of lumps, or incredibly strong, too sweet and sickly.

Le Royal Chocolate Mix provides the perfect balanced medium.

The best hot chocolate, in my opinion, is when it’s mixed with hot milk, as opposed to boiling water.

This mixture mixes very well with steamed milk, so there’s absolutely no threat of having lumpy hot chocolate bits floating around.

Compared to most hot chocolates, I find three spoonfuls is usually a good amount, but it makes for quite a dark colour.

However, the colour of this hot chocolate is much lighter, which surprised me.

The taste reminded me of a chocolate chip taste, as opposed to a traditional hot chocolate taste, making it really sweet and enjoyable to drink, whilst giving me plenty of melting moments in my mouth.

Sounds dreamy, right? 

I find myself enjoying more local and smaller brands of coffee, tea and hot chocolate, as opposed to some of the bigger brands, so trying Le Royal Chocolate Mix was a real treat.

Are you feeling tempted to try Le Royal Chocolate Mix for your next hot chocolate fix?

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