Making our house into a Northamptonshire home

Northamptonshire Home | Nicole Navigates

Oh hey, don’t suppose you know because I’ve *hardly* spoken about it, but I’m now a homeowner!

It’s been over a month since Josh and I moved into our own home and so far, I am loving it! It’s obviously a big change compared to living at home and I obviously had fears of Josh and I clashing over silly things, but so far, so good – we are stronger than ever and love being in our happy little bubble. 

Now the whole actually getting a mortgage thing is over and done with and we can be rest assured that we are in the house (and staying!) the exciting part for me was finally being able to decorate, add personal touches and fill our home with some local treasures! 

Northamptonshire Home | Nicole Navigates
Northamptonshire Home | Nicole Navigates

Northamptonshire Home | Nicole Navigates

It was very important to me that I incorporated some local bits and bobs into our home. I want to support local businesses wherever possible as I truly think it makes a home stand out.

Don’t get me wrong, I am impartial to a cheeky IKEA or The Range trip for some big home bits, but where possible, I am now starting to add some Northamptonshire made bits into my home.

So this post is dedicated to all the things I have purchased so far that see’s me not only supporting local businesses, but also making my house into a Northamptonshire home (see what I did there?): 

Northamptonshire Home | Nicole Navigates


If I could fill my house with everything from MOOCH, I would! 

Out of all the shops, I’ve somehow managed to get quite a bit from MOOCH – who can blame me now they’ve opened a shop in Towcester!? I may have to put my purse on lockdown!

I’ve recently purchased a few things from MOOCH which really make my house feel like my own. My favourites are these gorgeous prints which are actually made by Coulson Macleod who do custom prints.

Way before the Towcester shop opened, I asked Rachael, one of the owners of MOOCH if she could get me a Towcester print done and she happily did so! I love them both as they really sum up our relationship and home nicely!

Northamptonshire Home | Nicole Navigates

The next thing I purchased was one of MOOCH’s own incense which come in different sizes as well as candles.

As much as I love a candle, I felt I wanted to go for something different and have my own incense. I got the Lime and Basil flavour which isn’t too sickly to smell, but has a nice aroma and really makes the house feel warm and smell fresh.

Northamptonshire Home | Nicole Navigates
Northamptonshire Home | Nicole Navigates

For my 25th birthday, my mum brought me these GORGEOUS cocktail glasses with the glitter diamond detailing. You can choose from gold, rose gold and silver, which I opted for.

These are definitely ‘special occasion’ glasses but are perfect for displaying nicely in my drinks cabinet which we purchased from another Northamptonshire based business, Terrigena, based at Castle Ashby Rural Shopping Yard, who do goregous french oak furniture and upholstery. 


And finally, a very simple wooden ‘LOVE’ sign which is super cliche, but just felt like something I had to buy for the house as I feel like everyone’s got something like this in their home, right!? It sits nicely in the spare room for now, as this is the room that is the least done up so far.

Overall, anything from MOOCH for my house is a winner.

Check their website out here.



FridgeStreet is a local business who are loving Northampton one drawing at a time. They are a series of collectible magnets – where you can literally build your own street based on the shops and buildings in Northampton illustrated by local artist. 

The idea of having magnets on my fridge based from some of my favourite buildings in Northampton pleases me greatly. So I’m now on a mission to collect them all like Pokemon!

I got a load of awesome magnets that contains hand-drawn pictures of some of the places in Northampton that we all know and love. The one’s I chose for my fridge to begin with are The Royal & Derngate, as it’s very nostalgic place for me and I’m a theatre lover! I also got a Bread & Pullet and a Mailcoach magnet. 


The other item I purchased from FridgeStreet for our home was this unique Northampton tea towel which contains all the hand-drawn buildings in Northampton that you can also get individual magnets for. I LOVE THIS. It truly screams: I LOVE NORTHAMPTON and makes for a nice decorative piece in the kitchen.

