About Me


Oh, hey!

I'm Nicole, a 24-year-old freelance content creator currently living in Northamptonshire.

I have always read blogs and been inspired by them, even when I was studying for my BA (Hons) Musical Theatre degree at the University of Chichester where I graduated with a 2:1 in 2016. Turns out, the life on the stage wasn't for me and I opted for working in a receptionist job.

Turns out, receptionist work can be tiresome, so I needed a creative outlet. That's when I started Nicole Navigates in August 2016.

I have been blogging for almost 3 years and Nicole Navigates has grown ever since. It even landed me my first proper adult job in Digital Marketing and after that, I decided to go freelance. Literally the dream!

Nicole Navigates is my little space on the internet where I share my experiences as I navigate through life as a 20-something female living in Northamptonshire and through travel as I explore the world from what's right on my doorstep, to across the globe.

You will also find plenty of coffee guides, helpful city guides, yummy food and drink reviews, experiences and exciting things to do in Northamptonshire.


About the blog

Nicole Navigates is a Lifestyle, Food and Travel blog written and run by me. I share my experiences as I navigate through life, through travel and through many cups of coffee, yummy food and life in Northamptonshire along the way.

I cover things such as destinations, travel tips and guides, accommodation, general lifestyle, food and drink and local events and life in Northamptonshire and the surrounding area.

I aim to create content that people will want to read over and over again, to feel inspired to appreciate the little things life offers us and to make the most of the work-life balance.

I am also very proud of where I live, hence why I create content surrounding life and events within Northamptonshire.


Want to get to know me more?

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 Are you interested in working together? Fab! Head over to my Work With Me page to find out more or pop me an email at nicolenavigates@gmail.com.