Navigating through August | 10 Happy Things

Goodbye August, hello September!

September has to be my favourite month, as it's the start of Autumn and in my mind, it's the countdown until Christmas (I know, I know, I'm one of those people who gets excited for Christmas in September) but it's going to come around SO quickly!

I am ready to say goodbye to Summer. I had a lot of up's and down's during summer with family passings, uncertainty with what on earth I was doing job wise and other personal issues, so I am taking September as a fresh start.

Despite all the shit that happened over summer, August has been filled with lots of happy times too.


1. Jenn and Alex's wedding

At the beginning of the month, a bunch of friends and I did a road trip down to Bovey Castle in Devon for our friends' Jenn and Alex's wedding. It was honestly a weekend to remember and I don't think any other wedding will ever top theirs again (there you go Jenn, you've won 😉)

It started on the Friday night where we got to explore the beautiful Bovey Castle, have a swim in the pool and have dinner with Jenn and her family and friends.

Saturday was the big day and what a day it was! Jenn's family made sure the day had every detail perfected for everybody to enjoy and we all drank a lot of prosecco and champagne and all got very merry! It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple.


2. Starting a new job

A big life update has been that I have started a new job as a Sales & Marketing Assistant!

Turns out, freelancing wasn't for me (at least not right now, anyways) and I feel like I have made the right decision, as so far I have settled in with the team so well.

I'm learning so much, getting trained along the way and everyday I feel like I am coming home as though I have made a difference and an impact on the company.

So far, so good!

3. Visiting family in Kent

Despite going down to Kent for a sad occasion, it was really lovely to see family after months of not doing so. I got to catch up with my aunts and uncles, get to know my second cousins who I haven't seen since I was little and meet other members of my family whom I've never met before.

I am really keen to take Josh down to Kent and introduce him to places that were part of my childhood, as it's always going to be my home from home.


4. The Incredibles 2

It's been over 14 years since we saw the last Incredibles movie which left us wondering what was going to happen. We weren't left disappointed and oh my god, Jack Jack was the highlight of the whole film!

5. 1st birthday parties

Another special occasion that was celebrated this month was my friends' little boys first birthday party.

It feels like yesterday that I was writing a blog on how he was born and that I met him for the first time. I've seen him grow into this lovely little boy and his birthday party was a wonderful celebration. He even got his own remote control car to ride in!

6. Fish pie

You know it's heading towards colder weather when you start eating hotter, hearty food.

Josh and I had the best fish pie the other day, thanks to his dad and all I want is to re-create that fish pie myself. I actually have recipe envy.


7. Geordie Shore

This is officially my newest guilty pleasure and I'm not sure whether to be ashamed or not. But I can't help but find it SO entertaining!

Josh and I ended up spending the majority of last Sunday watching the whole of season 3. He admitted that he couldn't watch anymore, but that didn't stop me from watching a further 2 seasons...

8. Weekend away with mum

This month, my mum and I got to spend the weekend at Kettering Park Hotel, which was the nicest way to spend quality time with my mum.

I loved our stay so much that I have booked for me and Josh to go for a night away in December to celebrate Christmas and our first anniversary.

You can read the whole review of our experience here.

9. Cards against humanity and gin

Last weekend, I spent time with some friends at our friends' house for an evening in of banter, cards against humanity and lots of gin.

It's great being at an age where our friends have their own houses, as I feel so adult! But I have a feeling as we approach winter that there will be lots more nights in rather than nights out to come.

And I'm all here for it!


10. Excitement for Scotland

The countdown is on until Josh and I return to Scotland, to the beautiful Orkney Islands.

Since Rome, we have been so excited to go back to the Orkney Islands to see his mum and step-dad and it will be even more of an occasion because it will be Josh's birthday. He's not so big on birthdays, but I can't wait to spoil him!

This time, we'll be attempting the long drive from Milton Keynes, which I still think we are crazy doing so, but I know it's going to be an ultimate adventure and there will be some stops along the way.

I can't wait ❤️

Blogs I've loved this month

Wishful Luxury

I am biased because Jenn-Louise at Wishful Luxury is one of my closest friends and is, in fact, the Bride I was talking about before who got married this month! That's why I loved her post Here Comes The Hen, as it was nostalgic reading about her Hen Do's as I was lucky to be involved in 2 of 3 of her hen dos! I can't believe the hen do's and the wedding are over! Can we do it all again!?

Call Me Amy

I have recently been obsessed with reading Amy's blog posts and loving all her Instagram photos and her funky new theme. However, her recent post on Redefining My Personal Style was a post that spoke to me as I have recently been going through the same thing of hating my wardrobe and wanting to wear what you want. I think now and again, we all go through a style rut and Amy's post is perfectly honest and it's made me want to go shopping and experiment with my own style.

Carpe Diem Emmie

Emmie is a blogger I have always looked up to and I admire her work ethic and the topics she covers. Especially when they're theatre themed! She makes me miss being a theatre blogger, but I sure enjoyed reading her post on My List of 10 Must-See Musical Feature Films as literally all my favourite films were on that list. My favourites have to be RENT and Moulin Rouge!

Amanda Alston

I love reading Amanda's blog, as she is a local blogger from Milton Keynes, which is not far from me at all, so I always feel like Amanda's blog is a useful and reliable resource for everything that's happening in Milton Keynes. Her recent post on Aqua Parcs looked awesome and makes me want to book my trip ASAP!

Girl Eats World

Again, I love Jo's blog as she blogs about food, travel and events in Milton Keynes. I loved her most recent post on What's Marbella Like, as I've actually never been to Marbella and I loved that Jo used her actual holiday snaps rather than the stereotypical 'blogger shots' when on holiday (something we can all be too guilty of, instead of enjoying the moment and snapping away). Now I really want to go to Marbella for a girls holiday!

Have a wonderful September guys!


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