21st January 2017

We Are Little’s Flavour Infused Coffee

Wake up and smell the Coffee.

I know I’m always saying that I’m a dedicated tea drinker and I’m constantly talking about it.

But my first love for hot caffeinated beverages started with coffee.

I’m so bad when it comes to stopping myself from buying an expensive coffee from Costa Coffee or Starbucks and as much as I know it’s hitting my bank account, I still love having a coffee that’s been made especially for me by a barista.

My love for instant coffee faded away when tea started to become my firm favourite, therefore I would much prefer a flat white or a latte made in a coffee shop than an instant coffee I could make at home.

Now that’s all changed thanks to discovering Little’s Coffee.

Back to what feels like years ago, when we hosted the Northamptonshire Bloggers Christmas event in December, one of the brands who got involved with giving us products for our goodie bags and raffle was Little’s. Therefore, I was lucky enough to take some of their flavoured jars home.

And I fell in love.

I took home a Vanilla, Chocolate Caramel and a Christmas jar home and I throughly enjoyed them throughout the majority of December when I was at work, to the point the amazing scents that were coming from my coffees enticed my colleagues so much that they started having the coffees too!

One of my colleagues loved them so much that she actually got her own flavoured instant coffee jar!

Because I loved them so much, I decided to go ahead and order myself a Mix and Match Infused Coffee Box where you can choose 6 instant coffees of your choice to be delivered straight to your door!

And because I’m a mug fanatic, I obviously had to get the Little’s mug too!

Little’s Coffee call themselves the flavour enthusiasts which is 100% true because they have got some incredible flavours that I never imagined would go well in coffee! They started in a small roastery in Finland and now all the major big brands like Waitrose, Selfridges and Holland & Barrett have them in stock.

I went for their mix and match box which means you can select 6 coffees and get it delivered in a hamper. This costs £16.50 which you can purchase on their website.

Here are the flavours I decided to go for, plus my thoughts on the one’s I originally tried before purchasing a box:

French Vanilla – Add some milk or some Coffee Mate and you’re pretty much drinking a vanilla latte. The smell of this is immensely strong that it fills the room and it makes it smell like homemade baking. When you first open the lid and break the seal, your greeted with the most intoxicating vanilla flavour EVER.

Chocolate Caramel – Arabica beans, infused with Chocolate Caramel? Yes please!! It’s like drinking a Galaxy bar and I’ve actually almost finished this tub already. I’m not usually a huge fan of black coffee, but this is one flavour I love drinking without milk. A guaranteed favourite amongst any chocolate lovers out there.

Chocolate Orange – If you want to combine a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and coffee, this would be it. This has to be my favourite out of all the flavours I received so far. This is made only using the outer skin of an orange and dark chocolate extract and it’s divine when you pour the boiling water over the coffee because all those extracts just fills the room.


Irish Cream – I felt like I was drinking a Bailey’s coffee, which made me feel odd because the first time I was drinking this was in the office and I was unsure whether it was okay to drink Irish Cream. But then I remembered it didn’t actually contain alcohol! That’s how effective this coffee is. It’s velvety, rich and made coffee drinking feel like a Friday night with an alcoholic beverage.

Cafe Amaretto – if I’m perfectly honest, I was not keen on the smell – I’m not a huge fan of Amaretto and I don’t enjoy the flavour. However, it works perfectly in coffee! I can’t deny, the smell as soon as you lift the lid is incredibly strong and it’s got a nice subtle flavour of Amaretto when drinking it.

Christmas Spirit – it may be January, but I love a cup of Christmas Spirit all year round! It’s a hard one to describe but if you were to add a Christmas pudding, candy canes and a hint of alcohol to it, that would be the scent you would smell. Drinking this coffee makes me feel like we’re having Christmas all over again!

Swiss Chocolate – it’s exactly like it says on the label. It’s chocolate and coffee! A perfect combination. When you first smell this, it’s like you’re about to drink a mocha. Again, this is another one I can drink without milk because the flavour is enough to satisfy your morning coffee needs.

Overall, Little’s Coffee has made me fall in love with instant coffee all over again.

And their social media team is one of the nicest I’ve come across.

I now have my eye on the rest of the flavours, plus their premium instant coffee’s, which I will be either ordering online or getting in store very soon, but I have a feeling these one’s mentioned above will last me for quite a while!

I’d thoroughly recommend Little’s Coffee if you are looking for a flavoured coffee that will last the whole time, without you breaking the bank and without having to purchase a coffee at a coffee shop!

Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to stick the kettle on and make myself a cuppa!

P.S. I’m a We Are Little’s Coffee Ambassador where you can use my discount code to get 10% off for next order using: NICOLEREAD10. Happy drinking!

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