The Best Northamptonshire Jacket Potato Guide

Northamptonshire Jacket Potato | Nicole Navigates

Guys. I’ve peaked. Did you ever think you’d see a jacket potato guide on this blog? Nope? Me neither.

But there’s a reason why I am writing this apart from the lol’s and I got the approval from Louise Pentland to go with this when I suggested it to her! But even I admit, this guide is a bit NICHE.

Jacket Potatoes are a staple when it comes to Slimming World, which is a “diet” I am currently trying to follow to give myself a balance in between all the Afternoon Teas and sugary coffees!

But when I am out and about, I know I can always guarantee that a Jacket Potato is my firm and safe option.

Plus, there is always so much you can do with a jacket potato, even though I’m pretty boring and will stick to just baked beans and cheese – it’s always a winner to me!

But I know there are lots of people out there who love this carby, cheesy lunch as much as I do, so that’s why I have gathered together some spots in Northamptonshire that do stellar Jacket Potatoes in its very own dedicated guide!

Plus, while the weather is cold, it can be a perfect winter warmer, but also a great light lunch to have in the Spring and Summer too!

And if you are on slimming world like me, all these options I’m about to share are slimming approved if you ask for no butter and no dressing.

So here it is: The Best Northamptonshire Jacket Potato Guide!

  1. Bell Plantation
  2. Olly B’s Kitchen & Bar
  3. Cafe Track
  4. The Blitz Tea Room & Jazz Lounge
  5. The Old Fire Station Brackley
  6. Matchbox Cafe
Northamptonshire Jacket Potato | Nicole Navigates

Bell Plantation

Possibly one of the loveliest garden centres in Northamptonshire that is home to lots of my favourite independent businesses and a great cafe for which you can get a FANTASTIC jacket potato. 

Honestly, guys, if you’re in the mood for a big, cheesy, filled to the brim jacket potato – the guys at Bell Plantation have got you covered.

I’m a bit boring, but I always get the Beans and Cheese Jacket Potato here because it really is one of the best! 

The Jacket Potato is always perfectly cooked, with crispy skin on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. I’m not sure where they get their potatoes from, but they are HUGE! And they don’t hold back on the filling which is what I like. 

It comes with a lovely side salad and some crisps for nibbling on afterwards. It’s a great lunch if you’re out and about, or fancy a mooch in the garden centre. 

Northamptonshire Jacket Potato | Nicole Navigates
Northamptonshire Jacket Potato | Nicole Navigates

Olly B’s Kitchen & Bar

If you don’t go for the food, go for the lovely staff who always make you feel welcome! 

Olly B’s Kitchen & Bar have won my heart for ticking all my boxes; a great location, not too central to the town centre, but close enough to walk.

Great coffee and a range of drinks, strong Wifi, my very own dedicated spot which has become my regular seating area and of course, a great Jacket Potato! 

You can’t go wrong at Olly B’s, as they have a wide range when it comes to their lunch menu, but their Jacket Potato is a staple. They’ve got plenty of topping choices from Beans and Cheese, Tuna and Chicken Tikka!

You can also enjoy their refreshing range of smoothies or grab a coffee, like me and work or socialise away!

Northamptonshire Jacket Potato | Nicole Navigates

Cafe Track

A cute, convenient and good ethos cafe in the centre of the Market Square in Northampton that has become a very reliable lunch spot when I’m navigating in Northampton. 

Tom Cliffe, who is the man behind Track NN and Cafe Track does amazing work to support autistic people by helping them to get access to the workplace.

Cafe Track is part of this initiative to help build their confidence and help them get more opportunities. 

So I fully support this by going to enjoy coffee and a spot of lunch there occasionally – even their jacket potato which not only can I have to eat inside, but you can also take to go! 

Again, you guessed it, but I’m not very daring when it comes to my jacket potato toppings, so it’s always beans and cheese with me. But what they do right is the amount of filling that they put inside, plus the amount of salad and ready salted crisps that compliment it very nicely. 

Northamptonshire Jacket Potato | Nicole Navigates

The Blitz Tea Room & Jazz Lounge

If you love all things 1940’s, head to The Blitz Tea Room & Jazz Lounge for good music, a spot of tea and a filling Jacket Potato!

Fun fact: the day I first visited this delightful cafe was on the one year anniversary of my dear Grandad’s day of passing, and both he and I loved the film ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

The first song I hear when I sit down? ‘Somewhere over The Rainbow’ by Judy Garland which gave me shivers down my spine as that was our song!

But back to talking about their Jacket Potato: they have a huge menu selection of toppings available and they are really good at switching things up if you don’t want butter on your potato or dressing on your salad.

On this occasion, I did forget to ask for no dressing, but you can’t go wrong with a simple caesar dressing.

If you don’t go for the food, just go because it’s such a unique location that will throw you back in time to the 1930’s and 40’s and it’s just pure nostalgia for anyone who may have grown up in that era (or you’re a big vintage fan!)

Northamptonshire Jacket Potato | Nicole Navigates

The Old Fire Station Brackley

A converted old fire station in the middle of Brackley, yes, but it serves up a very good jacket potato covered with your filling of choice in a big bowl!

The Old Fire Station is exactly what it describes: an old fire station which was reopened and owned by South Northamptonshire Council that pays homage to the staff who worked at the station, plus has lots of displays and memorabilia of the fire station.

You receive a wonderful welcome from the staff and if you’re looking for simple, no-fuss food in Brackley, this is the place to come.

It’s all reasonably priced and I found myself coming here for a lunchtime visit during the week.

I rather liked the fact that my Jacket Potato was served in a bowl, rather than a plate (not sure if that was purposeful or not) but it meant everything mixed in very well!)

Northamptonshire Jacket Potato | Nicole Navigates

Matchbox Cafe

What Matchbox Cafe do well, is they provided very well cooked, comfort food of which is of reasonable price. Yasmin and Bing are the heart and soul of the cafe and I’ll always support them whenever possible.

Once again, they are a great spot to visit when you’re after a good, wholesome lunch! And Jacket Potatoes are a staple on their menu.

Their Jacket Potato is compact, but they make sure they add plenty of filling on top – and on this occasion, I had tuna mayonnaise – moist, full of mayonnaise and good texture.

Again, they were more than happy to provide no butter on my jacket potato, but of course, you can ask them to put extra on if you fancy that!

Northamptonshire Jacket Potato | Nicole Navigates

Do you love a Jacket Potato? Where is the best one you’ve enjoyed in Northamptonshire?


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