A Relaxing Day Off at York Cottage Spa

Disclaimer: this experience was free as I won an Instagram giveaway for a free spa day but we paid for the afternoon tea. I’m under no obligation to write about it, but thought it would be nice to share the experience. 

I thoroughly recommend everyone takes a day off at some point in their time to have a spa day because it’s 100% worth it!

I have to thank my lucky stars for the day during lockdown that I won an Instagram giveaway which gave me a free spa day at York Cottage Spa, because I haven’t stopped thinking about it since and am so glad I was introduced to this beautiful private spa.

York Cottage Spa is a hidden gem within rural Northamptonshire, Bozeat, to be precise, which provides a private spa experience, plus it’s a B&B run by Gemma Burke, who runs everything at her parent’s house, so it’s truly a family-run business. 

The true beauty of this place compared to other spas is that you have full exclusivity of the place – no other guests are around, except for the people you book in with!

This is certainly ideal during uncertain times, but also if you’re looking for a relaxing private experience with your loved one or with friends.

York Cottage Spa | Nicole Navigates
York Cottage Spa | Nicole Navigates
York Cottage Spa | Nicole Navigates

As my mum and I stepped in, we both felt instantly like we were walking into someone’s home which felt warm and welcoming; lots of soft furnishings and seats everywhere, a glorious 16 person hot tub/swimming pool right in the centre of the room, a cosy corner, plenty of changing rooms, a toilet – everything we could possibly want for an enjoyable stay.

We were asked to obviously bring our swimming costumes and some slippers, but they provided us with the soft towels and the spa robes. 

We made ourselves feel comfortable and got acquainted with the space whilst we enjoyed the complimentary tea which was available during our stay – we also had full use of the pool, the sauna and the glorious view outside.

York Cottage Spa | Nicole Navigates

Gemma was so attentive but also respected our privacy and space too, but she was incredibly welcoming, chatty and just made us feel like we were part of her home.

There is nothing worse when you feel a little on edge when you visit somewhere, but Gemma has truly nailed her hosting skills and we got chatting about weddings, Spain and cake! 

She went into detail about what we would expect during our stay and she was accommodating over what time we wanted our treatment as well as when we wanted our Afternoon Tea, which was something we paid extra for. 

As part of our experience and with any booking you make, you are given an AromaTouch massage as your treatment. 

When I first hear the word “massage” I instantly think of the one’s where they dig right deep into your muscles and it leaves you feeling slightly bruised sometimes – nope, this one was different.

An AromaTouch massage is basically an uplifting essential oil experience which is known to help with anxiety, depression and stress relief. It’s meant to be soothing and soft to the touch, so to not be too overwhelming for the body.

Now a common question I was asked: how did I feel about getting a massage when we’re supposed to be socially distancing etc? I couldn’t have been more relaxed.

Gemma took me into a room which was spacious enough to provide social distancing, gave me time to undress and sort myself out and she ensured she was wearing the proper facial coverings before doing the massage whilst my head was inserted into a massage hole. 

I didn’t threaten over this at all and was knocked into a quiet, serene state of peace when Gemma was doing the massage. It was heavenly and I would pay to have that sensation and relaxation all over again. 

The room was scented with all sorts of essential oils, there was relaxing music playing and it made me switch off from everything happening in the outside world and I was totally present to just being. 

York Cottage Spa | Nicole Navigates
York Cottage Spa | Nicole Navigates
York Cottage Spa | Nicole Navigates

I came out feeling light and almost knocked out – ha! But in a good way. Having 5 hours of time at the spa meant I had plenty of time to sit back and chill for the rest of the day.

We decided to pay extra for Afternoon Tea (thanks mum!) and we had the choice to sit outside to enjoy this which was definitely the right decision, as the sun came out to greet us and it was a glorious day.

Our afternoon tea was provided by an outside caterer which Gemma hires and consisted of finger sandwiches, scones, cakes, nibbles and brownies.

Everything tasted delicious and we had no complaints whilst we enjoyed quality time together with our cup of tea in the sunshine. 

York Cottage Spa | Nicole Navigates
York Cottage Spa | Nicole Navigates

The hot tub was also the best part of the experience for me: the fact we had a 16-person hot tub all to ourselves felt like we were living in pure luxury. I was even able to have a little swim!

Overall, it was definitely the best decision to book a day off work to come and enjoy this experience because it broke up the week and left me feeling so oozy and heavy with relaxation, I went into work the next day feeling like I had just walked on cloud 9. 

Our experience would usually cost £130 during Monday-Thursday at £150 on weekend’s for two people and as of now, you can have up to 6 people booked in (as long as you’re either socially distant/in the same family or bubble). 

If you’d also like to not think about driving after your spa session, you can also stay at their lovely boutique B&B – which is certainly something I’d consider doing with Josh next time! 

You can check out York Cottage Spa on Instagram and Facebook – you can also check out their website here for more information on booking as well as the most recent information regarding booking during COVID 19.

York Cottage Spa | Nicole Navigates

Have you visited York Cottage Spa before? Will you be making a booking?


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