12th June 2017

How I’m making an effort to afford travel


Oh god… I’ve caught the travel bug bad.

My mindset on spending money and what’s really important has massively changed since coming back from my trip.

Yes, it may have only been for a week, but one week can make a huge impact on one person.

It’s made me realise that around my full-time job, paying the necessity bills I have to pay (I’ve just been reminded about my car MOT and I’m soon to pay £300 on a new Campbelt… urgh) and how much I spend money on stupid little things (do I REALLY need to spend money on another boohoo dress?)

I know if I really think about it and make an effort that I can really save my money towards the things I want: to travel more!

I’ve just booked a trip to Iceland for New Years Eve with Topdeck once again and I am so excited, but it’s probably going to be my last trip I make this year because there is no way I’ll be able to afford anything else between now and then. But it’s a trip of a lifetime and I want to be able to do everything without the worry of money!

However, I’d like to think there is some way I can make small changes in my life in order to potentially afford a mini trip in-between somewhere, whether that’s abroad or in the UK as there’s plenty of places I’d like to go to in this country still.

I was speaking to a blogger friend, Lauren from Travel Your Dreams, where she has recently come back from an amazing trip to Australia and New Zealand (go check her posts out as they’re seriously giving me some Wanderlust) and we were talking about how she affords travel and what she does to be able to go away so much. We ended up having a lot of the same views that if we put our mind on actually saving money, the bigger picture of travelling becomes more of a reality.

I’m slowly but surely writing up my travel posts, which are taking a lot longer than I anticipated, but please be patient with me as they are coming!

But for now, here are just some of the things I’m going to attempt to do in order to have some money saved up for the luxury that is travel:

Quit the gym

Yes, you saw correctly. I quit the gym. Shock! Horror! I told myself at the beginning of the year that I wanted to go to the gym 3 times a week and maintain my weight, but recently I’ve been slacking and I was paying a stupid price of £38 a month when I was only attending the gym once or twice a week. It wasn’t worth it, so I’ve quit. I am currently looking for one that’s nearer to work for far less money, but it will save me so much money not going to a gym that I hardly use for a stupid amount of money.

Deleting Netflix 

I’m deleting Netflix as soon as I finish watching Orange is the new black season 5 as that is literally the only reason why I have kept Netflix for this long. I don’t watch it enough to pay for it and most of the time I watch the same stuff anyways, so it’s not really something I need in my life. Plus, it’s a huge distraction right now so it would probably do me some good in cancelling my subscription.

Stop buying lunch 

I am USELESS at this, but I’m going to try and stick to it! I’m awful at buying Tesco lunch deals, or an odd can of drink. I’ve bene trying to pack a lunch the night before, whether that’s a salad or a sandwich, or sometimes it’s a case of picking a can of soup of out of the cupboard to bring to work. I already notice a huge difference when I don’t buy lunch in the week.

No more takeaway coffees

Bye bye Starbucks, hello instant coffee! I’ve become better at this ever since I changed jobs, as when I was at my old job, there was a Costa Coffee across the road so it was very easy for me to go before work and grab a morning coffee. Now I work in a barn where we literally have no coffee shops nearby, so it is a lot easier. However, there is a Starbucks on the way to work which I have been guilty of popping into before work and unfortunately I can’t keep spending £3.50 on Caramel Macchiatos, no matter how tasty they are. Luckily, We Are Little’s sent me some more coffee since becoming an ambassador for them, so these keep my coffee cravings in tact, plus I get LOTS more cups out of them!

Less Saturday nights down the pub

This might be a hard one, but I’m going to try and tighten my belt. But yes, unfortunately I am very sociable and most of the time, my social life usually leads me to the pub on the weekend because that’s what a lot of my friends do too. Or if I do go out on the weekend’s, I’m going to make effort by not spending loads on drinks. Wine can be expensive, so I may need to switch may usual glass of wine (or 4…ha, I promise I’m not an alcoholic) for a vodka and coke (or 2) instead.

Selling stuff on eBay 

I have SO MUCH CRAP. I’m going to start sorting out my dump of a room and look through my wardrobes, cupboards and drawers and see what I can sell. Obviously, it will be decent stuff but I know I have a wardrobe full of clothes that I never wear and reckon I could sell for a couple of quid. Plus, I have a whole wardrobe full of DVD’s I never watch as I’m always watching things online now. I may only make £1 on them, but I think every little penny will count towards saving for something I want to do.

What things do you do to try and save up for travel? I’d throughly love your recommendations and tips!

Nicole x

6 responses to “How I’m making an effort to afford travel”

  1. Chris Richmond says:

    Hello Nicole,
    It’s Chris R Here.
    Now with travel tips I can only talk about in the uk not going abroad ( Shock, Horror I have never had a passport ) but things like buy split Railway tickets from your start railway station to your destination..
    As long as A. It falls in the correct ticket time i.e. Off peak when it’s off peak that is vital.
    B. Also compare prices on National Rail website with the train you are traveling on what stations it calls at en route can work out much cheaper as long as the train you are traveling on stops at the station to pick up passengers that can count and you do not even have to get off the train.

    To Give a example in March this year I needed to do a single journey from Reading to Birmingham International.
    The STD Class off peak single was £56 ..
    By booking the following tickets I got it much cheaper.
    Reading – Oxford Off peak single.
    Oxford – Banbury Off Peak Single.
    Banbury – Birmingham International Off peak single ….
    Total Fare I think was £ 30.20 ..
    Look at how much that saved.
    All it took me was borrowing a pen and paper and 20 mins free wifi from a pub on the station my phone connected too and one website.

    So the motto is shop around..
    Same with your car …
    Don’t go for the first offer ….
    Get quotes..
    If someone in your family knows their way around cars even better….

    Hope my pearls of wisdom help..
    Chris x

  2. I do agree with all the ideas you’ve presented in your post. They’re really convincing and will definitely work. Still, the posts are very short for beginners. Could you please extend them a little from next time? Thanks for the post.

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