3rd November 2018

Navigating through October | 10 Happy Things


October, you have been lovely.

If I could describe the perfect autumn so far, the last month has hit all the expectations that Autumn has to offer:

Perfect blue skies and sunshine, but with a cool, crisp air that's cool enough to wear a cosy jumper or Autumn coat.

The crispy, golden leaves are finally starting to fall on the ground, we're getting closer to Christmas and my local Starbucks has ran out of Pumpkin Spice Latte within the first week of Autumn.

That part was not ideal, as I love a PSL, but it's been a pretty perfect start to Autumn.

But I'm not gonna lie, as soon as November 1st came, I was in full Christmas mode.

I'm ready for Toffee Nut Lattes, Christmas markets, festive socks and events!

October has been a surprisingly calm month, even though it's been full of activities and busy schedules (not sure how that makes sense!?) but I feel like things have been settling down in terms of my everyday routine, and I'm finally starting to balance my work life and personal life.

But any ways, enough jibber jabber, here's what's made me happy in the last month:


Northamptonshire Bloggers Christmas event

The ball is finally rolling for the Northamptonshire Bloggers Christmas event which I have taken upon myself to organise outside of work hours and on weekends - a hard task, but finally, I am starting to see the pieces come together.

I am so grateful that we are hosting it with such lovely people at such a wonderful local venue, Bell of Northampton, who have gone above and beyond to help our event out. We'll be having a festive brunch and shopping event, which I think is up the bloggers streets!

We will also be having a charity raffle, following on from previous years and we'll be helping to raise money for The Lewis Foundation.

Hopefully, we will have 30 bloggers attending and it's going to be a great morning for the bloggers attending.

Sober for October

This month, I decided to ditch the alcohol and go Sober for October (gulp).

And actually, I didn't find it too difficult. I had one or two occasions where I came home from work, usually on a Friday night, and really fancied a glass of wine.

But other than that, I survived and I managed to raise £175 for Macmillan Cancer Support, a charity that has become close to my heart since Macmillan nurses took care of my Grandad shortly before he passed away.

I am hoping to do more fundraising activities next year to help raise money, but now I'm looking forward to having my glass of wine on Friday!

Joining a new gym

Yes, it may be cuddle in pyjamas, eat lots of warming autumn food and do absolutely nothing in the evening's weather - but your girl needs to get into shape and I need to stop making excuses.

Now I'm becoming more and more of a food blogger every day and that's the direction in which my blog seems to be taking, I've decided I need to go to the gym once again.

I did have a gym membership at a different gym, but I quit because I didn't like the vibe there, I didn't like the way the staff treated me and frankly, I was put off going and hardly went which was a complete waste of time and money.

But recently, I discovered a new gym which is literally 30 seconds away from my work (the dream!) it's cheaper than what I was paying for, plus it's quieter which means I won't feel as awkward when working out.

I've been for a few sessions with my mentor and she is lovely and makes me feel so at ease. So I'm giving it a go. Yes, Christmas may be approaching, but it's not stopping me from getting myself into shape. I'll let you know how it goes...

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Brunchin' with Josh

October was the month where Josh and I went to brunch almost every weekend.

(This is why I need to go back to the gym as I mentioned above, to balance the fact I love going out for food too much!)

But it meant we got to explore some new places together, whilst enjoying the best meal of the day on the weekends.

I'm actually writing a blog post in detail about all the places we visited for brunch in Northamptonshire, as I didn't realise just how many there are in the area - and there are so many more places I want to go to!

But for now, I think we'll save our pennies for a bit!

Wicked the Musical 15th Anniversary

You can take the girl out of Musical Theatre, but you can't take Musical Theatre out of the girl...

Wicked the Musical celebrated its 15th birthday and I was in awe watching all the celebrations and songs, including an outstanding cover of 'The Wizard and I' by Ariana Grande and HELLO ALL THE ELPHABA'S AND GLINDA'S CAME TOGETHER AND SANG ON STAGE!

It made my Musical Theatre heart very happy.

A Star Is Born

I FINALLY went to see A Star Is Born starring Bradley Cooper and oh my god, it was intense!

I knew I'd love it from the moment I watched the trailer and heard the music, but I never anticipated just how much it would take an effect on me.

The story, the characters, the direction and the music all rolled into one made an extremely emotional film and an even more emotional Nicole.

I would definitely give it 5*!


Jumper wardrobe

It's officially autumn when you get the jumpers out.

But I think I've slightly gone over the top with my jumper collection as they are all I seem to wear at the moment (other than work uniform).

I have been loving the jumpers from Primark, including this sexy beast of a green jumper above that makes me feel all warm and cosy. I don't think it'll be the last time I head to Primark to buy another jumper either!

Escape Room

A few weeks ago, Josh, myself and a few of his workmates did an escape room altogether in Milton Keynes.

It was my first time ever doing an escape room and I would 100% do one again - considering I thought I wouldn't do very well and figure out any clues, I actually surprised myself.

Unfortunately, we didn't escape the room - but we did do the most difficult room, so maybe next time we'll have better luck...

Shopping independent

I have started my Christmas shopping early and this year, I have decided to shop locally by buying gifts at independent shops in the county.

This includes things like homemade candles, local produce like chutney and alcohol gifts and other homemade gift items. I think these type of gifts will have a lot more meaning to them, plus it means the independent shops will get a chance to shine.


Have a great November!

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