PYO Sunflowers (and other things) in Northamptonshire

It’s sunflower picking season and I am so excited to be writing a blog post about this lovely local business!

Overstone Grange Farm are a family farm based near Moulton in Northamptonshire, who open to the public on seasonal occasions where you can go pick your own sunflowers, tulips and pumpkins throughout the year. 

All dates are updated regularly and depend on how much produce they grow, but it makes for wonderful days out and once they announce their dates, their events are usually very popular with locals. 

Each year, around August time, the sunflowers are ready to be admired and picked and I was so excited to hear that they were opening to the public, despite the current situation – but they made sure to pull out all the safety measures to ensure everyone felt safe. 

We visited for the first time as I’ve usually been away or not been able to visit in previous years, so I dragged Josh out of the house and drove 30 minutes to be one of the first in line for a lovely morning of flower picking and wandering in the sunshine.

As we arrived, to be expected, there was a big queue – so already very popular!

It didn’t matter, as there was plenty of space for everyone to wander around freely and safely, plus upon arrival, you had to sign your track and trace details and there was plenty of hand sanitizer around too. 

Plus, we never felt overcrowded and the organisers were good to ensure not too many people were in at a time. 

The field was glowing with golden yellow flowers of every size and shape and Josh and I were going through every bit of the land to see which flowers would be coming home with us. 

You could pick a bunch of 5 flowers for £5 but since we had to hire a pair of cutters which were £3 (£2 with £1 deposit) this meant our bunch was £4 in total. Cutters are available to hire but it’s advised to bring your own. 

Present at the field too was the Brew Coffee van, plus an ice cream van to keep everyone refreshed, plus it was really nice to see Overstone went all out to accommodate the little ones by providing sand-pits, hay bales and there were lots of people taking advantage and photographing the occasion!

I mean, I know I was!

After our lovely trip to Overstone Grange Farm, it made me think of the other places in Northamptonshire where you can “pick your own” of something throughout the year, so grab your diaries and a pen and write down some of these seasonal attractions:

Saxby’s Cider  

Saxby’s Cider may be known for providing beautifully crisp homemade cider, but they also have a fantastic field at their farm, Grange Farm in Farndish, where they grow Pumpkins around the September-October season and provide weekly events where you can go and pick your own.

While you’re there, you might as well pick up a beverage from their mobile bar and even better, take some cider home with you by purchasing some at their shop!

This year, their PYO Pumpkin events will be happening from 17th October to 31st October. All you need to do is bring your wellies and they’ll provide the wheelbarrows.

Check out Saxby’s Cider on Facebook or visit their website to get notified about their events.

Dovecote Buttery & Farm Shop 

This is located just near Kettering way and if you love your strawberries and raspberries, they host several events throughout the summer where you can pick your own at their farm.

But throughtout the rest of the year, you can go and visit their lovely cafe and farm shop which is just so cute!

Visit their website for more information.

Harpole Grange Farm 

Did someone say Strawberry picking? Yes! Around the summer time, June-August is ripe strawberry season. 

You can head to Harpole Strawberries, based at Harpole Grange Farm, who are famous across Northamptonshire for its range of delicious, freshly grown fruit throughout the summer which they have been doing since 1987. 

You simply head down, pick, weigh, pay and eat – during Summer 2020, their picking dates for fruit are on Tuesday’s and Fridays, however you can still go and visit their Maize Maze for epic views across Northamptonshire. 

Visit their website or check their Facebook page for updates. 

But don’t forget, come October, Overstone Grange Farm will hopefully be ready to open for their seasonal PYO Pumpkin event – keep your eyes peeled! 

Find them at Overstone Grange Farm, NN3 7XA

Will you be picking your own sunflowers this year? Keep an eye out for Overstone Grange Farm for their next dates! 


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