26th February 2018

Why I’m proud to be a Northamptonshire blogger

I am a Northamptonshire Blogger.

And this blog is for all the Northamptonshire Bloggers!

The blogging community is full of bloggers who specialise in all types of categories, from across the country.

Particularly, there’s a huge community of London bloggers that seem to crowd the blogging community. Which is great, because I love reading all about London and seeing London bloggers do their thing.

But I want to celebrate the local blogging community and showcase why I am proud to be a Northamptonshire blogger and why I’m proud of building the blogging community in my local area.

In 2015, at the very beginning of my blogging journey, I found that there was a gap missing in the blogging world. I was trying to find local bloggers to me, to talk to, to share blog ideas and overall, to find like-minded people.

That’s when I decided to create the Northamptonshire Bloggers Network.

I didn’t know whether it would take off or not, as I had seen previous local blogging groups surface on Twitter, plus I had no idea how many Northamptonshire bloggers there were. For all I knew, I could have been the only one (unlikely, but blogging can be pretty lonely sometimes!)

I had seen there was a previous Northampton Blogger meet-up back in 2014, but there was no activity since then and there was no place for those bloggers to share blog posts, connect and chat about local blogging opportunities.

That’s why I created the Twitter handle at @NorthantsBlogs, created a Facebook group and the hashtag #NorthantsBloggers to help local bloggers connect.

Now, I’m proud that I did start the Northamptonshire Bloggers Network, as, since 2015, we have grown significantly. We started with 3 bloggers and now we have a group of over 50 bloggers on Twitter and Facebook. And I’m proud that our bloggers have been invited to local events, including the Holiday Inn Northampton West opening, Turtle Bay opening, Rushden Lakes opening and the upcoming event with Steffans Jewellers.

We had our first event back in 2016, which was a Christmas themed one at Revolution, with thanks to Amy for organising it with me. We haven’t had a big event since, but I’m determined to create more events in the future and I am excited for our next meet-up on Saturday 17th March.

Northamptonshire as a county is thriving with opportunity and we are the home to many great attractions. We are home of the Carlsberg Factory, Northampton Saints and Northampton Football Club, Rushden Lakes and we are centre to a lot of big cities and counties including Oxford, Buckingham, Bedfordshire and we are just over an hour away to London.

I want to write more about what is on offer in Northamptonshire. From my favourite food spots, what I get up to on the weekend, to local to-do guides and I want to write up tourist guides of my hometown, as I would do for all my other travel guides. I want to put Northamptonshire on the map and I want to show why our little county is pretty fantastic to visit!

I love the area that I live in. Every area has it’s good and bad points, but I want to showcase the good in my local town and the other town’s that make up Northamptonshire. So yeah, I am proud to be a Northamptonshire blogger! 

If you’re a Northamptonshire blogger and you would like to get involved with local events, our upcoming meet-up’s or you just want to find local bloggers to hang out with, you can follow us at @NorthantsBlogs or you can join our Facebook group!

My favourite Northamptonshire blogs by Northamptonshire Bloggers

House of Fraser – Rushden Lakes by The Wife Edit

Heavenly Desserts – Northampton by Cakes Vs Scales

Althorp Food & Drink Festival by Becky’s Biscuit Bases

New Marks & Spencer Opening at Rushden Lakes by Danielle Smith

Shopaholics Accessibility Guide: Rushden Lakes by Sarah in Wonderland

Big Hair Do Event @ Salonista, Corby by Hannah’s World

*Photos were taken by the wonderful Tiffany Frost at Creatiiff Media*

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  1. Sally Burton says:

    Good morning Nicole I have just read through some of your blogs and am wanting to find a local blogger to do some coverage on a fashion show we are holding on 20th September. I work at Heidi Boutique in Wellingborough and we are wondering if this is something you could possibly do for us?
    Look forward to hearing from you.

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