3rd November 2016

Drinking Tea with Hampstead Tea London


As you all know, I freaking love tea. So much I even did a post about it. So I was super pleased to try Hampstead Tea.

I've recently been getting pretty bored of my usual tea. I've been drinking standard English tea everyday, if not a standard Green tea that I always have lurking in my cupboard.

I wanted to try a different brand and different tea all together. I love tea, therefore I want to see what else the world of tea has to offer.

So I did my very first PR request to see if something would pop up.

And it worked!


Hampstead Tea London, a brand that I've never heard of before got in touch and of course, being the tea lover that I am, I was instantly interested in collaborating with them. They asked me to have a look on their website to see if any of their tea's took my fancy and they would send me some.

I was feeling adventurous, so I simply said to them to surprise me with anything random.

Hampstead Tea London are a tea company who produce organic and biodynamic teas with fairtrade options. They have a huge variety of teas from Chai, Black, Green, Herbal Infusion and even iced tea! They also sell useful tea accessories such as tea infusers and tongs.

Hampstead Tea London sent me four packs of tea of all different varieties. From the first glance, these were my first impressions of the boxes:

  1. They're much bigger compared to normal tea boxes.
  2. The Chai teas have the most beautiful patterns on them. They remind me of a colouring in book where you can colour in the blanks. Chai tea is originally from India, so I can definitely pick that vibe up.
  3. They're so colourful and have the most colourful tea bag packets I've ever seen! Look at all the pretty colours.

Hampstead Tea London sent me three boxes from their Chai tea range, plus a Cocoa tea which I specifically requested. These teas were: Energy Chai: Organic Spiced Black Tea, Karma Chai: Organic Spiced Herb Tea, Life Chai: Organic Spiced Green Tea and Organic Velvety Cocoa Green Tea. Here are my thoughts:


Energy Chai: Organic Spiced Black Tea - This is unlike anything I tried before. I'm new to Black tea, as I even found myself asking my work colleague whether you take black tea with milk. Apparently not. I was always under the impression that black tea meant "without milk" whereas white tea was with milk. Turns out, black tea and white tea are completely different. Who knew!?

I had this during a day in the office around 3pm when I need an energy boost the most. The smell was so strong, that my work colleague could smell it from the other side of the office. It's full of cinnamon chai fragrances, and when I took my first sip. Wow, it was spicy! But not spicy hot, spicy cinnamon goodness!

It definitely gave me an energy boost. The taste tingled my taste buds, it's spicy taste made for an incredibly smooth texture making it a really enjoyable cup of tea.


Karma Chai: Organic Spiced Herb Tea - Oooh this tea really affected me in such a positive way.

I'm always slightly put off with spicy products, but this tea is in no way spicy, but it's extremely exotic and really reminded me of cinnamon and gingerbread combined together, which I loved. Not sure why, but it just did!

I drank this tea in the evening, and within half an hour of drinking this tea I was completely fast asleep on the sofa. Leaving me to go to bed straight after and having one of the best nights sleep I've had in a long time. Karma is a word that means a state of good or bad. In this case, I was having extremely good karma from drinking this tea.

I'd drink this when I need to wind down, almost using it as a night tea.


Life Chai: Organic Spiced Green Tea - As you all know (or should by now) I love green tea. This green tea was extremely refreshing, earthy and full of flavour. This isn't your ordinary green tea, this is a green tea that is sure to lift your taste buds and take you to a calm and focused place.

This contains a mix of exotic herbs and spices which is meant to help focus your mind. This is another perfect afternoon boost needed for days when you feel like you can't concentrate (which is what I usually feel like at work). I  was also getting lots of citric tastes, as it reminded me of an orange/lemon herbal tea, and when I looked at the packet for the ingredients, this tea does indeed contain Orange peel.

I love this tea!


Organic Velvety Cocoa Green Tea - This tea is unlike anything I have tried before. It's just like your regular Green tea, except it has the divine after taste of chocolate! It isn't an instant chocolate green tea, so don't be mistaken if you're purchasing this thinking it'll taste like chocolate, but what you do get is the first sip of a warm, organic herb green tea, then afterwards you're surprised with that velvety cocoa after taste that makes your whole body warm up and your taste buds tingling.

I wasn't expecting it to be this effective on me, as I enjoyed it as part of a mid-afternoon energy boost, which is what it says on the packet and it really did make me feel much more awake during my 3pm office tiredness.

When Hampstead Tea contacted me, I specifically requested this tea as this intrigued me from the very start and I'm so happy that I requested this one because it's got one of the smoothest tastes I've ever drank; almost like drinking a green tea swirled with Galaxy, as that's the smoothest chocolate I can think of.

This is such a smooth, rich and delicious tea and has to probably be my favourite tea out of the bunch.


Well, I have to say I'm extremely impressed. Overall, all these teas I've mentioned above are completely different to anything I've ever tasted before within other tea brands. They all come with 20 tea bags which is reasonable for the price you pay for them.

They're teas contain ingredients that are guaranteed to make you feel a certain mood, whether you're looking to re-charge and concentrate, to re-boost and be uplifted or whether you're looking to relax and wind down. There's a tea suitable for every mood.

I can't get over how wonderfully colourful these boxes are. I thoroughly enjoyed taking photos of them.

Go check out the Hampstead Tea website where you'll find a variety of tea's available, as well as tea accessories. Plus, they have several stores around the UK so go and see if there is one near you.

Sadly, the only ones near me are all in London, however, you can now buy Hampstead Tea in selected Tesco stores so I'll be keeping my eyes out in my local Tesco!

As always, all opinions are my own and I am so happy Hampstead Tea got in touch with me to review their products, so thank you Hampstead Tea for giving me a new tea brand to enjoy in my life.

Have you ever tried Hamstead Tea?

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