29th November 2018

Popcorn Shed: The Gourmet Christmas Gifts

Popcorn Shed | Nicole Navigates

Popcorn has got to be my favourite pass time snack to nibble on.

Whether it’s at the cinema (the obvious choice of place to nibble popcorn) or whether it’s at home or is available at an event – everyone I pretty much know loves popcorn as it’s easy to eat and it offers a sweet or savoury option.

However, usually we’re used to sweet or salty popcorn, which is nice, but sometimes we like a bit more variety.

That’s when Popcorn Shed come in.

Popcorn Shed is an award-winning Gourmet Popcorn company who aim to be better than their competition, with their beautifully branded and eye-catching pack formats.

I was kindly sent three boxes to review, which I was more than happy to do – we’ve been trying to find new and unique snacks to add to our Christmas snack table.

You know, the ones where you display them in your best Christmas bowls for guests to nibble on when the come over around Christmas and for you and the family to nibble on in-between courses on Christmas Day.

So I truly believe we have found some great snacks for Christmas (but we’ll have to go out and buy some more because I ate these ones lol) and here’s why:

Popcorn Shed | Nicole Navigates
Popcorn Shed | Nicole Navigates
Popcorn Shed | Nicole Navigates

Let’s firstly start with their packaging. It’s 100% on brand with their name and the fact its gourmet popcorn.

The packaging is bright, colourful and it really stands out from the crowd. As someone looking for things to give as gifts this Christmas, I think these would be perfect as I would be happy to receive a pretty much already packaged Christmas present!

There are so many flavours to choose from, which would suit anybody’s taste buds whether you enjoy sweet or savoury popcorn. I was lucky to sample three of their Gourmet Popcorn range: Sweet Cheesus, Butterly Nuts and Salted Caramel.

Popcorn Shed | Nicole Navigates

Sweet Cheesus

Caramel and CHEESE popcorn!?

Honestly? I wasn’t convinced this would work. They are two things I absolutely love and are two flavours that associate Christmas with me, but not what you would usually put together!

But when you actually get to eating the two flavours together, somehow (and I don’t know how) the combination works.

It’s a totally new take on the classic sweet and salty flavour as the cheese popcorn has such a smooth texture, similar to eating mature cheddar cheese, whilst the caramel was buttery and coated the cheesy flavour well.

One minute you would get big hints of the sugary sweetness from the caramel, then you would get hints of the strong mature cheddar flavour.

Overall, it was a real surprise that I was not expecting, but it totally made me re-think about eating cheese and caramel together. What a delight!

Popcorn Shed | Nicole Navigates
Popcorn Shed | Nicole Navigates
Popcorn Shed | Nicole Navigates

Butterly Nuts

What’s the first thought you have when you hear this name? Butter? Nuts? Something else?

For me, it instantly made me think of Peanut Butter – a flavour that, I won’t lie to you, is not my favourite.

So I’ll be honest, I was a bit worried about giving this an honest review if the flavour was not something I would enjoy.

However, what surprised me was that the popcorn was it was a lot sweeter than anticipated – plus, for an extra texture, the popcorn pack contained real peanut halves.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed it. It wasn’t as in your face with Peanut flavour as I thought it would be, but it was sweet and nutty flavour, with the smooth texture of the popcorn and the irresistible crunch of the peanuts makes this a treat that I have slowly but surely gone ‘nuts’ for!

Popcorn Shed | Nicole Navigates
Popcorn Shed | Nicole Navigates
Popcorn Shed | Nicole Navigates

Salted Caramel

I am crazy over Salted Caramel, especially with Christmas coming up!

Popcorn Shed’s Salted Caramel flavour also includes pieces of milk chocolate, which was such an added bonus to this already amazing flavoured popcorn.

The perfect combination of the velvety caramel, with just the right amount of salt, with the creamy and sweet chocolate pieces, made the already fluffy popcorn even more irresistible.

Popcorn Shed | Nicole Navigates
Popcorn Shed | Nicole Navigates

The crunch of the popcorn and the smooth chocolate melting in the mouth was a wonderful combination.

Out of the three flavours I received, this one gets my top place for being my favourite flavour of Popcorn Shed popcorn. I will definitely be going out and buying more because I ate this one too quickly.

Overall, I love the concept of Gourmet Popcorn and think it’s a nice alternative to your usual sweet or salty popcorn and it’s definitely going to be a household favourite in the Navigates’ household (when I say Navigates’ household, I mean my family home).

You can find Popcorn Shed in places like Superdrug, Co-op and Amazon but you can find a list of their stockists here.

I think these will be great to give to friends as Christmas presents this year, or perhaps for stocking fillers for Christmas Day.


Will you be purchasing Popcorn Shed this Christmas?

*I was gifted these in exchange for an honest review. All photo’s, words and popcorn loving are my own*

3 responses to “Popcorn Shed: The Gourmet Christmas Gifts”

  1. I love this review Nicole!! I adore popcorn too & usually go for a sweet/salty combo in the cinema! 😋

    Loving your photos here too – simple but captures Popcorn Shed really well 📷💖

    Thanks for sharing! Xoxo

  2. Sarah says:

    This gourmet popcorn looks so deliciously yummy!

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