1st October 2018

Navigating through September: 10 Happy Things


I’m not quite sure what happened to September, but it went in a flash!

Like literally, where did it go!? 

September was a busy, productive but memorable month for me. I’m writing this as I’ve just come back from a 7-hour journey back from Edinburgh, which if you haven’t noticed on Instagram, I’ve been away in Scotland for a week.

It was certainly busy and we spent a lot of time travelling, but it was such an awesome adventure. I mention it down below in my 10 happy things so you can read a bit more then…

But even though this post is all about September, I must mention how satisfying it is knowing that October 1st lands on a Monday this year.

New day, new week, new month… What a good feeling!

But here’s what I got up to in September and what made me happy:

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1. Scotland

This was the biggie this month.

Josh and I went to visit his mum and step-dad in the Orkney Islands for the second time this year. However, instead of flying like we did last time, we wanted to turn it into a road trip.

So off we ventured on our 6 hour drive from Northamptonshire where we stopped at a lovely service station in Tebay halfway, then stopped at Edinburgh where we stayed for 2 nights so we could explore the city for the day.

Then, it was up again for another 6 hour drive from Edinburgh to Thurso, with a half point stop at Inverness to see the Loch Ness. Then finally, waking up bright and early to catch the ferry from Scrabster to Stromness, a bus ride to Kirkwall and a final ferry from Kirkwall to Westray to spend 4 relaxing days with Josh’s family.

4 days of well-deserved relaxation after all the travelling we did, but I can’t complain, because we saw some absolutely beautiful views along the way and its an experience I am so pleased I got to share with Josh and I am so proud of him for driving us all that way.

It was so nice to spend time with them in Westray, as they have literally become like my second family, despite the distance. It was also lovely to see Westray in the sunshine, as opposed to last time when it was constantly wet and windy.


2. Josh’s Birthday

Another valid reason for going up to Scotland to see Josh’s mum and step-dad was because on Friday 28th September, it was Josh’s birthday!

So obviously, as any girlfriend does, I tried to make as big of a deal out of his birthday as possible, despite him not being too fussed over his birthday.

But in the end, he said he had the best birthday ever being surrounded by his family and we went out for a lovely dinner in Westray.

And I am super excited about the present I got for him, as I got him stadium tour tickets to the Liverpool Football club stadium, plus tickets for the museum.

Josh is a huge LCFC fan, so he was over the moon about this present, plus it means sometime next year we’ll be making a return to Liverpool, so happy days!

3. Retail therapy

September meant that I got my first pay cheque from work.

It was SUCH a nice feeling to have a pay cheque again and the satisfaction of getting paid on time was great, so I decided to treat myself to some retail therapy because it had been so long.

There’s something about getting your hair cut, nails done and getting new Autumn outfits for your wardrobe that just increases your mood and does wonder’s for your overall wellbeing.

4. Alcoholic free Kopparberg

I’ve been attempting to drink less alcohol, in order to tackle my PCOS symptoms.

Problem is: I have a social life and I like to drink. So I found a solution recently that helps – Non-alcoholic Kopparberg.

It’s actually really tasty and not as awful as some people told me it would be. In fact, I kinda’ prefer it!


5. Facing blogger events solo

This was a proud moment for me.

Earlier this month, I was kindly invited to the Bubbles Laundromat grand opening event by Brand Mission where I went entirely by myself.

I usually don’t attend events if I either don’t have someone to go with, or don’t know anyone else who is going.

But alas, I had no one to go with on this particular day and I had no idea who would be there that I knew (there was no one) so I ended up going alone.

It was a strange experience, however, the girls from Brand Mission made me feel incredibly comfortable and made me feel at ease being by myself. In the end, it didn’t feel too bad.

So if you lovely girls from Brand Mission are reading this; thank you for keeping me company!

6. Mrs T Bakes

I MUST tell you all about Mrs T Bakes!

She is based in Towcester and makes the most incredible freshly baked sweet and savoury treats and she offers a pop-up bakery in her house in Towcester.

We recently enjoyed some caramel brownies, hobnob cookies, cheese and chive scones and chorizo and cheese turnovers which were all to die for.

You can check her page out here. I highly recommend ordering something from her if you’re Northamptonshire based (she does hampers for occasions too!)

7. Thai food at Pin-Petch

I never saw the hype over Thai food until Josh and his dad took me to Pin-Petch in Newport Pagnell and it’s now my favourite place to eat there.

Steamed dumplings with sweet soy sauce, garlic noodles, stuffed peppers and Green Thai curry… Oh I could go on!


8. Pumpkin Spice Latte


The hype is back, Autumn is back and I am back in Starbucks all the time to purchase Pumpkin Spice Lattes!

Yes, they are great and yes it means Autumn is officially here.

9. Sunday Roast

I got to do the biggest and coolest collaboration earlier on this month, as my family and I got to enjoy a Toby Carvery for Sunday Lunch.

It was everything you could ask for on a Sunday and I was also really proud for gaining that collab as it’s exactly the kind of direction I want to take my blog in. And it feels great to be finally recognised for that.

10. Family wedding celebrations

On Friday 21st September, my family and I went to a wedding and it was a great occasion to celebrate.

There was lots of family chat, dancing, celebrating, a free bar and a sore head the next morning but it was so nice to dress up and party the night away (of what I remember, anyways!)


Blogs I’ve loved this month

Wishful Luxury

More wedding spam, but I love it from Jenn at Wishful Luxury. She recently published a new post on her wedding day where she shared some stunning photo’s from her day (if you look closely, you’ll see me in some of them!)

I am waiting for more wedding posts from Jenn, but this one just made me smile as it brought back all the happy memories from that day back to life.

I also know that if I ever need any wedding advice if the day I get married ever comes around, I know she’ll have lots to feed me.

Vix Meldrew

I must have been hiding under a rock, but it has only been recently since I discovered Vix Meldrew and have been reading her blog posts like a daily newspaper.

Ever since I signed up to her Exciting Emails newsletter, it makes my Sunday as the newsletter is full of great hints and tips about blogging. One of my favourite posts from her this week was on 11 Life Lessons Harry Potter Taught Us All and I could relate SO much! Especially that I had just been to Edinburgh which was full of Harry Potter love.

Kirsty Jarvie

More Scotland love! But Kirsty Jarvie has made me want to explore another Scottish city, thanks to her A Day in Glasgow post.

I love Kirsty’s simple, but informative writing style, combined with her cute outfit pictures and cocktail photos, she’s convinced me to add Glasgow to my bucket list.

Amanda Alston

I know, I know, I mentioned Amanda last month, but this girl deserves a HUGE shout out after she published an incredibly brave post which every girl should read RIGHT NOW.

She shared her story on her Abnormal Smear Test Results. An incredibly difficult topic to share online, but one that needs to be shared and talked about more. I am 24, so I am awaiting the day to get my letter for my first smear test, but

Amanda’s post educated me so much, plus she was able to highlight the importance of getting your smear test done regularly.

If you do anything today, READ THE POST.

Hope you had a lovely September and are ready for October!

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