14th June 2018

I have no plan. I’m just ‘winging it’


It's very easy to be caught up in the pressures of life.

We're born into this world without a choice, then we are expected to grow up, go to school, complete GCSE's, go to sixth form, college or do an apprenticeship, maybe go to University, get a job, find a life partner, get married, have kids then grow old, retire then die.

It seems as though our lives have already been planned out for us, or we all like to think we have our lives planned out.

I am 23 years old and back when I was 16 years old, I thought I would be married with at least one kid at my age. Oh, how naive I was!

I look around my friendship group and we are all doing some amazing things with our lives. Some of us are getting promoted in their jobs, others are travelling the world and some are even getting married and having babies.

However, I find that there is still a ton of pressure we put on ourselves to accomplish something by a certain age.

Some people are constantly making plans and aiming to accomplish something life-changing before a certain age, that I think they actually forget to live their life and to take things as they come.

Don't get me wrong, some planning is obviously fine if you really want something so badly. But do we really have to let it define our whole lives?

I've learnt that not all plans go to plan. You can't just aim towards plan A, without having a plan B. On another note, you can't aim for plan A without having in the back of your mind that things can change on their own course.

What happened to just going with the flow and seeing where life takes you?


Recent weeks have taught me that not everything goes to plan. And I guess my whole 'adult life' so far has not gone to plan.

I originally went to college and University to study Musical Theatre, because all I dreamed about was the life on the stage in the West End.

I loved singing, acting and dancing and I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else.

Until I went to University and discovered my talents and my passions led elsewhere.

I preferred the writing side of University, as I would always get 1st's in my written work and I was part of the Producers team who did all the administrative and producing side of things from social media, poster designing, advertising and much more.

This made me think that a career in Producing would be far more suitable for me.

That didn't work out. Then I got into some admin work, started my blog and that's when I got discovered by a Digital Marketing agency who were looking for a writer.

I felt like I had finally made it.

This time last year, I was working in my Digital Marketing role which I loved working for. I enjoyed the work, the people were like family to me and I had a clear direction of where I wanted my career to go... or at least, I thought I did!

But after a year and a half, like most people do in jobs... I got bored. I wanted a new challenge and it felt time for me to move on. And I thought the road to PR was the one for me.

Oh, how wrong I was.

I've already explained how that was the wrong move for me and it really sunk my confidence. I wasn't fully enjoying the role and recent events made me realise that if I was to stay any longer in a job I didn't enjoy, my mental health would suffer for it - I'm not one to use the term 'mental health' often, but I started to notice changes in my behavior and so did my loved ones around me.

So long story short. It wasn't the right career move for me and I got out of there before I got worse.

So, what now?

I'm finding myself doing temp work and I am in a really fortunate position where I am freelancing. Actually, working for myself! 

This time last year, I never thought I'd be working for myself and I am actually making the necessary steps to become my own boss. Yesterday, I actually registered myself as self-employed. 

This is something which I never thought I would have the courage to do. I never even considered going freelance or self-employed as the thought absolutely petrified me. But luckily, I have the incredible support of my family, friends and boyfriend who are 100% in my corner rooting me on and it turns out, this is actually something I want to do. 

Whilst I have no major financial dependents and I'm living at home, I might as well give it a go now, otherwise I never will. 

So there you go... I am living proof that not everything you 'plan' goes according to the plan you envisioned. There is certainly no Plan A which you follow for the rest of your life.

You are obviously very lucky if your Plan A is working out for you so far.

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That's why I'm not so focused on planning my life, but living in the moment and just going with the flow

I could be hit by a bus tomorrow.

So instead of planning so far ahead of the future and threating when things don't work out, you might as well just go with the flow and take things as they come.

I don't know whether this freelancing malarkey will work out, but if it does, it will be a fantastic achievement for me.

If it doesn't, then at least I can look back on my life when I'm old and grey and say that I tried.

I'm hard-working and know when I put my mind on something, I work hard to achieve it. But I'm not going to let it get me down if it doesn't work out.

Screw 5 year plans, I'm just going to go with the flow and see what happens!

7 responses to “I have no plan. I’m just ‘winging it’”

  1. Heather says:

    I recently read one blogger talk about how she would study the most successful people in the room (no matter if it was at work, sports, etc.) and reverse engineer their success for herself. I thought that was amazing! But, I’ve never been quite so calculated or planned. I’ve found that taking opportunity and going with the flow has worked so far.

  2. Like says:

    Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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