About Nicole

Hi, I'm Nicole (big surprise there!) I'm a 24-year-old coffee drinker, performing lover, writing obsessed marketing assistant by day and blogger & content creator at any other time I have spare!

My blog was created out of being inspired by other bloggers I had read blogs on during University, where I studied a Musical Theatre degree at University. Back then, I didn't realise just how much of an impact blogging would have on my life and how much it has taken off since.

I live in a small town in Northamptonshire, where I have been living since I was 13. Northamptonshire as a whole, including Northampton, can get a bad reputation, so I primarily want to show people that it isn't a bad place to live and that it has so much to offer.

When I'm not working as a marketing assistant during the week 9-5 or writing away at this blog, I enjoy days out with my boyfriend, eating out, drinking coffee from local independent shops, reading, or just snapping away on my camera.

Mostly, I am just a normal girl, with a witty sense of humour and a love for the county I live in.

About the blog

Nicole Navigates is a Lifestyle, Food and Travel blog written and run by me. I share my experiences as I navigate through life, through travel and through many cups of coffee, yummy food and life in Northamptonshire along the way.

I cover things such as destinations, travel tips and guides, accommodation, general lifestyle, food and drink and local events and life in Northamptonshire and the surrounding area.

I aim to create content that people will want to read over and over again, to feel inspired to appreciate the little things life offers us and to make the most of the work-life balance.

I am also very proud of where I live, hence why I create content surrounding life and events within Northamptonshire.

Since starting my blog, I have been featured in magazines articles, been nominated for a UK Blog Award, become a reviewer for On Stage Northants, an ambassador for Little's Coffee and I've even been on BBC Radio Northampton talking about my blog and the Northamptonshire Bloggers, which I founded in 2016.

Want to get to know me more?

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