Smoke Street: A Meaty Collaboration with BiteStreet & The Smoke Pit

What do you get when you combine one of Northampton’s most popular street food events, with one of the most well-known places to eat in town for all things meat: Smoke Street.

A dream combo if you ask me! 

The weekend of 16th-17th July, the organisers of BiteStreet NN teamed up with The Smoke Pit to create a unique event bringing together Meat, Fire and Liquor!

The Smoke Pit bought their meat and fire and were smoking up a meaty, open air feast on their mighty smoker while the Bite Street bar provided the drinks, plus Saxby’s Cider and Gin & Temple were present to bring their tipples! 

The event looked like a huge success considering the circumstances and the organisers did super well by making sure every table was at least 4 metres apart, plus there was also a grassed picnic area available for families with small children to enjoy. 

We decided to visit on Saturday for the afternoon and prior to visiting, we booked our one hour slot and on the way, we were planning on what we should eat!

We had to try and fit a lot of food in within the hour slot we booked, so we were keen to get eating!

As we arrived, we saw the big Smoke Pit station that literally was full of meat, fire and coals. On one side, the Saxby’s stand and the Gin & Temple bar were already filled with customers, then on the other side; the refreshing Willen Ice Cream Co with their lovely ice creams were tempting us in. 

But first: drinks!

Josh picked up a larger from the BiteStreet bar, but I was more excited over the fact that Saxby’s Cider was here and there was more than Strawberry cider available – yaaay!

It was a hard choice, but a sweet Rhubarb cider saw me through the afternoon and I think they should come by more often!

Then we headed to the queue for the food provided by The Smoke Pit. 

Considering that there were one hour slots and you had to book in advance, the queues to get food were never that busy and you were never waiting for too long. It was also a good chance to see the menu in full. 

My eyes stumbled across the Pulled Pork Bun and knew I had to get one, along with some charred corn – a personal fave!

We also noticed that you could ask for what specials were on, which of course, we did – turns out, there was some Smoked Brisket which, if you’ve visited The Smoke Pit, you will know just how mouthwatering good and huge they are. 

Josh also got a side of Pesto Potatoes and that concluded our meals, which of course, we both shared and picked at each other’s food. 

The charred corn was smoked to perfection, with so much flavour and plenty of butter to coat. It was delicious.

Surprisingly, we were pretty full up after having all this and I wish I had room for some of the chicken wings and the other side dishes available. 

Luckily, we did have room for some Willen Ice Cream which ended the last hour on such a sweet note! I had the simple, but succulent vanilla ice cream, whilst Josh had the Mint Chocolate Walnut ice cream which looked vibrant and green! 

I wish we could have stayed much longer and enjoyed more food, but because of the current circumstances and to avoid overcrowding, it was right and safe for BiteStreet to ensure everyone could enjoy their time there, safely. 

I really hope BiteStreet NN and The Smoke Pit do more one-off events like this together, or maybe there might be room for BiteStreet NN to collaborate with another local business. Who knows!

Let’s hope for more events like this in Northamptonshire and bring back some normality!

No new dates announced as of yet for another Smoke Street, but lookout for the next BiteStreet NN!

Who would your dream collab be with BiteStreet? 


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