Navigating Home: My 6 Month House Update

I’ve finally published my 6 month house update! How time flies, eh!?

I mentioned in my Hello 2020 blog post that I wanted to feature more home content on my blog, so here I am!

We have been living in our house for over 6 months now (official 6-month date was 29th December as we both officially moved in on the 29th June) so I’m slightly late on the update!

In some ways, I feel like we have made lots of progress on our house, but on the flip side of the coin, I feel like we have been really lacking in getting stuff done but I guess that’s just because we have enjoyed living in it and we wanted to enjoy a stress-free Christmas. 

But for a long while, we felt as though we had hit a point where we were just comfortable with how everything looked and felt that we weren’t in a rush to get everything done all at once. 

Obviously, we got the essentials done such as getting furniture and making the place look as nice as possible and for a while, we were content, but now I definitely want to make more progress this year.

Those who don’t know, we live in a new build house which we purchased back in June 2019 and so, we are lucky in the fact that we have a completely blank canvas to work with. 

Here is what we have done so far in 6 months…

Living room

Out of all the rooms in the house, this one was the room we wanted to make sure looked the most complete.

When deciding on a colour scheme or theme for this room, because we have been blessed with french doors that let in a lot of light when it’s sunny, I really wanted to make the most of it – turns out, Josh and I have a lot of different opinions when it comes to decor and colours, but we finally managed to settle on a colour scheme we both liked.

One of my favourite colours is Emerald Green, as I feel no matter what time of year it is, it’s one of those colours that just works.

I loved the idea of making the living room feel botanical with lots of rich emerald green colours, leaf patterns and soft greys that would compliment our slightly darker grey corner sofa (which was the best decision for our living room!)

Simple touches to complete the living room has been putting up the shelf above the sofa, with a collage of prints in frames, a hanging plant and simple J&N blocks to give some personalisation. 

I definitely couldn’t go without my coffee table now and a rug has made everything feel warmer and cosier considering all of downstairs has wooden floor. 

Going forward, I’m not sure whether we will paint the front room as I actually quite like having it white as it feels very refreshing – we will probably most likely paint over it again to give it a tidy up, but I’m pretty solid on keeping this room neutral for now. 


I have been begging Josh to get some shelves up on the walls, as currently, the counters feel very messy and I know adding some shelves would give the room some layers and it would mean decluttering the worktops. 

There’s currently still a picture leaning against the wall of which we purchased in Brackley at an old antique shop, of which we STILL need to put up – again, we are either both just lazy or lack in DIY skills. 

Of course, I have some Northamptonshire additions such as my FridgeStreet magnets and kitchen tea towel and we have a cupboard stacked of all our favourite produce from Mellow Yellow, Friars Farm and Saxby’s Cider! 

But I am really pleased that we at least have cupboard space, a nice worktop and a place to cook, bake and clean! I also love having my very own spice rack which I’m starting to grow my collection (yes, I know I’m sad!)

Next tasks: add shelves, paint and get a tumble dryer (we’ve opposed to a dishwasher as we’ve found we need a tumble dryer and since we don’t have a utility room, this is the best place to put it!) 

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I’m not too sure how I can make bathrooms exciting, but here I am, talking about bathrooms! 

The downstairs bathroom will most likely be the first place I want to paint and we received a lovely mirror from my parents for Christmas which we will want to put up. 

As it’s such a small room, I’d quite like to make it bold and bright. The main bathroom which contains our bath, I am hoping to get some nice prints on the wall, a shelf above the bath and keeping with the green theme (yes, I like green!) 

And finally, our bathroom needs some serious work. For starters, a nice big mirror cabinet to put stuff in like toothbrushes, mouthwash etc and add some shelves to make some room on the window-seal (as currently, 90% of it is filled with my stuff!) 


Our bedroom is still a mystery – as in, we still don’t really know WHERE we are going with it!

As it’s likely to be the room where not many people will go and look inside (apart from us!) I feel like we will be leaving this room last. I don’t know why, but we just can’t decide on colour schemes, how we want to design it etc.

Because it’s quite a small room, thanks to the fact we purchased a king size bed which we didn’t realise would take up most of the room (no regrets, as our bed is comfy AF) it’s a little difficult to figure out what to do with the space we have! 

However, the genius idea from me was getting these white IKEA floating cupboards to fix to the walls, meaning we were still able to use the drawers attached to the bed and it means we have a space for a light and stuff on. 

And thanks to my dad, he managed to put a rail inside the big cupboard in our bedroom to create me a wardrobe for my clothes – he also put a rail in the hallway cupboard to hang Josh’s shirts too! 

At the moment, we’ve made the best of our bedroom – but we won’t worry too much about this for now!

I managed to declutter our spare room and actually give it a colour scheme of which feels warm and cosy for when people stay over.

We’ve gone for a nice navy blue for the bedding and I’ve added some nice touches such as candles, a nice jug of which I’ll get some flowers put inside during the Spring and we’ve even got some Hogwarts stuff in there too! 

In a few months time, or sooner, we are hoping to remove the double bed, which was originally mine from my old house and get a day bed of which we can use as a second living room, add a TV in there and then if we have guests wanting to stay, we can take it out to create a double room.

The spare room was beginning to become a dumping room (anyone else have one of those?) so it feels good to have some plans for this room. 

Again, the task for both is to decide what colour to paint them!

Home office

My dream of having my own place to work came true when we moved into our home! 

It was very important for me to have a space where I could sit down at my desk and write blog posts and now it’s even more important seeing as I spent 90% of my time working from home so it’s been great to create a space that motivates me and feels like my own.

A simple white desk was perfect for me, as again, it’s a completely blank canvas for when we decide to paint the room (of which I am unsure on what colour again!) and having all my notepads, a document holder to place magazines and other documents in and little nik naks like candles and my polaroid really add the finishing touches.

Accidently, I’ve gone with a pink theme as the chair gives it away and I am pleased to have put up my frame where I can clip memories and polaroids on – it’s the first time in a long time I have felt like I have a space which is 100% personalised to me and my needs.

I hope to get another big shelf above the desk which will display the many prints and photo frames I’ve collected that are waiting to have a home and I wouldn’t mind getting some bigger prints on the wall behind too. 

Overall, I am proud of the home we have built together so far and I can’t wait to see how it grows this year. Let’s hope we make some more progress! 

I am always looking for inspiration for how to renovate and make a new build look unique and more like a home, so if you know of any Instagram accounts, blogs or videos I would like, hit them my way!

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