I try not to use this too much, as I think it’s too nice to get all mucky! That’s why I quite like to hang it on our stove, so it’s the centre of the kitchen.

They also sell Northampton mugs too, which is high on my to-get list!

You can purchase FridgeStreet products at Vintage Guru on St Giles Street. Check out their Facebook page!


The Bean Hive Print

I’m not sure why I have only got one because I want to buy more!

The Bean Hive is known as Kettering’s only pink shop in the high street – literally, you can’t miss it! But when you get inside, it’s literally a treasure trove of unique pieces, quirky cards and prints, vintage sweets and snacks and so much more!

It’s such a shame it’s not closer to me, but it’s well worth the trip to Kettering just to visit this magnificent store. 

I picked up a funky pink print from this funky pink shop that was going to always give me the motivation needed to start the day on a good note: Today is going to be a good day!

Eventually, I want my office wall filled with motivational quotes and things that make me happy, so this is a great one to start the collection. 

Check out the Bean Hive’s website here. 


Pepper Pot Studios Northamptonshire Print

Although this is not QUITE a local business to Northants, this is a beautiful print that features my favourite county (any guesses where?)

Pepper Pot Studios – I actually came across them when a sponsored AD came up on my Instagram feed and funnily enough, it showed their Northamptonshire print, so I KNEW I had to get my hands on one.

What I love about these prints is that it clearly labels the county correctly, with mini pictures of all the main towns with their appropriate buildings that are easily recognisable. It’s made for a great piece in my study and I will get a frame for it to hang it up properly.

Pepper Pot Studios makes a print for pretty much every county in England and even in the USA!

Check out their website here.


Print from My Little Vintage

Do you see a theme here? Not sure why I have got so many prints, but there is something about filling our home with cute prints which I just adore!

My Little Vintage is based in Towcester at the Bell Plantation Garden Centre and it’s filled with so many lovely little treasures and vintage pieces! There is also a store in Olney if you’re ever that way.

From rustic cabinets and chest of drawers, vintage jewellery pieces, rugs, chairs and more, there is something which everyone will fall in love with in here. I just so happened to come by here after a haircut and picked up this print which I thought was a PERFECT quote for life in general:


“You don’t always need a plan, sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens”.

It makes for a very good feature piece in my study as whenever I look at it, it gives me a reminder of how far I’ve come over the last few years which have certainly not been planned!

Check out the website here. 


Local food and drink producers

As you guys know, I love supporting Northamptonshire food and drink producers, so it’s such a joy now that I am able to support them by buying their products to bring back home to cook/eat with! 

Some of my favourite places to go and grab local produce is at Bell Plantation, Castle Ashby Deli and Beckworth Emporium where you’re guaranteed to find some local food and drink bits.



We’ve recently been loving Yau’s curry sauces for dinner, which are so versatile and are enjoyable with either their own chow mein noodles, or with rice. Yau’s have some incredible, flavoursome sauces and our favourite has to be the Satay sauce, which isn’t actually made of peanuts! 

Another food favourite has been the chutney’s from Friars Farm, which I pick up from Bell Plantation and is great with cheese and crackers, or in a sandwich. 

And obviously, my drinks cabinet is filled with MANY gins but some of my local favourites are Two Birds Spirits and of course, Warner’s! My aim is to collect every one of their gin’s to make it the ultimate gin collection! 

Northamptonshire Home | Nicole Navigates

I’m going to try and add to this guide whenever I find some unique local pieces to put in our home.

If you would like to check out what else we get up to in our house and want to check out our development, you can follow me on my very own dedicated HOUSE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT! 

I’ve really enjoyed creating a whole new account, starting from scratch and taking and editing different types of photography that I don’t usually do for my main feed.

Plus, my photos have recently popped thanks to purchasing a new Lightroom preset from Beth Sandland – I love the new clean and bright look to my house feed!

Check out my home instagram here. 

How are you supporting local in your home?

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