13th October 2018

Why you should take a road trip to the Scottish Highlands

Scottish Highlands
Scottish Highlands

Josh and I made the crazy decision to drive from Northamptonshire to Thurso, at the top of the Scotland mainlands and during this, we were lucky enough to take a road trip through the Scottish Highlands.

And it was the most amazing, thrilling and most wonderful experience I've ever had sat in a car for hours and hours.

Who knew. Me. The person who gets the most aggravated and bored during long car journeys would actually find herself having the most fun and the best car journey going through the Scottish Highlands.

It's never been something that I thought I would do, nor thought I would have interest in doing. But with Josh driving by my side, we took the journey of a lifetime through the Scottish Highlands.

Scottish Highlands

What and where is the Scottish Highlands?

The Scottish Highlands is classed as the historic region of Scotland and starts from Inverness and goes all the way up to Ullapool, Durness and John O'Groats as the four cardinal points of it, which is also known as the North Coast 500 because it's over 500 miles to travel all the way round.

Overall, we managed to do this whole road trip through two different routes: on the way up to Thurso from Inverness, we took the A9 route passing Wick, then on the way back, we managed to pass Ullapool back down to Edinburgh on the A9 but just coming from the other way.

A lot of people think they have to travel far and wide to see views like this, but if you open yourself up to adventure on your doorstep, you will find the beauty that is the Scottish Highlands.

And I think everyone needs to add a road trip to the Highlands to their bucket list.

Here are some of my reasons why:


You'll never get bored of the views

Driving through the Scottish Highlands is like nothing I have ever experienced before. And the views are probably 90% of the reason why.

The majority of the trip, Josh and I found ourselves constantly going "wow" over the views we witnessed. From the highest mountains, remote glens, tumbling rivers and the most beautiful scenery you've ever witnessed.

You will feel like you've got back to nature and you will experience some of Britain's most epic landscapes.


There's always places to stop and walk around to take a look

We couldn't pass somewhere without wanting to take a 5 minute stretch of our legs and have a quick look.

It was useful, especially when you get stuck in a car for hours, to jump out of the car and take in the views from the outside.

We even got to explore some cute cafes along the way, where we obviously enjoyed a cuppa before setting off again.

Food and drink

Speaking of drink...

The Highlands has over 100 distilleries to visit. Literally. There wasn't a moment whilst driving that we didn't see a sign for a distillery.

And along the way, you can stop off at a restaurant for a bite to eat. On our way up, we stopped at an adorable Scottish pub called Kirkstyle Hotel, in a town called Biggar, where we enjoyed a brisk lunch of Scottish Sausages and Mash.

You never know what you will find on your way...


Explore the neighbouring islands and beaches

There are over 790 islands off Scotland and around 70 of those are inhabited.

There are boats you can hire where you can park your car up, go on a boat and go out and explore these unmanned islands.

Another cool thing to do is to park up on the highlands and take a ferry to the Orkney or the Shetland islands.

From personal experience, everyone has to experience the beauty, peace and serenity that the Orkney Islands has to offer. It's a place that has grown close to my heart and it's somewhere I am so glad we get to visit often (despite the distance!)

The Shetland Islands is somewhere I have not been to yet, but if it's as beautiful as the Orkney Islands, then I want to go.

Whilst driving through the Highlands, you will also witness some of the sandiest beaches you'll ever see.

You will look out of the window and not only see the green grass on the mountains, but the white-sandy beaches with the bluest turquoise sea's you'll ever see.

Literally, the sea changes colour in front of you.


And most importantly, make some memories

You will never forget something as incredible and as different as driving through the Scottish highlands.

The smallest things will create the biggest of memories for you whilst you're on your road trip and experiencing the amazing sights.

Little things made the trip for us, like certain songs that now remind us of the trip, particular conversations we had when driving all those hours and laughing at the funny names of Scottish towns we spotted and repeating them in funny accents.

We also played many car games, including eye spy and 'guess the character' which kept us entertained for hours.

Overall, it was an amazing experience which I got to share with my love that I will never forget *soppy line sorry not sorry* ❤️


Will you be adding a road trip through the Scottish Highlands to your bucket list?


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